Dog realizing rescue puppy is blind melts hearts: “Precious”

Dogs are smart creatures but one owner was pleasantly surprised to discover how clever her canine really is.

The dog has recently gained a new furry friend, who was rescued by the owner and happens to be visually impaired. TikTok user @trisarahtops901 explained to her followers: “I wasn’t sure if my dog knew our new rescue pup is blind but now I am. [Be right back] crying.”

The heartwarming CCTV footage shows the dog standing on the sofa with a soft toy in her mouth. She then places the toy under pup Sherman’s nose and they begin to play.

So far, the clip captioned: “She sets things in front of him so he can smell them,” has racked up 2 million views.

tug of war
A stock image of two dogs playing tug of war. CCTV footage has captured the heartwarming moment a dog owner realizes her dog is aware their new puppy is blind. Petra Richli/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states blind dogs “utilize their other senses to compensate for a lack of sight.”

Fortunately, Sherman in the video can rely on the older dog but some blind dogs are the only pets in their household. The AKC has provided the following tips for owners with a blind dog:

  • Buy dog toys that squeak, rattle and make a noise when they move.
  • Carefully take your dog around new spots to make them aware of any obstacles.
  • Keep furniture in the same spots.
  • Make sure any dangers like staircases and swimming pools are blocked off.

In the comments, the TikTok user states Sherman is able to track the older dog “by the sound of her collar so when he loses her she circles around closer to him so he hears her.”

The video has been paired with “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts, the song most famously known as American sitcom Friends’ theme tune.

So far the clip has racked up over 103,000 likes and almost 200 comments.

One user said: “It’s adorable [and] heart breaking but in a beautiful way.”

“Your dog knows. People don’t give enough credit to animals,” said another, while a third said: “This is so precious.”

Speaking from experience, another dog owner said: “I also have a blind pup, I just adopted a one yr old GSD and she’s so niceeee ! She brings her stuff and walka very slowly so they still play chase.”

The original poster replied: “Yes! They like scale the play to their ability which is so cool like an adult playing with a child. Dogs are awesome.”

It turns out Sherman isn’t the only blind canine that has reduced the internet to tears. Previously, TikTok users were sobbing at a deaf and blind dog’s reaction when he realized his owner was home.

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