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When you bring pups home, little do you think of the fact that they will grow up to be giants. Today we have compiled a collection of images of dogs that are large, yet gentle at heart. Have a look at these adorable dogs and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

#1. Grandpa decided to go out for a drive. (TheGospelOfMark)

#2. Now where did this polar bear come from? (fadedcommunity)

#3. A friendly giant. (ScottPuppy)

#4. I got wolf blood coursing through my veins. (photodw)

#5. A real-life Scooby Doo. (PussyandBagels)

#6. I don’t care if you are a kid, I’m gonna sit on your lap. (vladgrinch)

#7. Even though I’m big in size I’m still afraid of a tiny kitten. (idkbruhlifesucks)

#8. I ain’t going anywhere without my Pooh bear. (drak0bsidian)

#9. Santa should hire us instead of reindeer. (yetisa)

#10. When your humans force you to take part in a baby photoshoot. (Rachel_Bolin)

#11. The day a cow met a tiny pup. (beautifulntrealistic)

#12. Satan released one of his hellhounds. (cassious64)

#13. When everyone calls you a “good boy”. (GreenDethKing)

#14. Hoping that I don’t end up inside that mouth. (storyofohno)

#15. We asked for a dog and got a bull instead. (tautly)

#16. It’s time to bond with my neighbor. (Beetlejuicex3babe)

#17. Feeling comfy on my human’s lap. (Swedishbouldering)

#18. This is what the word ‘cutest’ means. (JoThePro10)

#19. Not a dog. Not a walrus. But something in between. (stopthesteal)

#20. I will guard this human with my whole life.

#21. When you hear someone coming and wait impatiently to greet them. (Atxflyguy83)

#22. Can you please let me in human? (ttin89)

#23. Tall as a giraffe, yet gentle as a lamb. (mac_is_crack)

#24. Hugging sessions are mandatory. (wellhellooosailor)

#25. Taking this ball of fluff back to the North Pole. (selbythesamoyed)

#26. A good way to keep men away. (shaigolan810)

#27. When your dog is actually taller than you. (ENZOxDV1)

#28. To all of those who have not seen a black lion. (Attentive_cactus)

#29. Then vs. now. (doods.gus.and.ollie/doods.gus.and.ollie)

#30. Who’s granny’s good boy? I am. (Fishmike52)

#31. Look who turned one today. (bmoc9891)

#32. Now I wouldn’t mind cuddling with this fluff ball. (reddit)

#33. These are traveling partners. (pernilleberglund)

#34. Those innocent eyes say a thousand words. (5th_Invictus)

#35. My old gym teacher beast of a dog. He’s 6’3ish”. (Skierdude821)

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