Sweet Moment Momma Donkey Bonds With Her Foal For The First Time – Wild Nature

The bond between a mother and her baby is inseparable. It’s probably one of the most beautiful and powerful things in this world. This is strongly proved in the world of animals in which mothers take the main responsibility in raising their children. They are ready to do everything to protect their kids, even risk their life.

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Undoubtedly, there is nothing more pure, more powerful in this world, than the love between a mother and her little one. Whether we are talking about human beings, or any other beaing on Earth, the bond a mom and her baby share is so unique and unbreakable. A series of heartwarming snaps show the unconditional love between a donkey and her newborn foal. Get ready to have your heart melted.

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Just like horses, dogs or elephants, and many other animal species, donkeys are extremely affectionate, especially when it comes to their foals. Nothing but a sweet furry ball, the adorable tiny donkey in the photos below is seeking for permanent attention from its mom, which she gladly delivers it. Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys

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Surprisingly, donkeys are just as sensitive as cute they are. So before a mother foal to give birth, everything need to be clean and desinfected in the box. Even after birth, the two require a lot of special attention. For at least 2-3 weeks, the farmer have to be extremely careful when aproaching anywhere nearby the mother and the baby.

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But, it is highly important for the newborn donkey to do physical excercises. It is also essential for the baby to get expose to the sun as much as possible. The reason? Though the donekey’s milk contains a lot of vitamins, it lacks in D vitamin, so the little one needs to stay outside at least 2-3 hours per day. Instagram/ Stonehouseminidonkeys

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Anyway, the donkey foals are not just very sensitive. They are also very playful. Just like puppies, they get attach to people on first sight. But I am so sure the feeling is mutual, since it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with such an adorable face. 

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