Process of Making 99.99% Pure Gold bars

The process of crafting a 100% pure gold medallion to meet high-quality standards typically involves the following steps:

  1. Gold Sourcing: Begin by sourcing high-quality, pure gold. It is important to ensure that the gold used in the medallion is 24-karat gold, which is considered 100% pure
  2. Melting and Refining: The sourced gold is melted down to its liquid form in a crucible at high temperatures. This process removes impurities and any other metals mixed with the gold. The molten gold is then refined to achieve maximum purity.
  3. Design and Molding: Once the gold is in its purest form, the desired design for the medallion is created. Skilled craftsmen or designers meticulously carve the design into a mold, which is usually made of heat-resistant materials such as steel or graphite.
  4. Casting: The mold is carefully filled with the molten gold and left to cool and solidify. The gold takes the shape of the mold, creating the medallion’s base form.
  5. Finishing and Polishing: After the gold has solidified, the medallion is carefully removed from the mold. Skilled artisans then refine the medallion’s shape, removing any imperfections, and polish it to achieve a smooth and lustrous surface.
  6. Quality Control: The finished gold medallion undergoes a stringent quality control process to ensure it meets the desired standards. This may involve assessing the weight, dimensions, purity, and overall craftsmanship of the piece.
  7. Optional Enhancements: Depending on the design and preferences, additional steps may be taken to enhance the medallion further. This can include adding gemstones, engravings, or applying special finishes like plating or enameling.
  8. Certification and Hallmarking: To guarantee the authenticity and purity of the gold medallion, it may undergo certification by a reputable assay office. The medallion may also be hallmarked, which involves adding specific marks or stamps to indicate its purity, origin, and other relevant information.

Responsible Sourcing | World Gold Council

World's biggest gold miner Newmont offers $17bn for rival Newcrest | Financial Times

Newmont Earnings Miss Despite Higher Gold Prices. The Stock Is Dropping. | Barron's

It’s important to note that the specific process may vary depending on the manufacturer and the desired design of the gold medallion. Skilled craftsmen and artisans play a crucial role in ensuring the final product meets the highest quality standards.

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