Shakira and the unexpected nightmare she is living with her children in Miami

Shakira is living a moment of fulfillment since she decided to move to the United States. The Colombian singer got that, in the divorce settlement with Gerard Pique, her sons Sasha and Milan were living with her in Miami.

The children have been adapting to their new life in the United States, with a new school and new friends. In addition, together with their mother they are having a lot of social activity in a city that has a lot of movement because many celebrities live there.

Sasha and Milan also took advantage of the visit of his father, who was spending a few days in Miami as established in the agreement. Now, Shakira and Pique‘s lawyers would be, according to some media reports, negotiating the issue of the vacation that would take the children to Barcelona for a season, once school is over.

So far so normal, although in recent weeks an event completely changed the situation with Shakira‘s latest song. The song ‘Acrostico’, with the video clip in which Shakira and Pique‘s children appear, could have annoyed the ex-footballer because of that exposure and because he would not have been warned..

Exponen reacción de hijos de Shakira por reconocimiento que le dieron en Premios  Juventud; gestos de Milan llamaron la atención

However, something has become a nightmare for Shakira in Miami with her children. In Barcelona, she had already set a limit, with a strong statement, “please refrain from following them to the exit or entrance of the school, waiting for them at the door of our house, or chasing them to their extracurricular activities, and playful as it has happened every day in Barcelona in order to obtain photographic captures or better ratings”.

Shakira les dedicó nuevo triunfo a sus hijos Milan y Sasha: los pequeños  salieron llenos de trofeos - Infobae

Shakira‘s statement in the past has become topical again at the moment. According to the media ‘El Nacional’, the same thing is happening in Miami as in Barcelona. The persecution of the media, journalists and paparazzi, continues to happen in the United States. Shakira wants to put an end to this.

The change of residence in Miami to another one different from the current one could alleviate this, to find a peace that both Shakira and her children still do not have. The media pressure has become unbearable and the Colombian is looking for immediate solutions.

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