30 Amazing Wood Sculptures Made From The Pieces Found On Beaches

Wood sculptures are not something new. However, the artist known as “Knock on Wood” on social media, Jeffro Uitto, manages to surpass others by bending wood to his imaginative vision in such a unique way. Using various pieces of wood, primarily found on the beaches of Washington State, USA, Jeffro skillfully transforms them into breathtaking sculptures, often portraying animals such as horses, eagles, rhinos, lions, and many more.

Artist Forages Driftwood For His Incredible Animal Sculptures

“On the Washington coast, a remarkable place exists where nature’s discarded remnants are given a second chance to shine. It’s called Knock on Wood, and within its realm, I, the artist behind its enchantment, bring forth the magic,” declares Uitto on his website.

When starting a sculpture, Uitto begins with an initial idea but remains adaptable as the work unfolds. He never knows precisely what will emerge from his creative process. Uitto reveals that ever since his childhood, he has had a fondness for collecting wood, particularly driftwood that bears patterns etched by the relentless waves. Despite its hardness, driftwood seems to possess its own emotions that inspire the artist. Through his distinctive artworks, Uitto aims to highlight the individual “life” inherent in each object—an existence that can be conveyed through the medium of art.

The majority of Jeffro’s tools are handmade by the artist himself, which often comes as a surprise to visitors who chance upon his shop near the historic Tokeland Hotel. However, as you get to know the artist better, you realize that not only are these custom tools not surprising, they are actually expected. It becomes evident that Jeffro Uitto is an artist who burns with an indistinguishable passion for his wood art, and his sculptures stand as a testament to that.

“It’s truly nature-inspired, fueled by love and curiosity for the subjects and the infinite array of materials. It’s incredibly humbling to witness the profound connection people forge with these sculpture artworks. Equally important is raising awareness about these animals, their enigmatic beauty, and the threat of extinction they confront,” expressed the artist in an interview with Bored Panda.































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