Having a Bad Day? Here’s 30 Pictures of Puppies to Cheer You Up

Nothing gets us out of a slump quite like puppies just existing. Those innocent babies instantly melt our heart.

All dogs are cutie pies, of course, but sometimes we just want to look at pictures of the cutest puppies. Can you blame us? They’re the teeny tiny versions of our best friends! And the cure to turn around any bad day in a snap.

So, if you’re in the mood to look at 30 of the cutest puppies this world has to offer (and if you’re not, we’re a little unsure about you), we’re happy to make that happen. Feel free to bookmark this story and come back to it whenever you need a boost.

Image by Erin Vey / Getty Images

Labs are loyal goofballs who are even goofier as pups. Plus, they come in a variety of colors!

yana136 / Adobe Stock

Those short legs and floofy booties are even cuter in corgi puppy form, if you can believe it.

lalalululala / Adobe Stock

Those perky Siberian husky puppy ears are to die for! Better to hear their own “awoos” with, we reckon.

Wavetop / Getty

How do Russell terriers ever get big enough to hop a fence? They may be short on size, but they’ve got super smarts on their side.

Evelina / Adobe Stock

Pop quiz. What’s black, white, and fluffy all over? A Bernese mountain dog, of course!

BeeBuddy / Getty

THOSE. EARS. We just can’t handle them. German shorthaired pointer babies are definitely the floppiest of the bunch.

malamooshi / Adobe Stock

Is this fluffy white baby a Samoyed puppy or a cloud? Maybe a cotton ball?

fotojagodka / Getty Images

To be honest, we’re confused about whether we’re looking at a poodle puppy or a tangled ball of yarn.

Chalabala / Adobe Stock

What chunky little lads we have on our hands. It’s hard to believe these little mastiff puppies grow up to be over 100 pounds!

O_Lypa / Getty

Cocker spaniel puppies are lively, sweet-natured, and affectionate. If puppy dog eyes had an origin story, we found the culprit.

Sean M / Adobe Stock

Their ears are longer than their faces even as babies! Basset hound puppies just barely grow into those ears as they get older.

Ivar Østby Simonsen / Getty

Vizsla puppies’ beautiful caramel coats get even prettier as they age, if you can believe it.

Diyosa Carter / Getty

Even though boxer puppies might look like they’re born with a permanent frown, they couldn’t be more endearing.

Alison / Adobe Stock

A wirehaired pointing griffon puppy looks as if a shorthaired pointer just got a blowout at the salon. So scruffy!

Lifanimals / Adobe Stock

We’ve always wanted to see puppies that have full-grown beards. Soft-coated wheaten terrier puppies are the right amount of spunk mixed with a coat perfect for cuddling.

Dmytro Synelnychenko / Getty

Sorry, cotton balls have eyes now? Pomeranian puppies are fluffy and small in stature—but big in personality.

eclipse_images / Getty

You only need one hand to hold these small, bicolored babies. Yorkie puppies can weigh just a few pounds!

slowmotiongli / Getty

Between all those precious wrinkles is a real-life dog! Shar-pei puppies and adults are prone to many health issues and require proper ear, skin, and eye care. Always consult with a vet to learn how to best care for these unique pups.

Kristin Castenschiold/Getty

German shepherd puppies have the cutest snoots and flopped-over ears. That herding background will keep you on your toes, too!

Christian Müller / Adobe Stock

Excuse me, I mustache you a question. How’d you get so cute? Schnauzer puppies come in miniature, standard, and even giant sizes.

maryviolet / Adobe Stock

Somehow pugs are babies and old men all at once. These sweet pups are a brachycephalic breed, and their adorable smushed face can unfortunately lead to some health problems, so do your research before seeking out these smushy puppies.

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