Gerard Pique’s Ex Shakira vs Current Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti: 2023 Net Worth Comparison

Gerard Pique has been the talk of the town for quite a long time. The soccer veteran was already a well-established global star. However, in recent times, he has got more famous for the wrong reasons. The FC Barcelona legend parted ways with Shakira due to his infidelity. He was secretly in a relationship with Clara Chia Marti, one of his colleagues. While Shakira has always been a center of attention in the music industry, nobody knows anything much about Clara Chia Marti.

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In this article, let’s take a look at the net worth of Gerard Pique’s girlfriend from the present and the past.


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Shakira’s net worth in 2023

Shakira’s net worth is over $300 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. Her financial ‘breakthrough’ moment was back in 2008 when she signed a $300 million deal with Live Nation after shockingly leaving Sony. In 2010, Shakira signed an exclusive deal with Puig. Through that deal, she introduced her exclusive line of perfumes called S by Shakira.

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Shakira – Echo Music Awards Gala 2014 in Berlin on 27.03.2014 Copyright: xJamesxColdreyx

She realized that the idea was an actual hit. The Colombian singer then started her own business called Shakira Perfumes. Since then, it has only been the highway for the singer. She has composed multiple superhit albums and sold out various live shows from across the globe.


Gerard Pique’s girlfriend Clara Chia Marti and her net worth

The world does not know a lot about Clara Chia Marti. In all honesty, Gerard Pique has tried his best to shield his new partner from the unwanted paparazzi and media attention. As per Popular Net Worth, the PR student’s net worth is about €25,000. Chia Marti seemingly belongs to a normal middle-class family.

To help with her education, the soccer veteran reportedly a huge amount in order to fund his girlfriend’s fees for higher studies.

Here is how Shakira added more value to her net worth after her split with Gerard Pique

After breaking up with Gerard Pique, the Colombian singer would have definitely experienced a lot of grief. On the other hand, she also gauged the opportunity to make a huge chunk of money. She took advantage of the situation and composed multiple diss tracks. She earned over $2.5 million from her collaboration with Bizarrap.

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Other than that, she earned more money from her other tracks after her split with Pique. Shakira made $10 million from Te felicito and $3.5 million from Monotonia. In total, Shakira made about $15 million from every Gerard Pique-referenced song. Article continues below this ad

At the moment, there’s obviously no real financial comparison between Shakira and Clara Chia Marti. While the PR student is still quite unknown to the internet, Shakira will seemingly continue to mint money through her ventures.

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