Meet Midas: The Internet’s Beloved Fo͏u͏r͏-E͏a͏r͏e͏d͏ Kitten Winning Countless Hearts ‎ – Wild Nature

You may have heard of the term “four eyes” for people who wear glasses, but have you ever heard of “four ears”? Well, meet Midas, the kitten who has four ears and is quickly becoming an internet sensation. Midas lives in Ankara, Turkey, with her owner Canis Dosemeci, who has been sharing the kitty’s life on Instagram.

Midas is a unique cat born with a rare genetic mutation that resulted in two small ears in front of the normal set you would see on a cat. What makes her even more special is that all four of her earlaps are connected to her ear canal, meaning they are all fully functional.

Despite her genetic mutation causing a defective jaw, Midas lives her life like any other cat, lounging and playing with her Golden Retriever brothers. Through her ordinary (but still unique) life, Dosemeci hopes that Midas’ online presence will encourage others to adopt rescued pets instead of buying them.

Midas, with her numerous ears, is just like any other adorable kitty who enjoys playing and cuddling with her canine siblings.

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