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These are hard times for all of us and we are all in desperate need of some cheering up. Therefore the photographs that we bring to you today serve that very purpose. These images are of a gecko who is elated because of his newfound friend. Kohaku is a gecko living in Japan. In 2017, he went viral after photographs of his happy reaction to getting a toy gecko were shared on the internet.

Look At This Super Happy Gecko Who Can't Stop Smiling With Its Toy Gecko

In appearance, the toy seems to be a mini version of himself. It was not clear whether Kohaku understood that his new buddy was real or not. However, it had no impact on the fact that they were now best friends. As soon as the pictures were shared online, people across the globe instantly fell in love with this gecko’s adorable reactions. The two buddies cuddle and play together.

Image Credit & More Info; kohaku

Although his new friend is just a plastic toy, Kohaku perceives the toy to be a real-life object.
This heart-winning gecko has around 37.5K followers on Instagram. Kohaku became popular after a Youtuber going by the name Taylor shared some pictures of this cute gecko along with his best bud. The toy gecko named Chinmari came from a vending machine in Japan.

This toy is the perfect best friend because leopard geckos are supposedly very territorial and usually fight when they live within the same space. Two geckos of different sexes living together also cause various problems. This is why Chinmari is ideal to take on the role of Kohaku’s best friend. He can live a safe and healthy life with Chinmari.

They have a fan base that consists of fans from all around the world and they are happy with their newfound popularity. Kohaku has been posing for pictures in various ways, with grins, his tongue sticking out, and even winking at his fans. Leopard geckos possess different patterns, and colors and come in various sizes. They are ideal for being kept as pets.

These geckos can vocalize and even wash their eyes with their tongue. Although some people might disagree with referring to Kohaku as a dinosaur, he looks like a friendly mini-dinosaur. One look at this gecko and his toy friend is enough to put a smile on your face and lift your spirits up.

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