This Dog Was Chained For Four Years And Now Has Been Transformed Thanks To Love

When Tom was saved, he was in a pathetic state since he had spent his whole four-year existence tethered to a tree without access to food or water. He resided in Alabama and was used for breeding. Tom was severely underweight, weighing less than 40 pounds, and the guy who called himself his adoptive father had little interest in safeguarding him. He also showed no concern for the animal’s health issues, such as worms and mange.

Tom was taken by his rescuers to a Minnesota adoption event where he met his new, forever family.

Current human father of Tom said:

I knelt down to examine him after reading the laminated piece of paper that was propped up on his kennel and described how he came to be in foster care. He raised his head and briefly met my eyes before going back to his previous demeanor.

“At that moment I knew what I had to do.”

The fact that he was one of a dozen dogs and the only one that didn’t bark, whine, or leap drew me to him at first.

After being delivered to his new residence, the dog waited on the driveway for about two minutes.

“I lacked the strength to ascend the steps. But over time, she gradually ascended to her “new home.”

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