Depression & Mental Health Tattoo Ideas: 50+ Designs & Meanings

Today’s world is very dynamic and fast-paced, which brings many advantages. But we should not forget that such conditions are the reasons for the development of stress and even depression.

Even though depression is a very negative aspect of life, you should not shy away from it and accumulate it in yourself. You can demonstrate your condition on your body by getting a depressive tattoo. Also, you can even challenge depression by getting an anti-depression tattoo. More than 50 unique tattoo ideas we have collected for you in this article.

Widespread Depression Tattoo Designs to Be Inspired

According to psychologists, you should not cope with depression and life’s difficulties alone. So you accumulate all the bad energy and thoughts in yourself, driving yourself into depression even more.

We suggest that you splash out your condition in the form of an image on your body. The most popular depression tattoo designs are:

Psychologists say that all problems begin with our thinking. So the cause of depression is most often our thoughts. Above are original tattoo ideas with images of noise in the head 😵‍, which distracts from life by concentrating attention on problems.

Depressive Tattoo Designs with Clouds

An equally unique and interesting idea is clouds or fog in the head ☁️. More often than not, such images on the body carry a depressive meaning due to menacing clouds with rain. Such a tattoo demonstrates the sad and detached state of its owner.

Tattoos Sketches on the Theme of Fatigue and Workload

The most common cause of depression is a high workload that causes fatigue 😣. Stay in control of your life by taking care of proper rest. Then no “rock” will pull you down.

A symbol of depression can also be a red hand of the devil 😈, which seems to take you captive, depriving you of any strength and energy.

Depressive Skeleton Tattoos

Very often skulls are chosen for depressive tattoo designs. In the traditional interpretation of the tattoo skull means:

  • 💀 Death,
  • 💀 Sacrifice,
  • 💀 The struggle with death,
  • 💀 Forgiveness.

Also, the skull in the tattoo world can be perceived and interpreted as a place of preservation of the soul. Therefore, it is often used to reflect the state of the soul through the tattoo.

Depression Tattoo Ideas with Text

Tattoos with text are common in a variety of themes and meanings. With such tattoos, a person usually wants to directly demonstrate their message to the world. Such tattoo designs are ideal for confident and brave people.

Tattoo Designs with the Idea of Masks

People with depression in this state see the world as if they were putting on a mask 🎭 every day. This is how they hide their condition from those around them, pretending that nothing is wrong with them. If you belong to this type of person, then the depressive tattoo ideas presented above will suit you perfectly.

Minimalist Depressive Tattoos


Such a tattoo demonstrates the problem of a person’s bipolar disorder 👥.


This minimalist tattoo design carries the message that tears 💧 are normal for expressing emotions and do not make a person weak.

This tattoo carries the meaning that despite the clouds ☁️ and thunderstorms, after that there will be sun ☀️, which is just waiting for its time.

This minimalist and neat design demonstrates the idea of a depressed person just observing his life. In such a state, it seems that you are not in control 🧐 of your life.


Sometimes you have to think not only with your head 🧠 but with your heart ❤️ as well. Very often it is intuition that helps a person make the right decision.

Tattoo with a Brain Image

In the second photo, the tattoo carries the idea that it is a person’s brain and thoughts that make them vulnerable to themselves and create internal contradictions.

The first photo demonstrates the design of the brain tattoo 🧠, which is being treated. It shows that the person is trying to get rid of a depressive state.

Unique Anti-Depressive Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

Some people who have coped with depression want to put a positive drawing on their bodies to keep them optimistic and remind them of the good things. However, another category of people sees an opportunity to take the first step in fighting depression with an anti-depression tattoo.

Either way, whether you belong to the first or the second category of people, we have selected ideas of antidepressive tattoos for you in its popular categories:

Unusual Tattoos with Flower Images

A tattoo with flowers 💐 carries one of the strongest anti-depressive meanings:

  • 🎕 Vitality;
  • 🎕 Joy;
  • 🎕 Freshness;
  • 🎕 Vitality.

This strong and upbeat tattoo design can also be accompanied by a beautiful phrase. The most common choices are: “Still growing” and “Take care of yourself.”

Inspirational Mental Health Tattoo Ideas with Text

Most often in mental health tattoo designs can be found the symbol “;”, especially naturally they are inserted in tattoos with phrases. This symbol means:

  • 🖤 Fighting depression;
  • 🖤 Life;
  • 🖤 Hope;
  • 🖤 Life goes on.

Bright Tattoo Ideas with Nature Elements

This tattoo could be called a “happy chemical” 🧬. This design demonstrates the serotonin’s chemical structure, known as the “happiness hormone”. This tattoo idea is very interesting with the introduction of mountains as a natural element inside the facets of the element’s chemical scheme.

Depression Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

The butterfly is the most common antidepressant, nature-inspired tattoo. This is due to the interpretation of this tattoo design:

  • 🦋 Freedom;
  • 🦋 Lightness;
  • 🦋 Symbol of the soul;
  • 🦋 Rebirth.
Depression Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

This bright mental health tattoo shows the idea that even clouds ☁️ and rain ☔️ are not bad weather, the sun ☀️ can always come out, and there a rainbow 🌈 will be. It teaches that life is not bad, even if it seems so.

Depression Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

Above you can see a beautiful embodiment of the already known to us “;” symbol along with the natural element 🌻. As we found out earlier, flowers are one of the most powerful anti-depressive tattoos in their meaning.

Vibrant Sketches Mental Health Tattoo

Above we offer you the brightest and most interesting ideas for antidepressive tattoos with a cheerful message. It is interesting to note that these tattoo designs also include images of flowers.

It’s important to prioritize your mental health. You have to consciously choose happiness and tune in to the positive.

Depression Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

This miniature cute tattoo is just one positive, thanks to the bright colors and joyful smiley 😊. This tattoo design carries the idea that you should get rid of stress like garbage and feel happy.

Best Places to Get Depression Mental Health Tattoos

After passing the stage of selecting a tattoo design, the next step awaits – the choice of a place for tattooing. It is very important so as not to spoil the effect of the body picture. For example, if you get a tattoo on the stomach, then after the changes in the figure its look can significantly change.

Depression Mental Health Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo pain chart

The most popular place for a depressed mental health tattoo is the hands. This trend can be traced by looking at the tattoo ideas we have suggested in this article. We have described the top places for mental health tattooing in the table below.


Depression is a difficult period in everyone’s life, but as with all situations: it all depends on the attitude of the person himself. Courageous people become the masters of their lives and their condition.

You can start by demonstrating your mental state: holding everything back is even worse for yourself. To help you with this, we have selected 50+ depression mental health tattoo ideas. Among them, you can also find anti-depression tattoo designs that remind you how good and positive life is. You just need to challenge your depression and take care of your mental health.


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