Diver Convinced A Baby Octopus To Give Up His Plastic Cup In Exchange For A Shell – Wild Nature

Pall Sigurdsson and his buddies had no clue that they would end up acting as a small marine creature in need of a new home when they set out on a diving adventure in the waters near Indonesia last December. Sigurdsson discovered this while spelunking close to the ocean floor: a little coconut octopus hiding inside a transparent plastic cup.

It was depressing enough to see waste strewn across the ocean floor, but Sigurdsson understood that this specific piece of trash was endangering life specifically. In addition to failing to sufficiently conceal the octopus, the cup would probably be consumed by any predators hunting for an easy meal.

Thus, work began for Sigurdsson and the gang. They spent the rest of their dive searching the seafloor for a better place for the octopus to live, gently offering him various clamshells until he found one he liked.

The group’s oxygen supply was quickly running low, so time was of the matter during their brief house-hunting excursion. Thankfully, the betentacled beast ultimately made his decision. According to Sigurdsson’s web article, coconut octopuses are known for being quite selective about which shells they maintain.

Therefore, it took a lot of trial and error with many shells until it discovered one that worked. The octopus is now secure, but regrettably, he is not the only one who must deal with the problem of pollution in his home.

According to Sigurdsson, “We tend to focus on plastic pollution because of the portion of it that floats and it is easier to see, and realize, how horrible it is.” “The amount of rubbish on the bottom is staggering, and I spend a lot of time diving ocean floors all around the world.”

Every year, between 4.8 and 12.7 metric tons of plastic enter the waters of the planet, endangering the lives of numerous species. The problem’s immense scale can all too easily seem incomprehensible, but hopefully, it will be brought home by the tale of this tiny creature’s housing difficulties.

Image/ Video Credit & More Info; PallSigurdsson/Youtube

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