Dog Surprises Owner By Comforting The Orphaned Fawns She Rescued – Wild Nature

When you think of a German shepherd dog the first word that comes to your mind is protective. However, Sarge, the German shepherd has proved that there’s much more to these dogs than that. Sarge’s owner is someone who rescues animals and this has unveiled the soft spot that Sarge has for other animals.

This dog has demonstrated how caring he is when it comes to all matters related to orphaned and injured fawns. The first time that a fawn was brought to the household, Sarge managed to guard and babysit the helpless creature. This German shepherd lives on a small farm in Ohio and it turns out that fawns are not the only animals that Sarge interacts with.

The farm is home to a rooster, hen, goat, horse, pony, sheep, rock doves as well as other dogs. Sarge was brought to the farm nine years ago. Cheryl Stephen, the owner, shares images of Sarge’s interactions with fawns on her Instagram profile, and here are some of the images. Hope you enjoy these heartwarming images!

#1. Who said that a fawn and a dog can’t be best friends?

#2. We go together like bread and butter.

#3. Besties share food.

#4. This fawn has got her own personal bodyguard, so better not mess with her.

#5. Definitely in need of some water after running for miles.

#6. Selfie sessions with my fawn bestie.

#7. When life keeps on testing you.

#8. Came outdoors with my best friend to enjoy some fresh air.

#9. Is that really you in this picture?

#10. When you are asked to pose for a photograph after you have had an argument with your friend.

#11. Aren’t our tails just adorable?

#12. Someone was clearly not paying attention.

#13. Just hanging out with my fawn friend.

#14. The fawns were taking a picture and I decided to join them.

#15. A friendship beautiful enough to warm your heart.

#16. I swear to protect these fawns with my life.

#17. Sarge even has a big brother named Bucky.

#18. My loving human and then there’s Bucky.

#19. The friends roam around their barn.

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