A treasure hunter hit the jackpot after he discovered a pot of gold hanging from a tree.

Michael Barron discovered the oak container containing the shiny metal in the Glenshee area in the Cairngorms which is better known for its skiing.

It is believed to be among 36 oak others and contained enough gold for a £500 ring to be made.

He found the “FaerieGold” after following clues posted on video-sharing YouTube and other social media.

The Daily Record reports he travelled from his home in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and spent hours walking in the Glenshee area over a two-day period.

The container contained enough gold to make a £500 gold ring

He found enough precious metal to have a ring and pendant made.

The 36-year-old dad said: “I got into gold panning last Christmas after getting a panning kit. Then I came across FaerieGold on social media while looking for advice on panning.

“Glenshee was given as a location for it. I know the area quite well so when I was watching the clues on YouTube, I recognised it.

“I did some research from the clues. It took a bit of working out but I found it.

Michael recognised the clues given on YouTube
Jeremy Young/pictureexclusive.com)

“It was near a standing stone. I looked up, saw a piece of string on a tree and there it was.

“I was over the moon. It was worth all the effort – the long drive up there and hours of research.”

He added: “The hunt was fun and enjoyable. I urge others to join the hunt for FaerieGold as more will be hidden all over the UK in coming months.’

George Marshall, 56, from Dundee, hides the pots of gold.

His fictional alter-ego Dr Johnathan Bones – inspired by Indiana Jones – releases clues on YouTube and social media on its location.

He said: “I just want people to get out and have fun and adventure.

George Marshall is hiding all the pots of gold and his fictional alter-ego gives out clues on YouTube

“The clues for the second pot of FaerieGold treasure will be revealed on August 1 on YouTube.

“It will be hidden somewhere on the Isle of Skye.”

The Mirror reported in March how thousands of treasure hunters gathered in Finland in search of an enormous stash of gold and jewels worth up to £15billion.

The hunt for the ‘Lemminkäinen Hoard’ is reaching its decade-long climax – and it is one of the largest and most valuable treasure troves in the world

Some 50,000 gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, have supposedly laid hidden in an underground temple near Helsinki for hundreds of years.

Amateur archaeologists from at least five countries, including the UK, have vowed to assist “in any way possible” to find them.

Several 18-carat gold life-size statues in human form are also thought to have been entombed within the labyrinthine Sibbosberg cave system in Sipoo, a town 20miles east of Finland’s capital.