Liverpool fans at Anfield left the footballing world slightly baffled when they started celebrating in the stands on Sunday.

Sadio Mane had already given the Reds the lead against Wolves, so there was confusion as to why the Kop suddenly erupted.

Manchester City hadn’t gone behind against Brighton either, which would have sparked delight from the Liverpool supporters.

And so fans took to Twitter to speculate that Liverpool fans were celebrating false information.

“Liverpool fans clearly think Brighton have scored. Fake news,” wrote on fan on Twitter, while another added: “Liverpool fans think Brighton have scored someone’s had their pants down.”

Liverpool fans at Anfield left the footballing world slightly baffled (Image: REUTERS)

Seconds later though and Brighton did score through Glenn Murray, sparking even more confusion.

“Classic case of self fulfilling prophecy, pool fans think Brighton have scored when they dint and shortly after they actually do,” reacted on fan.

Sergio Aguero silenced the Liverpool fans (Image: PA)

Another said: “False rumour around Anfield that Brighton have scored, fans going mad. Then Brighton do actually score. Liverpool players probably think Brighton are two up”.

Liverpool fans’ delight was pretty short lived though as just 83 seconds later Sergio Aguero equalised for City to draw the scores level before Aymeric Laporte put them head.