Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Wild Foxes In The Arctic Circle – Wild Nature

Ivan Kislov is a Russian photographer who has been able to capture the beauty of foxes living in Russia’s remote north-eastern Chukotka region. This individual is from the north-eastern port city of Magadan and earns his living as a mining engineer in Chukotka. Whenever he has some free time on his hands during long shifts, he focuses on photography with the hopes of taking a break from his routine job.

Even though Ivan also takes photographs of bears, wolves, stoats, and reindeer, he prefers to photograph foxes because they are willing models. According to him, “Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide-angle and telephoto lenses.”

#1. The cold never bothered me anyway.

#2. Taking my babies out for a walk.

#3. How adorable is this baby fox?

#4. Perfect captures do exist.

#5. Love is in the air.

#6. Stretching while doing the tongue-out-pose.

#7. This is how we show each other our love.

#8. Staring right into the lenses like.

#9. Just a fight between siblings.

#10. Enjoying the fresh air.

#11. When the human makes a hilarious joke and you have to laugh.

#12. The cold weather is perfect for cuddling your significant other.

#13. Spot me if you can.

#14. When you spot an unknown object and decide to further investigate as to what it is.

#15. When you just ate, but you’re hungry again.

#16. The look you have on your face when you are fed up of life.

#17. My mom ordered me to stay nearby and not to wander on my own. Aren’t I obedient?

#18. Don’t worry, I’m used to the cold.

#19. Sibling love.

#20. The cold makes me hungry.

#21. When the wind is too strong.

#22. Don’t get lost in my eyes.

#23. When you piss off your wife and she gives you this look.

#24. The wild is where we belong.

#25. Too lazy to hunt for food, so hoping that something falls into my mouth.

#26. Looking alert.

#27. Just chilling out with my bud here.

#28. Proof of motherly love.

#29. And the talented man behind the scenes. A photographer does his job, doesn’t matter if it’s night or day.

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