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Olivia Nez Zaragoza is a young woman who wanted her quinceanera to be remembered. This was the sole reason why she decided to have a photoshoot. Little did she know that someone else was about to steal her stoplight. During the photo session, a homeless pup made his way to the scene and it was clear that this innocent creature so desperately wanted to be a part of the occasion.

Olivia welcomed the pup with open arms and was more than happy to let the stray pup rest on her lap while the photographs were being taken. The images depict the young woman looking at the doggo with eyes filled with adoration. This one-of-a-kind photoshoot took place in Plaza de La Viga in Cuba. This space is well known since it has been the venue of a few female beauty pageants.

Guess who found the perfect place to rest on.

Nester Nez was the talented photographer behind the lens of the photo session. Apparently, they had been conducting the photoshoot while facing several concerns such as the sun and schedules. This was when the homeless pup approached them looking rather curious. This appearance was a pleasant one since the doggo was adorable and openly leaned on Olivia’s gown.

Will you take me home human?

Who’s a good boy? Of course, it’s me.

Nester expressed that the stray was “nice and photogenic”. He seemed to be comfortable laying on Olivia’s lap. Nester shared the images online and internet users referred to the photographs as “Los quince de Firulais”. Olivia was in no way disappointed by this intrusion and sat down with the pup, even petting the creature lovingly. The doggo undoubtedly added to the beauty of the quinceaera and it was clear the young woman also enjoyed it.

I now officially take over this photo session.

The images received thousands of likes on Facebook as well as Instagram. Even though the stray pup was in desperate need of a home, Nester could not take him in because he already had a few pets at home. However, he did encourage others to adopt strays because they too deserve loving and caring families.

Image Credit & More Info; Olivia Nez Zaragoza

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