Kelce brothers unveil Arnold Schwarzenegger as New Heights guest

Travis and Jason Kelce ramped up the excitement for the latest episode of their New Heights podcast as they kept fans guessing over this week’s ‘special guest’. 

However, amid speculation that Taylor Swift could finally be set for her debut appearance on the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger was later unveiled as the superstar addition to this week’s episode.

The brothers have previous hosted guest appearances on their podcast, which was nominated for a Webby Award Tuesday, including Travis’s Kansas City teammate Patrick Mahomes, former Eagle Beau Allen and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. 

They kept fans in suspense over who could make the surprise appearance on this week’s show, which will premiere on Wednesday. 

‘Any guesses at tomorrow’s guest?’ the New Heights’ official X account shared alongside a thinking-face emoji and a side-eye emoji. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest special guest on Travis and Jason Kelce's New Heights

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest special guest on Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights

The Kelce brothers ramped up the excitement for the latest episode of New Heights 

The podcast’s official X account teased a special guest ahead of this week’s episode 

The post made many fans guess it could be Travis’s pop superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift 

The secretive post sent fans into a frenzy with many predicting it could be Travis’s pop superstar girlfriend Taylor.

Many guessed it could be the 14-time Grammy Award winner, while others outright demanded the popstar. 

‘Taylor swift?? No??? i mean we can only hope,’ one fan pleaded, as another chimed in writing, ‘we want taylor!!!!’

The post made many fans guess it could be Travis's pop superstar girlfriend, Taylor Swift

‘I will only accept Taylor,’ one user posted, while another added: ‘Taylor Swift or we riot.’

A couple of other shared GIFs of the Anti-Hero hitmaker, who releases a new album later this month, with one adding: ‘This wonderful girl, perhaps?’ 

Yet just as the possibility of Swift featuring appeared more likely than ever, a teaser for Wednesday’s episode revealed Schwarzenegger is actually the special guest in question.

‘Listen, my heart is pumping right now – because we have the king of pump in the building,’ Jason says in the clip. ‘The originator of pumping iron. Our guest today is seven-time Mr Olympia, the former Governor of California.

‘He has grossed an estimated $4billion at the box office. You know him from some of your favorite movies like Commando, True Lies, Kindergarten Cop, Jingle All The Way… it’s the god damn Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger!’

The movie legend then jokes: ‘Where’s the baby oil? You’re supposed to be oiled up when you introduce me.’ 

But movie legend Schwarzenegger is the guest in question on this week’s New Heights

The songstress featuring on the podcast wouldn’t have been out of the realm of possibility with the Kelces appearing to have filmed the latest episode in Los Angeles. 

The brothers were spotted stepping out for dinner in Los Angeles on Monday night after celebrating Easter Sunday back in Philadelphia. 

Travis has been enjoying some downtime with his pop superstar girlfriend Taylor at her $25million Los Angeles mansion after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory and the end of the most recent leg of her international Eras Tour. 

Meanwhile, Jason has taken his first steps into retirement after announcing he was hanging up his cleats following an incredible 13-year career in the NFL at the beginning of last month. 

However, it appears it was back to business for both brothers as the Philadelphia Eagles legend joined Travis on the West Coast for an apparent business dinner with manager Aaron Eanes Monday. 

Travis, known for his fashion sense and flair, kept his look casual as the three-time Super Bowl winner stepped out in a green sweater and grey tracksuit pants, accessorized with a white ‘Happy Gilmore’ cap. 

Meanwhile, Jason cut an equally relaxed figure as he rocked his signature flipflops – which made an appearance on game days through rain and shine last season – a grey hoodie and black tracksuit pants. 

Many predicted it could be the songstress, while others outright demanded her

Jason’s wife, Kylie, has previously made cameos on the successful podcast 

And Travis was wearing the same outfit in the teaser photos of the brothers recording the episode, suggesting they sat down to film it while in the City of Angels on Monday. 

There has been precedent set for the Kelces’ family and partners appearing on the show with their mom Donna, dad Ed and Jason’s wife Kylie all making cameos over the past two seasons. 

Taylor has already made multiple cameos throughout Travis’s football season, attending 13 of his NFL games, including the Super Bowl. 

However, fans will have to wait until Wednesday morning to see if it really is making the special guest appearance.  

The new episode will drop just over a week before their live New Heights show takes place at their alma mater, the University of Cincinnati, on April 11. 

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