The Rock vs. John Cena: Why WrestleMania 29 Match Was the Perfect Ending to Feud

Whether people want to admit it or not, the only match that people wanted to see as much as Undertaker versus CM Punk was the rematch between The Rock and John Cena. When it was all said done, Cena managed to overcome his demons and defeat the Rock via pinfall.

Regardless of how much controversy it may have generated, this was the perfect ending to their feud.

The two mega stars have been at odds for years, with Cena displaying resentment toward The Rock for working a limited schedule (via ESPN). Although the two have since patched things up and developed mutual respect, no one can deny the truth about their respective statuses.

The Rock and Cena are the two biggest draws of their generation—whether marks want to admit it or not.

With this in mind, there is no way around how necessary it was to have this match transpire.

Even if the first one was billed as “Once in a generation,” we all knew that there was more to it than just one WrestleMania match. Fortunately, this ended in the only rational way possible.

A way that protects both men’s legacies.

Even Draw

The first time John Cena and The Rock met, The Great One emerged victorious at WrestleMania 28. This time around, Cena evened the odds and made it a 1-1 draw in their overall series.

In other words, the WWE has created a debate for the ages.

No matter what you may say about them during the present day, The Rock and Cena will go down as two of the greatest ever. Their legacies are timeless and their contributions to the industry are absolutely undeniable. Much like every great sport has its “Best of All Time” debate, this too will live on in such lore—whether you like it or not.

Cena is one the biggest fan draws in the history of the wrestling industry, which is far from an exaggeration. The Rock, meanwhile, may just be the biggest star that the industry has seen since Hulk Hogan.

Regardless of how you look at it, Cena and The Rock are two of the biggest stars ever—why give a definitive answer to a debate that will leave fans guessing?

Cena Stays, The Rock Goes

When the dust has settled and the debates have died down, there will be one fact to acknowledge. After this match, John Cena will be a full-time wrestler and The Rock will only be making part-time appearances.

For that reason, it was only logical to put the WWE Championship on a player who will take part in weekly feud development.

Cena may not be the most popular wrestler amongst marks, but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to show up every Monday night. Instead, Cena will take part in whichever feud the WWE deems necessary.

The Rock may be an equal or greater draw, but he’s also a temporary wrestler. This is not to say that The Rock cannot contribute, as he could step into a match at a pay-per-view or super show. To expect him to make weekly appearances, however, would be nothing short of naive.

For that reason, putting Cena over The Rock was the only logical decision.

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