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Generally, when children grow up living nearby each other, they have a tendency to become best friends. They might go visit one another for play dates and spend the day together. Since the children see each other almost every single day, this leads to the formation of a very strong bond. This scenario does not just apply to human kids, but it can also be applied to dogs.

Simba is a mini Goldendoodle belonging to a guy named Roberto Couto, living in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Cooper the Havanese doggo is Simba’s neighbor as well as best friend. The two furry buddies go for walks sometimes with their family’s kids. Simba and Cooper have become very attached to one another to an extent where they are inseparable. There are even times when Simba escapes from his backyard in order to pay Cooper a visit.

Puppy Love  My Simba Left ~ Cooper Right” – Roberto

The two have been best buds since they were young pups and their families brought them home at around the same time. Simba and Cooper are always excited to see one another and greet each other in a very sweet manner. It was during one of their adorable encounters that Roberto managed to capture a photograph of the two furry best friends hugging one another.

“They are so lucky they get to hug their best friend

 Love it Cooper Left ~ Havaneaz My Simba ~ Mini Goldendoodle” – Roberto

The two dogs were standing upright on their hind legs and their front paws were wrapped around each other making the hug appear almost human-like. Roberto then shared the heartwarming photograph on a Facebook group named “Dogspotting Society”. It didn’t take long for the picture to go viral and the photograph even received thousands of likes. The adorable picture was next posted on Twitter, where it gained more likes.

Apparently, this was not a one-time thing. Whenever the two buddies meet each other they hug in the same manner with such love and tenderness. Simba and Cooper adore one another and are fortunate to live so nearby. The two dogs are the definition of the word ‘friendship’ itself. Let us hope that their friendship lasts a whole lifetime and that neither of their humans decides to move away to a distant city.

Image Credit & More Info; Roberto Couto/Facebook

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