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When you think of foxes, the first word that comes to your mind is most probably ‘cunning’. However, it is completely erroneous to associate the word ‘cunning’ with them since they are adorable as well as friendly. The images that we bring to you today prove that they are such loving creatures.

#1. I grew a fox. (francespanderson111)

#2. Bonding with my newly found bud. (maxadrums)

#3. How adorable are these baby foxes? (Philip Wang)

#4. This fox is in love with a Christmas decoration. (cyyclist)

#5. Do I have to pose for a picture? (Rauca)

#6. Look who decided to pay us a visit. (Vechrotex)

#7. Reminds me of those next-door aunts who spy on everything that takes place at your house. (nuttallp)

#8. Who knew foxes were this friendly. (yasaka_amam)

#9. I guess they are trying to connect with nature by sitting on the plants. (Llandryn)

#10. Is this a joke to you human? (teo_sk)

#11. Found the perfect spot to have a nice nap. (Sara Ryan)

#12. This sofa now belongs to me. (ltc_ir1)

#13. Midnight play sessions be like. (scaredoftheman)

#14. How can you look at that adorable face and wake him up? (Danjjs)

#15. When you enter your chicken pen and find this in there. (cdftbt)

#16. Now this is how you wake up a human. (bowlerhatbear)

#17. Sunbathing with my love. (QuaratineWithPets)

#18. This fox has a macho look on. (Chorleywood)

#19. Cute is my middle name. (n1cen1cholas)

#20. Spot me if you can. (brandond67)

#21. Look who stole my seat. (HoydenCaulfield)

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