Gold Mines in Poland – Find Gold Mining Areas

Poland has quickly made a name for itself as one of the top European destinations for commercial mining companies. New discoveries continue to show that this country has potential for mining.

Naturally, Poland has been a prominent space for coal and copper mining as it has some of the largest deposits of these materials in the world. These deposits have been known for centuries, but these commercial minerals aren’t the only things people can find in Poland.

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Gold has also been found in several locations throughout the country. Gold has been a part of the mining industry for generations and continues to thrive. The industry is strong and features plenty of active mines today. There are certainly areas where prospectors can casually look for gold, but most miners in Poland are being employed by one of the country’s many commercial mining companies.

An Early Start

The natural resources found around Poland have been popular since at least the start of the Common Era. Amber was first found in the country around the Vistula River and has been traded since at least the second century.

However, people have been mining the lands of Poland since at least 3500 BC. The flint working stations around Krzemionki Opatowskie are signs of this country’s vast mining history.

Silesia and Malopolska were active mining regions several thousands of years ago, with gold, silver, copper, and several other minerals being sourced here.

The town of Zlotoryja in the southwestern part of the country is a very popular place for gold mining. The town was formed by gold miners in the twelfth century. Mining was very popular in the region although there were concerns that the gold mines were becoming depleted in the fifteenth century.

Gold mining became prominent in the fourteenth century as trade routes for minerals became more prevalent around the country. Since then, people have continued to look for gold around the country with a strong emphasis on the southern half where many of the best mines and deposits are.

Today the land has become more self-reliant as it uses just about all the gold and other precious metals and resources that it finds on a regular basis. In other words, the country does not export its gold and coal as often as it used to.

Where Can You Find It?

Finding Gold NuggetsGold is found in many mines around Poland. The Sudetian Monocline, or Monoklina Przedsudecka, is one mine on the southern border of the country that contains gold alongside silver, nickel and selenium. There are dozens of known deposits of gold around this part of the country.

Zlotoryja is still a popular place for gold mining as new gold deposits have been found over the years. Some of the older mines in the region have closed down as richer deposits of gold and other minerals have been found in Lubin, a town located not too far from the area.

Zlotoryja even has a few spots where people can go panning for gold. These include stations around the waters of the town. There’s even an annual gold panning championship held in this town every year. However, the potential to find gold in the region clearly is not as strong as it used to be since these deposits have been depleted now that they have been worked for so many centuries.

It’s typically best to look nearby the many mines around the region. Of course the general public will not have access to active mining operations, but exploring nearby the existing and abandoned mines are still the best places to start your search. Consider using a gold pan to explore some of the smaller creeks and rivers in the better known gold-bearing regions within Poland.

Getting Into the Industry

The mining industry continues to thrive in Poland with a variety of organizations around the country devoted to finding the best possible minerals and materials around the land. Poland has a variety of mining companies to this day. These organizations are devoted to finding gold among many other important minerals.

While the casual prospector may have some success looking for gold, if you are serious about making money it may be best to search for employment with these mining organizations operating inside the country. Some gold deposits can still be found around the southern end of the country, but since most of the gold is found in lode sources it is important to learn the local geology associated with the gold deposits. These gold sources may not show up in placer deposits, and must be identified in their rock sources.

The potential for undiscovered gold deposits to be found in Poland is still there, even though the country has been mined for centuries. The many deposits that are out there are signs of just how impressive the natural resources of this unique country truly are.

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