WWE’s John Cena Seems to be an LA Knight Fan

Few Superstars are currently as over with WWE fans as LA Knight happens to be, and it’s a big part of why he’s an early favorite to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Knight is well on his way to being a major player in WWE, and it would very much seem that one of WWE’s biggest Superstars counts himself as a fan. That would be John Cena, who shared an image of Knight on his Instagram account. Cena didn’t add a caption, but it’s likely he was throwing some support Knight’s way, as Knight has become one of the most over people in wrestling by being unapologetically himself on TV. You can judge for yourself in the post below.

Knight had another banner segment on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Logan Paul revealed he had been invited to participate in the Money in the Bank match, and after being confronted by several superstars, Knight’s music hit and the superstar headed down to the ring with a microphone in hand.

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I look in this ring and I see Ricochet. I see Nakamura. And I see two people as useless as Basketball cleats. And then I look and I see a guy, he makes videos for 14-year-old girls and wants to call himself a megastar. Na na! There can be only one. Tell you what Logan Paul, I brought you a little gift. It’s a map. If you follow this, you’ll find the exact direction where you can stick each and every one of those bottles of prime, yeah! Because that case has my name on it, with everybody saying L A KNIGHT. YEAH!”

During a recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, Knight was asked about the support from the fans, and for Knight, whether that support is there or not, he’s going to take home some Title gold around his waist sooner than later.

“Finally, the WWE is gonna give me what I want. Why? Because I had to go out and make it happen. Look, I didn’t ask for anybody, talk about being a fan-favorite, I didn’t go out there and say, ‘Hey, please cheer for me. Hey, please like me.’ As a matter of fact, if they don’t cheer for me, if they don’t like me, doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to me. At the end of the day, I’m gonna go to Money in the Bank, I’m gonna climb that ladder, I’m gonna pull the case down, and then any single one of those titles that I want is coming my way, whether it’s Gunther, whether it’s Austin Theory, whether it’s Seth Rollins or whether it’s Roman Reigns himself, any single one of them are in the crosshairs at this point,” Knight said.

“So what you got to think about is man, look, I didn’t get shoved down anybody’s throat. I wasn’t anybody’s guy. I came in and I did my thing, and the whole world, whether you take me to Saudi Arabia, whether you take me to London, whether you take me to Puerto Rico, you can take me to Mobile, Alabama, and every single place is gonna make a whole lot of noise for LA Knight,” Knight said. “You know why that is? Because they can see that I stand head and shoulders above everybody walking.”

Cena’s not the only person who has thrown Knight their support. In a recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Graham Matthews, Stone Cold Steve Austin had nothing but great things to say about Knight, and he thinks the future is bright for him in WWE.

“I said, ‘Hey man, just make sure your cardio is supreme’ and I said ‘just go do you’. So that guy can talk a blue streak. He’s a great worker. He’s got a good look, got good energy. So I think he’s doing great. I think he can ascend to a higher level, and I think he will. So I think the guy’s doing awesome,” Austin said (h/t WrestlingNews.co).

What do you want to see next for LA Knight? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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