Decorating with houseplants always comes to mind for all homeowners when designing their houses. Houseplant decor makes your room look pleasant, creates a calm atmosphere, reduces stress, and increases creativity. Many house plant decor ideas to decorate your home with indoor decoration plants. Adria Workshop will share the 15 best house decor plants you should grow in your room and give you 11 indoor plant decor ideas. Scroll down and have a look!

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11 easy ways and ideas to decorate home with plants

Decorate minimal plant pots – Indoor plant decor ideas

You don’t need a pot that has a complicated design. Just keep the pot as simple as possible. Let the plant you grow be the highlight of your room. On the other hand, a too complicated-design pot is difficult to match with other furniture.

Decorate minimal plant pots
Decorate minimal plant pots (Source: internet)

Home decor plants in the living room

Green plant pots with bright colors in the living area will impress guests. Trees let nature lovers experience love for life, relax, and get ready for the day.

house decor with plants
Living room decoration with houseplant decor (Source: Internet)

Decor white room with house plants

Although white is a neutral hue that can be used in almost any design scheme, if you know how to apply it and use your imagination, you can make your home look far less clinical and dull. More plants in a white room make for a beautiful color combination that makes the space feel lighter and more open.

Decor white room with indoor decoration plants
Decor white room with indoor decoration plants (Source: Internet)

Dining room decor with indoor decoration plants

House plants may add a natural, calming, and aesthetically pleasing touch to any room. Outstanding features will vary depending on the decoration style chosen. Here are some ideas for decorating the houseplants in your dining room.

Dining room decor with plants
Dining room decor with indoor plants decor (Source: Internet)

Indoor plants decor in the bathroom

Your bathroom will be more pleasant with the extra green color added by the houseplant decor. Also, plants are known for providing air. They will increase the breathability in the room. In exchange, the high humidity in the bathroom will create excellent conditions for the plants to grow.

Plant in the bathroom
Indoor plants decor in the bathroom (Source: Internet)

Use unique plant shelves

Why don’t you use unique shelves for your plants? They will work as a place where you show the most beautiful plants you have grown!

There are many types of shelves you can choose from. Some plant stands with feet will be suitable for a large room. If you want to save space, you can install wall shelves.

Your view looks more enjoyable with a plant shelf 
Your view looks more enjoyable with a plant shelf (Source: Internet)

Decorate boho plant style

Boho home style creates an accessible aesthetic of house decor with plants that combine many cultures and artistic expressions. The Boho style emphasizes all elements that are organic and close to nature. This style is attractive due to the free layers of texture and patterns.

There is no need to find complicated items for a Boho house, as plants work well. The plants contain the most common colors in the Bohemian style: green, brown, yellow, red, blue, etc.

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The freedom of mixed furniture and plants of Boho style
The freedom of mixed furniture and plants of Boho style (Source: Internet)

Hang house decor plants

Hang house decor plants to remove nervous tension, stress, and anxiety. You can make the room as relaxed as possible. There is no need to plan for the design. Place the plants where you want and keep them simple.

Hang house decor plants to make a relaxing room
Hang house decor plants to make a relaxing room. (Source: Internet)

Decorate an entrance with houseplants

Let the way to your house look like a paradise or a beautiful garden, with an entrance full of beautiful plants. The indoor plants decor will make the front side of your house more attractive and give you a calm feeling whenever you get back home after work.

A fascinating entrance as a maze entrance with plants
A fascinating entrance as a maze entrance with plants (Source: Internet)

Decorating with layer houseplants

Layer plants are plants that have several parts attached to the mother. They stay connected with the mother plant while new roots form. You can layer a plant by changing its stem structure.

While the new plants grow the roots, they will take water, nutrients, and so on from the mother plant.

This method allows you to multiply the indoor plants in your house. Your room space will then look beautiful with a full green effect.

Arrange house plants on the shelves
Arrange house plants on the shelves (Source: internet)
Make layer plants is one of houseplant decor ways
Making layer plants is one of the houseplant decor ways (Source: Internet)

Decorate with houseplants beside the window

Some plants need to absorb a lot of sunlight. You can grow some plants in this area of your house. Not only do the plants take more light from the outside, but they also make the window space more impressive. The plant’s green color will match the sun’s yellow light, making the window more shiny and lovely.

houseplant decor
Hang plants on the window (Source: Internet)

Put indoor plants decor on a side table

You can also set up a side table or coffee table in the living room with cool indoor plants decor. As mentioned, houseplants can increase breathability, remove harmful pollutants, and improve the air quality where they are grown.

Putting some pots of plants on the work desk also is a good idea. You will receive fresh air to improve your energy and creativity for better work results. On the other hand, you can place the plants on the dining table. They will make you feel more comfortable. As a result, mealtime will be more enjoyable.

Set up a table of indoor plants decor
Set up a table of indoor plants (Source: Internet).

Decorate a colorful house with flowers

Plants are not the only ones with green leaves. Consider growing some flower plants as well! The flowers, with different colors, will make your house design more diverse.

The soft shape and fragrance of the flowers also improve your mood, soothe your nose and make you more relaxed. You will then be able to reduce stress and improve concentration on working.

House decoration - plants and flowers
House decoration – plants and flowers (Source: Internet).

Painting the green wall of your house – House plant decor ideas

The green color of the leaves will be enhanced in front of a green background. Try painting your wall green and feeling the high spirit of nature in your space. It is said that green walls offer a calming and soothing effect.

Painting the green wall is one of indoor plant decor ideas 
Painting the green wall is one of the indoor plant decor ideas (Source: Internet)

Shopping for affordable furniture at Adria Workshop

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Indoor plants decor ideas from Adria Workshop
Indoor plants decor ideas from Adria Workshop (Source: internet)

15 best house decor plants and indoor plants decor

1. Monstera Deliciosa

Care level: Normal

Monstera Deliciosa has another name, split-leaf philodendron. As the name describes, this house decor plant is unique due to its distinctive leaf. You may notice that the top of the leaf looks like it has been carefully cut.

The great thing about Monstera deliciosa is that you can cut the leaf top with the air roots and plant it in another pot. After a time, new plants will grow, and you will have more leaves.

House decor with plants: Monstera Deliciosa
House decor with plants: Monstera Deliciosa (Source: Internet)

2. Snake leaf

Care level: Low

The snake leaf (snake plant) is very popular as a cool indoor plant. Many homeowners pick this houseplant decor due to its beautiful leaves resembling swords. The leaves grow upright and appear in shapes similar to artificial foliage.

Besides beauty, snake leaves also provide health benefits. This houseplant decor can significantly make air pollutants, including formaldehyde and benzene, and remove impurities. You can make the space and atmosphere clean by decorating your house with this indoor decoration plant.

Decorating with houseplants: Snake leaf 
Decorating with houseplants: Snake leaf (Source: Internet)

3. Spider plant

Care level: Low

A spider plant is a pet-friendly plant that is super easy to grow. Even if you have no experience growing or caring for trees, decorate your house with spider plants. The roots of this indoor decoration plant are thick and fleshy, so they don’t need frequent watering.

This indoor decoration plant has a name due to the thin leaves falling from the middle ground. They look like the feet of spiders. Spider plants can absorb chemicals, such as formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and carbon monoxide, in the room. Therefore, you can consider this plant as a solution for cleaning the house space.

House decor with plants: Spider plant
House decor with plants: Spider plant (Source: Internet)

4. Money tree

Care level: High

The money tree has bright green leaves that look like a palm. This indoor decoration plant is easy to grow, as it puts out new leaves every few weeks. The perfect growing condition for this indoor plant is a big pot with many nutrients.

The money plant is due to the rumor that it brings luck and success to the owner. You can use this tree as a decoration or give it to your beloved ones as a gift.

Money tree - House plant decor ideas
The money tree – House plant decor ideas (Source: Internet)

5. ZZ plant

Care level: Low

ZZ plant stands for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – an indoor decoration plant. It is a type of indoor plant that grows at a slow speed. The broad, beautiful dark green leaves make this indoor plant unique. The plant can grow in low-light conditions, so you don’t have to worry about finding a light source.

House plant decor ideas: ZZ plant 
House plant decor ideas: ZZ plant (Source: Internet)

6. Succulent – Best indoor plants decor

Care level: Low

Succulent needs a lot of sunlight. This indoor decoration plant is an excellent option for any homeowner looking for a plant to place near windows. It is said that a succulent is a living sculpture. The distant leaf shapes with impressive textures highlight the plant in the room. There is no need to water this indoor tree much, as it can live well in dry conditions.

Succulent as house plant decor ideas
Succulent as house plant decor ideas (Source: Internet)

7. Bird of Paradise

Care level: High.

The name: Bird of Paradise is based on beautiful flowers. You can notice that the plant fuses 3 bright orange and 3 blue petals in a bud.

This plant is huge, as it can grow up to more than 6 feet indoors. This plant is great if you like a tree with board and arching leaves. Your house will look impressive with the dramatic and graceful appearance of the plant.

Bird of Paradise is one of house plant decor ideas
Bird of Paradise is one of the house plant decor ideas (Source: Internet)

8. Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

Care level: Low. Water once a week or when the top inch of soil is dry.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree has a long, elegant stem and branches with broad, leathery leaves. These indoor plants should be under a skylight or near a window.

Fiddle Leaf Figs always look good, but in the right pot, they’ll be magic. White pots are ideal for an elegant and timeless impression. Plant terracotta pot creates a more rustic look. Design pots are also perfect for this on-trend showpiece.

Indoor plants decor: Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree
Indoor plants decor: Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree (Source: Internet)

9. Corn Plant

Care level: Low. Place Corn Plant in filtered sunlight and water every 7-10 days.

Corn Plant is an excellent choice for an indoor plant. This low-maintenance houseplant decor can grow as tall as six feet, making it a magnificent addition to any living room.

House decor plants: Corn plant
House decor plants: Corn plant (Source: Internet)

10. Castiron Plant

Care level: Low. Water once a week or every ten days.

The castiron plant is perfect for bringing a lush, dark green hue into your home or office. It thrives in indirect sunlight and tolerates occasional drought.

House decor with plants: Castiron plant (Source: Internet)
House decor with plants: Castiron plant (Source: Internet)

11. Kentia Palm

Care level: Requires medium to bright light; water weekly.

Kentia Palm plant’s fronds rise high from the ground, then gracefully droop forward to cast a shady blanket over the soil. It can grow to a height of 10 feet and has a spread of more than 3 feet, so it needs plenty of room to spread out.

Kentia Palm is one of the excellent houseplant decor ideas
Kentia Palm is one of the excellent houseplant decor ideas (Source: Internet).

12. Meyer Lemon Tree

Care level: Water weekly.

It is speculated that the Meyer lemon tree is a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange, giving it a mellower, sweeter taste than regular lemons. As soon as they bloom, the air fills with the sweet scent of citrus blossoms. As long as they get plenty of sunlight, Meyer lemon trees thrive in the home.

Decorating with houseplants: Meyer Lemon Tree.
Decorating with houseplants: Meyer Lemon Tree (Source: Internet).

13. Amazon Lily (Eucharis Amazonica)

Care level: Water once a week.

This dark green plant’s big, white blossoms bloom all winter and into early April. It does well in indirect sunlight, which can dry out a little between waterings.

House plant decor ideas: Amazon Lily
House plant decor ideas: Amazon Lily (Source: Internet).

14. African Spear Plant (Sansevieria Cylindrica)

Care level: Water every few weeks.

When looking at this plant’s conical leaves, the spires, obelisks, and skyscrapers come to mind. You can put it wherever you choose, in whatever light and setting you like.

Indoor plants decor: African Spear Plant
Indoor plants decor: African Spear Plant (Source: Internet).

15. Winterbourn (Philodendron Xanadu)

Care level: Low.

This textured plant is ideal for low-light environments. A miniature version of huge tropical leaves will only reach three to four feet.

Winterbourne enjoys bright, indirect sunlight as well. Make sure not to overwater it. It is safe to irrigate the soil if it is dry. If it’s damp, wait a few days before watering. Remove any dead, yellow leaves that develop.

House decor plants: Winterbourne
House decor plants: Winterbourne (Source: Internet).

How To Take Care of Indoor Plants?

To keep them healthy, fresh, and beautiful, you must pay attention to the indoor plants and give them what they need. If you don’t care for your house decor plants, they may die and leave a mess in your house space. Just follow these tips below to take care of your house decor plants.

Water your house plant with the right amount it needs. Some require water, while others prefer dry conditions. Fertilize the plants to provide them with essential nutrients. Propagate plants to get more new plants. Cut the overgrown houseplants and regrow them in another pot. Get rid of all harmful substances in the plant pot. Prune and pinch back the leaves to make the plants look more appealing. Remove dead flowers or dying leaves so that new ones can grow. Pay attention to the insects that eat leaves.

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Instructions on how to care for each different indoor plant
Instructions on caring for each different indoor plant (Source: Internet).