Pleasant moment Dog gives a kiss to the firefighter who saved him off a roof! – Wild Nature

Sometimes dogs seem better than people!

Firefighter saves puppy and receives the most adorable “thank you.” Firefighters are fantastic because they save countless lives! What a pleasant moments

A Husky [] was discovered on a house’s roof, and several bystanders promptly called 911.
Captain Jeff Nawfel with the Wells Police Department in Maine soon followed and arrived on the scene. The skilled first responder did take too long to tackle the situation. After a little while, he successfully brought the [tr.apped] dog down.

The dog was pacing back and forth on the porch overhang, according to Captain Nawfel. However, the dog’s expression of gratitude for captain Nawfel left everyone present stunned. He gave his savior a hearty kiss to express his gratitude.

All of our first responders are appreciated for the fantastic job they accomplish.

Pets are aware…they are far more capable than we realize…They experience love, loyalty…respect and adoration for them kindly look after our pals! sweets, I love them. Always gives as pleasant moments
Bless his sweet little heart.

Watch the touching scene in the video below:

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