With injuries on all four legs, the helpless little dog is immobilized, lying in pain and crying for assistance.

This is the heartrending story of little Chanwad, a helpless creature found lying on the street, injured and in desperate need of help. With the timely intervention of Reva, Chanwad was transported to Hatyai University Hospital, where her injuries were assessed, leading to a successful surgery that would pave the way for her remarkable recovery.

It was a fateful moment when Reva stumbled upon little Chanwad, lying on the street, her small body bearing the scars of a tragic accident. Abandoned and in excruciating pain, Chanwad awaited a helping hand that would provide solace and relief. Moved by the sight before her, Reva knew she had to intervene and give Chanwad a fighting chance at survival.

Upon arriving at Hatyai University Hospital, Chanwad’s injuries were carefully assessed, revealing the extent of her trauma. X-rays showed fractures in both her front and hind legs, as well as her hip. It was a devastating blow, as the road to recovery seemed long and arduous. However, with unwavering determination and the expertise of the medical team, Chanwad’s journey toward healing began.

Chanwad’s surgery was a critical turning point in her journey. The medical team skillfully performed internal fixation, using plates to stabilize and align her fractured bones. With the operation deemed successful, hope began to flicker anew, as Chanwad’s indomitable spirit continued to shine through.

Following the surgery, Chanwad found herself in a nurturing environment, surrounded by caregivers who understood the importance of love and rehabilitation. Through dedicated physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions, Chanwad gradually learned to walk again, defying the odds and showcasing her remarkable resilience.

With each passing day, Chanwad’s progress became increasingly evident. Her spirit soared, and her tail wagged incessantly, signifying her growing sense of security and happiness. From the darkest moments of abandonment and pain, Chanwad emerged as a beacon of hope, embodying the transformative power of love and care.

In the embrace of a loving family, Chanwad found her forever home, where she is cherished and adored. Surrounded by affection and care, she thrives, leaving her painful past behind. Chanwad’s journey serves as a testament to the profound impact that a compassionate heart and determined action can have on the life of a vulnerable creature.

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