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Steph Toogood created Tiny Paws Art in 2019. This animal art business is all about showcasing the artistic talents of rats. Their paw paintings are vibrant as well as adorable to look at. Steph came up with the idea of rats painting on canvases after one of her pet rats passed away. Before her pet rat Jack died, she was able to get some paw prints and this ensured that the memory of Jack lived on with her forever.

“I thought it would be lovely for my boys to do something similar when they were with me to keep when they’re gone. So I got some mini canvases and paint, and they’ve created some pieces for me to keep as a sort of pet memorial,” Steph conveyed. After Steph posted these artworks online many people wanted to buy rat art. She then created Tiny Paws Art and currently, there are 12 rat artists working on these stunning canvases.

Talking with the Whatz Viral team Steph Said, “I’ve incorporated small pet portrait photography into what I do, and make a bunch of rat-related gifts and accessories including magnets, memorial frames and jars, jewelry, pin badges, bottle holders for cages.”

#1. The painter and the painting are in one frame.

#2. Isn’t my painting just beautiful?

#3. Feel safe and sound in my loving human’s hands.

#4. Do not disturb me while I’m deeply engrossed in my work.

#5. The life of a painter.

#6. Hey there.

#7. Painting is one way to deal with anger.

#8. These rats are surely talented.

#9. Busy at work.

#10. Those tiny paws are just adorable.

#11. Showing off my painting to the world.

#12. Can I have more blue paint human?

#13. The artwork and the proud owner beside it.

#14. Humans use brushes, but I use my paws.

#15. Need to open my own art gallery.

#16. When your human asks you to pose for a picture with your painting.

#17. Don’t you see that I’m in the middle of something important human?

#18. Who would love to buy a painting from us?

#19. When you are in the middle of a painting and your human distracts you with food.

#20. Rats can officially paint. Put in your order soon.

#21. The rat version of Picasso.

Image Credit & More Info; ToogoodsTinyPaws/Instagram | Facebook |

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