The New Grumpy Cat Called Kitzia That Looks Even Angrier Than Her Late Predecessor – Wild Nature

Kitzia is a grumpy looking cat who is competing for the position of the grumpiest cat in the world. This feline has more than 100K followers on her Instagram account. Kitzia is from Florida and lives with her human named Viktoriia Otdielnova. She is a professional photographer and this is the reason as to why Kitzia’s images have managed to gain so much attention.

Social media users find these photographs to be a source of entertainment. Even though Kitzia appears to be grumpy, in reality she is a sweet cat. She also does not forget to throw temper tantrums once in a while. Hope you have fun looking at her photographs.

#1. And the title of the grumpiest cat in the world goes to…

#2. When you tell your human not to touch you and she does the exact opposite.

#3. I promise I will never let go of your hand.

#4. When your human does something stupid and you stand there like.

#5. Drunk mode on.

#6. I asked for tuna, not milk.

#7. This cat should definitely be featured in a horror film.

#8. Hey there human.

#9. Grumpier than the Grinch.

#10. That slight smile is an indication that Kitzia has done something evil.

#11. Is this pose good enough for you?

#12. When your human yells at you and you can’t tolerate it. Her face says it all.

#13. This cat is the embodiment of evil.

#14. Get this sun off me.

#15. Smiling is certainly not my thing.

#16. Looks like she’s about to murder someone.

#17. Grumpy is my middle name.

#18. This towel now belongs to me.

#19. That look you given when you realize that you control your human.

#20. She looks like she has developed an aversion towards human touch.

#21. Wide awake.

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