Process of making 99 99 pure gold bars to a very satisfactory level

The process of making gold typically begins with the extraction of gold ore from a gold mine. Here is a general overview of the steps involved in transforming gold ore into refined gold:

1. Exploration and Mine Development: The first step is to locate and explore potential gold deposits. This involves geological surveys, sampling, and analysis to determine the presence and quality of gold ore. Once a viable deposit is found, the mine development process begins, including constructing access roads, setting up mining infrastructure, and establishing safety measures.

2. Mining: The actual extraction of gold ore from the mine starts with mining operations. There are various methods used for gold mining, depending on the characteristics of the deposit. The most common methods include open-pit mining, underground mining, and alluvial mining. These methods involve excavating and removing the gold-bearing ore from the earth.

3. Crushing and Grinding: After the ore is extracted from the mine, it is usually in the form of large rocks or boulders. The ore is then crushed into smaller pieces to facilitate further processing. Crushing is typically done using jaw crushers or cone crushers. The crushed ore is further ground into fine particles through grinding mills. This grinding process increases the surface area of the ore, allowing for better extraction of gold particles.

4. Gold Extraction: There are several techniques used to extract gold from the crushed and ground ore. The most commonly used method is cyanidation, which involves the use of a weak cyanide solution to dissolve and separate gold from the ore. The gold-bearing solution is collected, and the gold is then precipitated or recovered from the solution using various methods, such as carbon adsorption or zinc precipitation.

5. Refining: The gold obtained from the extraction process may still contain impurities and other metals. To produce pure gold, the impurities need to be removed through refining. The two primary methods of gold refining are the Miller process and the Wohlwill process. In the Miller process, the gold is melted and treated with chlorine gas, which reacts with impurities and separates them from the gold. The Wohlwill process uses electrolysis to refine gold, where an electric current is passed through a gold bullion, resulting in the removal of impurities.

6. Smelting and Casting: Once the gold has been refined to a high purity, it is ready for smelting and casting. Smelting involves heating the gold to a high temperature to melt it into a liquid form. The molten gold is then poured into molds or cast into bars, ingots, or other desired shapes. These gold products are often stamped with markings indicating their purity and origin.

7. Further Processing: Refined gold can undergo additional processing, depending on its intended use. For instance, it can be further purified through chemical processes or used as raw material for the production of various gold products, such as jewelry, coins, or electronics.

It’s important to note that the specific details and technologies used in gold mining and refining can vary depending on the location, scale of operations, and the type of deposit being mined. Additionally, environmental considerations and regulations play a significant role in ensuring responsible mining practices.

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