In a plea for connection

Eden is one of the sweetest puppies you’ll ever meet, but her life has been far from sweet. She went through a lot.

If she could talk, I’m sure her story would move you to tears. Unfortunately, we will never know the whole truth, which may be for the best.

Thankfully, her suffering is finally gone, and she can now live a happy and loving life. Eden’s story is told here.

Life Under A Tree

Nobody knew how Eden ended up living under a tree, but one thing was certain: she had been there for quite some time.

People would occasionally stop and give her animals. Someone had left her a large bucket of water and some kibble so she wouldn’t go hungry.

But, most of the time, her stomach was empty, yearning for some wholesome nourishment. Eden had gotten so thin from lack of food and water that it pained to lay down.

People would pass by, noticing her, but no one wanted to come to her aid.

Eden’s life was awful under the tree, but that was all she knew. That’s where they most likely abandoned her, so she stayed, expecting they’d return.

Eden only wanted love and cuddles, but instead she received chilly and scary evenings with no one to keep her safe.

When Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue in Irvine, California, heard about this sweet dog in need, she didn’t spare any time in arriving to save her.

“She was under that tree for weeks and weeks,” Suzette told The Dodo. She refused to leave.”

Eden started to move her feeble body and give kisses to Suzette as soon as she spotted her. She still had a lot of love in her.

Suzette was on her way to save Eden. She was finally going to end her life beneath the tree.

But this sweet puppy was so fragile and unwell that she need immediate medical attention.

Life At The Hospital

Eden was brought to Camino Pet Hospital in Orange County, California by Suzette. They bathed her, but soon noticed she was dangerously underweight… skin and bones, and suffering from a horrible skin problem.

As a result, they began to treat her.

Her life beneath the tree had been supplanted by her life in the hospital.

Eden, on the other hand, now had her own bed, running water, and delicious meals. She could finally lay down on a comfy bed without shivering or agony.

She was improving day by day, and her sweet personality was blossoming.

“She is the sweetest dog you could ever meet,” Suzette exclaimed. “She’s just a lover.”

Eden was placed in her own kennel at the hospital, where she could rest and heal more quickly. Eden slept for the first few days, but as soon as she started to feel better, she was up and ready to find love.

They noticed a small paw poking through the kennel bars at that point.

Eden only wanted to cuddle and be loved.

She would reach out her grey and white paw and ask to hold hands with everybody who passed by. So they started holding her hand.

“She’ll hold your hand and then make the sweetest howl ever, as if she’s saying, ‘I love you’,” she added. “Thank you for noticing me.”

Eden was still looking for her forever home, despite the fact that she had many people who loved her and came back to hold her hand.

All she wanted was her own family…

Life In A Forever Home

They soon noticed that Eden would require an only-dog family because she was not at ease with other dogs.

It wasn’t easy to locate someone…

But it was her love-filled handshake that lead her to her forever home.

A family heard about Eden and her tragic background and fell in love with her right away. Eden was clearly destined to be with them.

So it was time for Eden to bid goodbye to her past and begin a new life in her new home, surrounded by people who loved her.

Eden’s life will be nothing but warmth, cosiness, and love from now on.

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