Geometric Shapes and Angular Faces Combine in New Salvaged Wood Murals, Assemblages, and Tattoos by Expanded Eye

In the realm of contemporary art, the fusion of geometric shapes and expressive human faces has found a captivating new voice through the visionary artists at Expanded Eye. This dynamic creative duo has made waves in the art world with their extraordinary mastery of salvaged wood murals, assemblages, and tattoos, redefining artistic boundaries and leaving spectators awe-inspired.

In this article, we delve into the unique artistic style of Expanded Eye, exploring their seamless blend of geometric abstraction and emotive portraiture that has gained them a devoted global following.

Expanded Eye, a groundbreaking artistic collaboration founded by artists Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James, has gained prominence for their unconventional yet mesmerizing approach to art. Inspired by their mutual fascination with geometry and human emotions, the duo embarked on a creative journey that has redefined artistic expression.

Their visionary artworks are a reflection of the delicate balance between the rationality of geometry and the complexity of human feelings, resulting in thought-provoking and visually stunning masterpieces.

At the core of Expanded Eye’s artistic language lies the use of geometric shapes as the foundation for their artistry. The precision and structure of geometric forms lend a sense of order and symmetry to their compositions, while simultaneously challenging traditional artistic norms. These shapes, carefully arranged and juxtaposed, create a visual language that conveys a message beyond words.

Within the rigid structure of geometric shapes, Expanded Eye breathes life into their creations through the portrayal of human faces. These faces, meticulously designed with sharp angles and intricate lines, serve as windows into a world of raw emotions. The deliberate juxtaposition of precise geometry with emotive portraiture creates a captivating contrast that compels viewers to explore the depths of human experience.

One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of Expanded Eye’s artistry is their ingenious use of salvaged wood as their canvas. Embracing sustainability and environmental consciousness, the artists breathe new life into discarded materials, infusing each mural with a unique history and character. The natural grain and texture of the salvaged wood add an organic dimension to the artwork, harmonizing nature and artistic expression in a remarkable union.

Beyond their awe-inspiring murals, Expanded Eye explores the realm of three-dimensional art through their skillful assemblages. By incorporating salvaged wood and various found objects, they bring their geometric faces to life in tangible and immersive ways. These assemblages transcend the confines of traditional flat artwork, inviting viewers to engage with the art on multiple sensory levels.

The vision of Expanded Eye extends beyond traditional art forms as they venture into the realm of body art. Their distinctive artistic style translates seamlessly onto human skin, transforming tattoos into captivating narratives of geometric beauty and human emotion. Each tattoo becomes a wearable masterpiece, allowing art enthusiasts to carry a piece of Expanded Eye’s brilliance with them wherever they go.

Expanded Eye’s thought-provoking art has garnered global acclaim, with exhibitions in renowned galleries and museums across continents. Their innovative approach to merging geometric abstraction and emotive portraiture has earned them a devoted following of art enthusiasts and critics alike. Their art has transcended cultural barriers, resonating with diverse audiences and inspiring a new generation of artists to explore the uncharted territories of creative expression.

Expanded Eye’s remarkable ability to fuse geometric shapes and angular faces has propelled them into the vanguard of contemporary art. Their salvaged wood murals, assemblages, and tattoos serve as testaments to the power of art to transcend boundaries and connect humanity through shared emotions and experiences.

By combining the rationality of geometry with the depths of human emotion, Expanded Eye has redefined the possibilities of artistic expression, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art and captivating the imagination of countless individuals. As they continue to push the boundaries of creativity, one can only anticipate the mesmerizing masterpieces that Expanded Eye will unveil in the future, inspiring and captivating art enthusiasts for generations to come.

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