Unleash Your Imagination with 28 Exquisite Ideas to Craft the Ultimate Backyard Oasis


    backyard oasis ideas

    Design by Handsome Salt / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

    Turn your outdoor space into a mini paradise by creating a tailor-made backyard oasis built for relaxing, entertaining, al fresco dining, reading, swimming, tending to your herb garden, or doing whatever it is that helps you unwind and recharge. These ideas for backyard decor, furniture, layout, landscaping, hardscaping, and lighting will help inspire you to design a backyard oasis that you’ll want to stay in all all summer long (and beyond).

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      Create a Zen Feel

      zen garden backyard oasis

      Design by Cathie Hong Interiors /Margaret Austin Photo

      Cathie Hong Interiors created a tranquil backyard oasis outside this Northern California home that includes a low deck with built-in bench seating and zen garden-style landscaping. The minimalist and organic feel invites relaxation and creates an indoor-outdoor feel.

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      Keep It Timeless

      backyard oasis ideas

      This property from Fantastic Frank in Hamburg, Germany has a private and welcoming feel. Simple seating, manicured landscaping, and vintage garden decor such as weathered planter urns lend the space a timeless backyard oasis ambiance that is effortlessly elegant and looks like it’s been there forever.

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      Add a Conversation Area

      backyard oasis with fire pit

      Brian Brown Studio / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

      Brian Brown Studio created a spacious fire pit patio with comfortable seating in the corner of this Southern California backyard. Located on the edge of a green lawn protected by a high privacy wall and landscaped with tropical plants and vibrant pink flowers, the hang out space has a relaxed modern feel for casual entertaining or cozy summer nights with the family.

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      Embrace the Surroundings

      rustic backyard oasis

      Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Amy Neunsinger

      This rustic backyard oasis from Leanne Ford Interiors befits the tranquil hillside setting. A stone patio built around the organic shaped watering hole-style swimming pool echoes the massive cabin chimney, and landscaping complements the natural surroundings to create an ideal spot to get away from it all.

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      Keep It Manicured

      backyard oasis with pool

      Marie Flanigan Interiors

      Marie Flanigan Interiors created a private, clean-lined backyard oasis that includes a poolside seating area, a patch of manicured lawn, and a pair of trees. The orderly setting and neutral colors highlight the landscaping, creating a place to relax or entertain that’s as polished as the interiors.

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      Landscape Around Trees

      shady backyard oasis

      Seed Studio Landscape Design / Travis Rhoads Photography

      This Northern California backyard oasis from Seed Studio Landscape Design is designed around a pair of mature redwood trees that shade and structure the space. A black hanging chair between the trees offers a place to relax on your own, while an adjacent dining table anchored by an overhead pendant light creates a spot for communal meal. A deck with a fire pit conversation area is perfect for enjoying the calming modern space after dark.

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      Let the Hedges Grow

      small backyard oasis

      Fantastic Frank

      This small backyard garden from Fantastic Frank has a small patch of lawn and a patio edged with flowers and tall slightly overgrown hedges that give it a secret garden feel. A simple table and chairs makes the space perfect for outdoor refreshments or al fresco remote work, proving that it isn’t the size but the quality of the space that counts.

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      Add Comfortable Seating

      backyard oasis pool cabana

      Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Margaret Austin Photo

      A poolside cabana outfitted with a large comfortable modern outdoor sofa gives this backyard oasis from Cathie Hong Interiors a focal point and a gathering space that is protected from views and helps to filter harsh rays.

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      Zone It Out

      backyard oasis ideas

      Design by Ashby Collective and Furman + Keil Architects / Photo by Clay Grier

      This backyard oasis in Austin, TX from Ashby Collective and Furman + Keil Architects is anchored by a series of porches and shaded by tree canopy that diffuses light and adds privacy outside of this remodeled 1950’s ranch house. Multiple zones make the space usable for a large group while giving people room to relax.

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      Use a Minimal Color Palette

      southern california backyard oasis

      Design by Handsome Salt / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

      This tropical backyard oasis from Handsome Salt includes an above-ground pool with an adjoining patio seating area made up of a U-shaped built-in banquette that’s surrounded with tropical plants and decorated with seat cushions and back pillows in a black-and-white print. A black-and-white-striped umbrella adds shade and a square black fire pit is perfect for cozy nights in the company of family and friends.

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      Enclose It

      nyc townhouse backyard oasis

      Design by PJCArchitecture / Photo by Bjorg Magnea

      Tall white lattice fencing adds privacy to this NYC townhouse backyard from PJCArchitecture while retaining a light and airy garden feel. Modern hardscaping including built-in bench seating beneath a large tree completes the urban oasis setting that’s perfect after a long day of running around the city.

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      Keep It Sleek

      backyard oasis in palm springs

      This midcentury modern Palm Springs backyard oasis from Joshua Smith Inc. has high walls for privacy, a view of swaying palms and sunset skies, and streamlined all-white furnishings that make the green hedges, lawn, and grasses pop.

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      Hedge It In

      backyard oasis with pool

      Design by House of One / Photo by Kris Tamburello

      This spacious backyard oasis House of One has the feel of a private resort, with a large central pool decorated with statement tile and zones for lounging and dining.

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      Hang a Hammock

      backyard oasis with hammock

      Home Consultant

      Home Consultant hung a hammock in a corner of the compact backyard of this Los Angeles home to create a place to relax and refresh. The peaceful backyard oasis has a modern Mediterranean feel, planted with agave plants and olive trees and surrounded by natural wood fencing to make it feel private and secure.

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      Set the Table

      backyard oasis dining area

      Marie Flanigan Interiors

      A large dining table shaded by a pair of mature trees gives this al fresco dining space from Marie Flanigan Interiors an outdoor oasis feel that encourages intimate gatherings and memorable meals.

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      Blur the Lines

      backyard oasis pool patio

      Erin Williamson Design

      Erin Williamson Design blurred the lines between indoors and out by adding walls of black steel-and-glass grid doors between the eat-in kitchen and the large patio outside. High walls and lush landscaping around the large pool area creates a private and tranquil backyard oasis feel that feels connected to the house.

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      Add Privacy

      palm spring backyard oasis

      Michelle Boudreau Design

      Michelle Boudreau Design used high walls and black metal doors and gates to create a private feel in this backyard desert oasis with its views of the nearby mountains and open sky.

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      Grow a Tree Canopy

      backyard oasis pool house

      Matthew Carter Interiors

      This backyard pool area from Matthew Carter Interiors has a watering hole-style swimming pool anchored by a guest house, green lawn, and delicate tree canopy that offers shade and gives the space a luxurious and secluded backyard oasis feel.

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      Embrace the Landscape

      private backyard oasis

      Design by Crisp Architects / Photo by Rob Karosis

      This tranquil backyard oasis from Crisp Architects includes a patio outside the sunroom addition that is surrounded by a sloping lawn and a stone staircase and wall that gives the outdoor space a grounded and timeless air that feels protected from the outside world.

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      Add a Tree Bench

      backyard oasis with tree

      Fantastic Frank

      This tranquil backyard oasis from Fantastic Frank has tall privacy hedges, a manicured lawn edged with soft landscaping, and a geometric dark wood bench built around a large tree that gives it the allure of a manicured park without the prying eyes.

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      Use Natural Materials

      backyard oasis covered patio

      Michelle Boudreau Design

      Michelle Boudreau Design created a warm and inviting feel in this desert backyard by decorating the outdoor living room seating area with natural textures like a woven pendant light and rattan furnishings.

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      Add Modern Comforts

      backyard oasis fireplace

      Marie Flanigan Interiors

      Marie Flanigan Interiors created a backyard oasis feel by outfitting this covered patio on the edge of the lawn with modern comforts like an outdoor fireplace, a wall-mounted TV and sound system, comfortable furniture accessorized with soft textiles, and colorful flowers.

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      Mix White and Gold

      backyard oasis lounge space

      Michelle Boudreau Design

      Michelle Boudreau Design created a tranquil backyard oasis that’s dressed up enough for company using all-white furniture and gold accents like the rolling bar cart and side table that echo the sun and blur the lines between indoors and out.

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      Plant an Herb Garden

      backyard oasis herb garden

      Most Lovely Things

      Most Lovely Things planted a small herb garden using raised galvanized stock tank beds set on a backyard gravel patio. A dining table set in a garden theme and decorated with fresh herbs is perfect for memorable dinner parties in your backyard oasis.

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      Lay a Garden Path

      backyard garden oasis

      Finding Lovely

      Finding Lovely built a winding path that connects the deck, fire pit patio, and backyard to the greenhouse and gardens, creating an enchanted garden feel that’s perfect for the whole family to relax and unwind in.

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      Build a Two-Tiered Deck

      backyard oasis with deck

      Desiree Burns Interiors

      If your property is located on hilly or uneven ground or you prefer your outdoor space to have wood floors rather than grass or gravel, building a deck like this two-tiered number from Desiree Burns Interiors will help you maximize outdoor space. A large mature tree adds shade and makes the outdoor space feel integrated, with separate levels for lounging and dining, and a large pendant light that creates an indoor-outdoor oasis feel where you can let your stress melt away.

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      Find a Quiet Corner

      backyard oasis with fire pit

      Blanco Bungalow

      Blanco Bungalow built a U-shaped banquette fire pit conversation area in the corner of this Los Angeles backyard that is set on a detached gravel patio. The surrounding large-scale plants and large tree create a chill hangout space for day or night.

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      Make It Multifunctional

      backyard oasis with kitchen

      Brian Brown Studio / Photo by Jenny Siegwart

      Brian Brown Studio created a multifunctional backyard oasis built so that you never have to leave, with zones for dining, cooking, watching TV, lounging, swimming, or soaking in the hot tub. Neutral colors and simple lines keep the space looking pulled together but easy, perfect for low key family time or weekend barbecues.

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