The Amazing Feline Who Walks on Two Hind Legs Like a T. R – Wild Nature

According to BuzzFeed News, the owner of Able, a two-legged cat from Bangkok, Thailand, hopes that many people will find inspiration in his story. Despite losing his front legs and tail due to electrocution, the 5-year-old tabby is still living his best life.

According to the owner, AbleMaew was on a mission to catch a bird that was perched on the roof of an apartment. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and he ended up touching an electrical wire by mistake. This incident was reported by BuzzFeed News.

AbleMaew, a cat on Facebook, suffered from an electric shock that caused severe damage to his tail and rectum. Additionally, his front legs were so badly damaged that they had to be amputated by a veterinarian. It was a long and challenging process for Able to learn how to walk again, with him initially using his forehead to support himself.

AbleMaew can now be seen happily frolicking and strolling on his hind legs, resembling the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex.

According to his owner, there is a lot of curiosity surrounding Able’s ability to walk, particularly on stairs, and his daily routine, which makes him a fascinating subject on Facebook’s video.php. Apart from his fondness for snacks and stair-running, Able enjoys spending time with his adopted sibling, Fifi.

AbleMaew’s Facebook account shows that despite his inability to catch birds now, he still enjoys observing them through the window.

According to his owner, AbleMaew has a fondness for feathered friends and enjoys watching programs featuring birds on National Geographic TV.

According to his owner, Able is a gentle feline who never shows aggression towards anyone. His owner also expressed hope that Able will serve as an inspiration to many people.

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