Great! A 2,800-year-old ‘royal gold’ treasure has been found scattered in the remote mountains of eastern Kazakhstan. Over 3000 precious gold jewelry!

A 2,800-year-old ‘royal gold’ treasure has been found scattered in the remote mountains of eastern Kazakhstan.

Archaeologists have unearthed about 3,000 gold and valuable jewelry in a mound in the remote Tarbagatai mountains. Among the items discovered were bell-shaped, gold-leaf earrings with rivets on them, plates, necklaces all in gold and a necklace studded with precious stones. 

The delicately made gold beads on the clothes show that the jewelry making skills developed during this period. Archaeologists hope to find the remains of the famous couple – the owner of this precious treasure. However, they have yet to dig up the couple’s grave. 

Professor Zainolla Samashev, in charge of the excavations, said: “A large number of valuable finds in this burial mound lead us to believe that a man and a woman were buried here. . They can be rulers or people from the elite of Saka society.”


There are about 200 burial mounds on the Eleke Sazy plateau where these treasures were found. However, many treasures were also robbed in ancient times. The plateau with grasslands growing around was considered the “paradise” of the Saka kings. 

Earlier, an earthen jar filled with gold had just been discovered in the Kaliakra fortress, hidden under the floor of a burned down room from the late 14th century.

According to the National History Museum of Bulgaria (NMH), this jar contains up to 957 objects including 873 silver coins, 28 gold coins, 11 gold earrings, 11 ornaments and buttons, 28 silver and bronze buttons. two rings, one of which is made of gold and four of which are studded with precious stones and gold.


The treasure was discovered during a series of regular archaeological excavations, carried out over 15 years at Kaliakra fortress.

In 2018, these excavations were funded by the Ministry of Culture, the municipality of Kavarna, Bulgaria and the NMH, in which Assoc. Boni Petrutnova is the head of the group. Besides, there were archaeologists from NMH, NAIM, graduate students from Plovdiv University and Sofia University, students from NBU University and Shumen University.

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