The display is not heavy, more than 4kg, 4.2 billion, 1
The gold block weighs 4.1kg. (Source:

An Australian gold miner was lucky to find a 4.1kg block of gold in the southern part of the Golden Triangle, Central Victoria, South Australia .

This is not the only large gold block this craftsman has found because in the past, this man has found a gold nugget the size of a tennis ball when using the GPZ 7000 metal detector. So this time he came back here with greater hope.

The lucky man shared: “The gold block is only 30cm off the ground, at first I just thought it was trash, or at best a horseshoe, but in the end I saw the top of it was different.” The deeper he digs, the more he can’t believe his eyes. This must not be an old piece of metal. This is the first time in his life that he has seen such a large block of gold

After making a profit sharing agreement with the search group, he certainly has a huge amount of money but he has no intention of stopping the gold search. Instead, he will again plan to travel across the country in search of gold.

Currently, the gold block is being stored in the bank to make copies and will be auctioned in the near future. The gold block is valued at 190,000 USD (equivalent to 4.2 billion VND).

No more than 4kg of weight more than 4kg, 4.2 billion in size 2(Source:

The display does not carry any weight more than 4kg, with a value of 4.2, equivalent to 3

No more than 4kg of weight more than 4kg, 4.2 billion in size 4