Rescuers Fight During A Lightning Storm To Save Abandoned Dog Sisters

Rescuers Katelyn Mannion, Kim Reid, and Fiona Mc Clintock were unfazed when lightning streaked over the black and blue sky.

They knew there were two terrified German shepherd sisters out there who needed rescue. They weren’t going to give up until they located them.

The squad, which frequently assists in the rescue of abandoned animals in Fermanagh, Ireland, acted quickly after receiving information about the dogs. The three-day hunt took them through deep woodlands and fields.

By day three, the crew was concerned that the dogs might never be found.

“We were a little depressed because we couldn’t get near to them, and all we wanted to do was get them to safety,” Mannion told The Dodo.

They eventually located the sisters hiding in a local farmer’s hut. The hounds were finally seen.

Mannion described the experience as “a really powerful, overpowering sensation of sheer joy and enthusiasm.” “We were still anxious about their safety, but we were overjoyed to have them in a secure environment.” There were a few tears shed.”

The dogs were called Thora and Levina by rescuers, who immediately began rehabilitating them. Little China Dog Rescue donated a rescue facility and Lost Paws NI volunteered to pay for veterinary treatment. The crew was ecstatic that both groups were so ready to give assistance.

“It relieved a lot of burden off of us, and we could simply enjoy our time with them,” Mannion added. “It was nearly ecstatic!”

The dogs soon began to see people in a new way.

“Once they were apprehended and given the necessary medicine and therapy, they began to reveal their own personalities a little more,” Mannion added. “They moved from avoiding people to requesting more hugs.”

The dogs have been placed in foster homes and will remain there until they are adopted.

The rescue crew is still unsure where the sisters came from, but they are relieved that their story has a good conclusion.

“We couldn’t have asked for anything better,” Mannion added. “They are very happy, and they know how much they are loved.”

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