This Lizard Made A Bed Out Of A Rose And It’s Adorable – Wild Nature

At times nature surprises us with events that take our breath away. Roses are flowers that all of us come across on a daily basis. But have you ever encountered a rose with a lizard sleeping inside it? The answer would most probably be a “No”. The Texan family in our story was fortunate enough to witness such an adorable incident. Cmycherrytree’s daughter named Angel picked up a rose to gift her mother. Little did she know that there would be a one-of-a-kind surprise hidden within its petals.

Snoozing off inside the rose was a green anole lizard. “My daughter picked me a rose. We got a surprise when we went to smell it,” expressed Cmycherrytree. She also spoke of the lizard saying that, “it looked so cozy and peaceful we couldn’t bear to disturb it”.

Image Credit & More Info; Cmycherrytree

The green anole lizard can be found in the Southeastern part of North America. This creature is also known as the Carolina anole. The male of the species is apparently very territorial and they can be seen fighting their own reflections on mirrored glasses.

Green anoles are tree-dwelling species. They are medium-sized lizards that can change colors to several brown to green shades. These creatures belong to the family of Dactyloidae. Their heads are long and pointed and their bodies consist of ridges between the nostrils and eyes. The green anole possesses adhesive pads on its toes and they come in handy when climbing trees. The males of the species are larger than the females. Even though these creatures can change color, they are not true chameleons.

Green anoles feed on small insects such as crickets, flies, butterflies, and cockroaches. They face various threats from predators such as snakes, birds, and cats. Breeding season begins in early April and lasts till late September. The female produces one egg every two weeks during the breeding season and they lay up to around 10 eggs. Fortunately, these creatures are not a threatened species. However, they face competition from introduced anole species such as the brown anole. Green anoles are very popular as pets.

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