Meet English Pouter Pigeon, Whose Puffed Chest And Long Legs Make It Look Like A ‘Mutant Pigeon’

The kingdom of birds is like a colorful and surprising world. There are so many bird species out there, each with its own charm and quirks. Just when you think you’ve seen the most stunning birds, there’s always another surprise waiting. It’s like a world full of miracles, isn’t it?

In many previous articles, we’ve shared plenty of stories about the stunning beauty of these winged creatures. But this time, we’ve got something a bit different for you—a bird that’s so unique that you might wonder if it’s even real when you first see it.

A recent TikTok video has both fascinated and spooked viewers, as it features a rather unusual pigeon.

In the video, we see a bird that looks like it could have been part of a scientific experiment, with extremely long legs and a chest that puffs out in an almost eerie way.

Not to mention its peculiar chest, its upper body resembles a typical pigeon. However, what truly sets this unusual bird apart is its remarkable height, along with its feet that seem oddly mismatched. This has certainly turned it into quite the weirdo, capturing the attraction of viewers.

This viral video was filmed in the UK and shared on the @pigeonstv TikTok account. And though it looks pretty weird, this bird belongs to a specific breed known as the English Pouter Pigeon.

In fact, while some people might call it a “mutant pigeon,” it’s not some freak accident of nature. They are part of a breed of fancy pigeons that was developed through years of careful breeding. These birds, along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are all descendants of the rock pigeon.

The species is famous for having an impressively large crop, those incredibly long legs, and feet covered in feathers, which all add up to quite a distinctive appearance. In the video, you can see the bird strutting along a fence, its chest puffing out even more, making it look even more majestic.

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