70 Gorgeous Foot Tattoos For Women

The foot is an underrated canvas for stunning tattoos. From small to bold, these foot tattoos for women will inspire your next ink.

While the foot may not be as common as tattoo placements like the arm or shoulder, a foot tattoo can be perfect for those seeking a more discreet way to express themselves.

Foot tattoos are unique and beloved because of their flexible exposure. Even with a vibrant design, you can still easily conceal it most of the time. Additionally, foot tattoos can be shown with various footwear options, from flip-flops and sandals to heels, allowing a glimpse into your personal style.

Foot tattoos for women, unlike those for men, are usually more elegant, subtle, and dainty. In addition, they often feature feminine motifs such as flowers, leaves, butterflies, or meaningful quotes and words.

However, that doesn’t mean all foot tattoos for women are small; they can also be customized into daring and expressive designs, showcasing the wearer’s individuality and personality.

With endless possibilities for feminine foot tattoo designs, finding the right one that represents you can be tricky. That’s why we have compiled an extensive collection of foot tattoos for women that range from small to bold, simple to intricate, to help narrow your search and provide inspiration.

Disclaimer: This collection of foot tattoos for women is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Many people wonder if getting a foot tattoo is more painful than getting one on their arm or thigh. And that’s what you should be aware of before getting a food tattoo.

The foot is a bony area, and the skin on the foot is relatively thin. So the pain level of getting inked on the foot can vary from mild to intense, depending on the individual.

So if you are sensitive to pain, it’s better to discuss with your tattoo artist how long the process will take and how much pain you might expect. Choosing a design that requires less ink, such as fine-line or small tattoos, can also help to minimize discomfort.

If you’re hesitant about getting a tattoo, a small foot tattoo may be a great option. Not only do they allow you to express yourself and add some personality to your look, but they are also subtle and not too flashy.

Small foot tattoos can make a big impact and statement with a variety of design options, including symbols, quotes, flowers, and animals. And if you are eying on one, the following ideas are for you.

Simple anklet tattoo by @tattooist_greem


Anklet tattoos refer to those that wrap around the ankle like a bracelet or an armband. This simple design features a string wrapping around the ankle with a ribbon – simple but real. It not only represents the girly and minimalistic style of the wearer. It’s also an ideal option for first-timers.

Dainty ornaments foot tattoos by @orma_tattoo


Large tattoos don’t have to be overwhelming. The matching foot tattoos above are a good example. Despite covering most of the feet, they remain simple and discreet because of the fine line design.

Butterfly and daisy foot tattoo by @tattooist_greem


Flower foot tattoos have become a trend as a stylish decoration on the skin with special meanings.

Take this simple daisy and butterfly tattoo, for example. Daisy flowers represent youth and purity, while butterflies symbolize transformation and beauty. Together, this dynamic tattoo showcases the wearer’s pure heart and courage to embrace changes.

Small cherry blossom foot tattoo by @tilda_tattoo


Just like daisies, a tiny cherry blossom like this one carries a unique symbolism. Because of their short life span, cherry blossoms are seen as a tribute to the passing of time and life, reminding us to live every moment to the fullest.

Small blue rose foot tattoo by @sinbar_tattoo


Rose tattoos never go out of style because of the endless possibilities of colors and designs.

The blue rose, for example, is a symbol of rarity. It doesn’t exist in nature. Therefore, blue rose tattoos are perfect for those who think outside the box and are not afraid to stand out.

Simple flower ankle tattoo by @tattooebrahimi


Ankle tattoos are the perfect alternative to those on the talus for those sensitive to pain. Whether it’s a simple design like this one or something more intricate, the ankle can be a canvas for feminine and elegant tattoo ideas.

Dreamer foot tattoos by @reze_tattoo_joce


The reason why one-word tattoos have been increasingly trendy is their precision. When you pick the right word, a tattoo as sleek as this one can be a powerful representation of your identity, goals, and values. You can also customize the font, boldness, and composition to create a unique design.

Freesia flower foot tattoo by @pokhy_tattoo


In the language of flowers, the yellow flower in this tattoo – freesia, stands for friendship. Yellow is the color of hope and joy. Together, this small ankle tattoo adds life and positivity to the skin.

Flower garden ankle tattoo by @yeguclub


This unique tattoo on the inner foot depicts blooming flowers and leaves. The colors and different shapes and lines all come together to create a spring garden that prospers on the skin. And because of the sleek lines, this tattoo keeps its simplicity, making it vibrant but not messy.

Matching tiny butterfly foot tattoos by @wittybutton_tattoo


In a classic Chinese love legend, Butterfly Lovers, a young couple ended their lives as a protest against their families who tried to separate them. At the end of the story, they became a pair of butterflies and were never apart again.

The legend gives butterflies the meaning of undying love. And they are among the most sought-after motifs of symbolic love tattoos, just like these matching couple ink. As tiny as they are, they still carry the lovers’ faith in their relationship and future.

Be here now - quote foot tattoo by @liditattoo


Tattoos are not just a beautiful addition to the skin; they can also be empowering reminders.

For example, the foot tattoo above features a simple 3-word quote that says, “be here now.” It reminds the wearer to be present and grounded instead of dwelling in the past. Such a simple yet meaningful tattoo will be an inspiration for life.

kiss me again quote foot tattoo by @buccaneertattoo


Birth of year foot tattoo by @crybabytattooer


The year of birth holds special meanings for many people. It represents their identity and gratitude for life. Though the bottom of the foot is not visible most of the time, such a discreet design still reflects the wearer’s positive attitude towards life and her future.

Like a phoenix - foot tattoo by @unexpected_tattoo


A tattoo says a lot about the wearer’s values and personality, especially when the design carries its own symbolism, just like this one.

Phoenix tattoos are often associated with rebirth, strength, and courage. Therefore, this quote tattoo on the side of the foot shows the wearer’s determination to rise from struggles.

Right - word tattoo by @g9in_ttt


Gratitude one word ankle tattoo by @barbaraguerrart


Another inspirational tattoo on the foot. By inking “gratitude” on the ankle, the wearer will never forget to cherish the small things instead of taking them for granted. It also encourages the viewers to be grateful for the people they have in life.

Small quote tattoo on the foot by @wittybutton_tattoo


Cute cupcake foot tattoo by @retro_ink_art_studio


Food tattoos like this tiny cupcake are not just for foodies. They also showcase how adorable the wearer is. Who doesn’t love cupcakes, right?

In terms of the design, the details are executed to perfection, especially for a tattoo that is so small. Together, it combines the wearer’s personality with the tattooist’s extraordinary skills.

Cute small mug foot tattoo by @yeguclub


If you are looking for a colored and simple tattoo, this small mug may give you some ideas. Instead of coloring the entire mug, the tattooist fills part of the mug in red – just the right amount of pop that catches the eye.

Tiny sun ankle tattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo


The sun is a symbol of hope and life. As tiny as this sun tattoo is, it still radiates positive energies and will continue to remind the wearer to embrace the bright sides of life.

Sun and moon matching foot tattoos by @tattooist_zec


Unlike sun tattoos, sun and moon matching tattoos usually represent two people with opposite personalities. They are like both sides of a coin, different but inseparable.

Small lightning foot tattoo by @finelinesby.aj


Lightning strikes with speed and accuracy. That’s why lightning tattoos often belong to those who take action without hesitation. They also represent strength and determination, making them simple yet badass tattoos.

Zodiac constellation ankle tattoo by @tattooist_greem


For those who relate to their zodiac signs, their constellations represent who they are as a person. Compared to a zodiac glyph, constellations are less literal. They show off one’s pride in their identity and, at the same time, pique the viewers’ curiosity.

A tiny scorpion tattoo on the foot by @lisagupt


Scorpions often appear in tattoos for Scorpio as a symbol of the sign. But the details of a scorpion often complicate a design. This foot tattoo, however, keeps only the basic form. Using simple lines to represent the construction of a scorpion’s body, this tattoo manages to stay clean and sleek.

Tiny sword foot tattoo by @sanctuaries.ttt


The meaning of sword tattoos varies from person to person. For some, they represent force and war. But in modern times, swords have become more of a symbol of strength and courage. As small as this tattoo is, it will remind the owner to channel her inner power.

Tiny heart foot tattoo by @pureandfine.tattoo


Heart shapes are a common motif in love tattoos, representing love, passion, and romance. If you want a minimalist design to showcase your loving side, heart tattoos are ideal. It can be as simple as a heart outline tattoo like this one. Or you can fill it in colors or patterns to add a personal touch.

Realism paw tattoo by @tattoo.pencil


For pet owners, their fluffy pals are not just pets but also part of the family. That’s why animal designs like cat tattoos are evergreen.

While many pet owners love to tattoo the whole portrait of their pets on the skin, a paw like this one is a more subtle choice. Because of its small size, it will also fit on any part of the body.

Tiny paw under the foot tattoo by @ovenlee.tattoo


This tiny tattoo takes one step further in simplifying a pet tattoo. Such a tiny paw on the bottom of the foot is not only a token of love. It also shows the loving nature of the wearer.

Tiny fish foot tattoo by @sinbar_tattoo


Across cultures, fish carries various positive connotations. For example, it symbolizes freedom and flexibility in the west, while people in the east believe it will bring prosperity and wealth.

Whichever meaning resonates with you, a tiny and simple fish like this one on the foot would be your perfect first tattoo. It would belong to someone with a free spirit and a minimalistic taste.

Cute small Stegosaurus foot tattoo by @ink.dust


This dinosaur tattoo stands out because its shape fits perfectly on the side of the foot. And with a small tattoo like this, you can hide or show it anytime you want.

Many foot tattoos for women tend to lean on the simpler and smaller side. But if you are looking for a canvas to announce your point of view or to showcase your style, the following bold tattoo ideas are tailor-made for you.

These stunning foot tattoos come in all shapes and forms. Black or colored, they are surefire to capture attention. So whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, you’ll find the one that will inspire your next ink.

Fox and flowers foot tattoo by @chaewha_ink


If you want to maximize the visual impact of your ink, consider expanding it to other areas of the body, just like this foot-to-calf tattoo.

But size is not the only thing that makes this design stand out. The vibrant colors, details, and composition create fantasy on the skin.

Bee and flowers foot tattoo by @polar.tattooing


Not as colorful as the previous one, but this foot tattoo proves that black and grey ink can be stunning, too. On top of that, the bee adds a sense of fun and life to the design and makes it more vivid.

Greyscale flower foot tattoo by @lasstattoo


As the birth flower of November, peonies represent good luck and compassion. This close-up of the peony tattoo allows us to see the details and the shading, which gives the design a 3D effect. Again, it’s a perfect demonstration of using only black ink to create something extraordinary.

Petals and butterfly @tilda_tattoo


This feminine foot tattoo from Tattooist Tilda is subtle and bold. It depicts small petals and flowers along with a tiny butterfly. But the contrasting color and the motifs scattering on the talus undoubtedly catch the eye.

Decorative elements toe tattoos by @ladyhans


Getting all the toes inked may not be the option for the majority. But the combination of symbols and leaves definitely captures attention in an elegant way, perfect for the flip-flop season.

Leaves and branch foot tattoo by @yleniaattard


Plum flowers cover-up tattoo by @tattooist_arirang


In eastern cultures, plum flowers symbolize integrity and strength as they bloom in winter. The tattooist emphasizes the vitality of the flowers by depicting them growing upward along the foot. The black ink on the bottom of the design makes it a successful cover-up tattoo for a faded one.

Floral foot tattoo by @aeri_tattoo


Blue and red dragons by @saki.lss_


Dragons carry different symbolisms across cultures. For example, they are seen as evil and disastrous in the west, symbolizing royalty and power in the east.

These matching dragon tattoos on the foot and calves highlight the contrasting views of these mythical creatures. The colors, details, and shapes make them hard to ignore.

Snake foot tattoo by @e.nal_.tattoo


Snake tattoos are among the most popular ink ideas for a reason. Snakes are mysterious and dangerous, adding badassness to the design. And because of the nature of the animal, snake tattoos can be shaped to fit on almost any part of the body, making them highly versatile.

Golden Medusa foot tattoo by @jooa_tattoo


Medusa is always seen as a powerful figure in Greek mythology because of her ability to turn people into stone by looking them in the eye. Thus Medusa tattoos like this one have always been a way to express one’s confidence in their magic and strength.

Intricate sun and moon foot tattoos by @madameluw.tattoo


Cute cheetah ankle tattoo by @polar.tattooing


Cheetahs often symbolize speed and strength, as they are one of the fastest hunters in nature. However, this tattoo on the ankle focuses on bringing out the cute side of the animal. By adding sparkles to the eyes, this cheetah is not just adorable. But it also feels alive on the skin.

Fierce tiger foot tattoo for women by @sir.edwardtattoo


Tiger tattoos are not just for guys. This design on the foot is hyper-detailed and sleek, making it a powerful representation of a strong woman.

A geometric lion foot tattoo by @indigoforevertattoos


Lion tattoos are often large, fearsome, and intricate. Rather than drawing a realistic lion with complicated details, the tattooist opts for a simpler geometric style, making it a perfect Leo tattoo for minimalists.

Dolphin and wave foot tattoo by @tattooist_greem


Dolphins are often associated with joy, freedom, and wisdom. While on the other hand, waves represent the constant changes in life and rebirth. Together, this cute and meaningful tattoo is a reminder to embrace transformations with an open mind.

Starry night and ocean by @ane_tattoo


Watercolor whale foot tattoo by @tattooer_manda


Whales are the largest mammals on the planet. As a species with a long history on earth, whales often represent intelligence and strength.

That’s why many people choose whale tattoos to remind them of their inner power. With the watercolor waves in the background, this foot tattoo is definitely a piece of art.

Matching mountain foot tattoos by @kw.skinart


Mountain tattoos often represent the wearers’ determination to explore nature and conquer life’s obstacles. When the mountains are inked on the foot, however, they may serve as a personal reminder to stay grounded, to keep moving forward, and to always strive for new heights.

Trust in the universe foot tattoo by @microluxetattoos


“Trust the Universe” is a powerful statement with different meanings for different people. It represents one’s faith in the Universe in guiding them to the right path.

For other people, this phrase can be a reminder to worry less and trust the process. Either way, a foot tattoo like this one will always be relatable because of the meaning behind it.

Inspiring matching quote tattoos by @belle_tattooist


Elegant lotus ornament foot tattoo by @gisant.orient


In Buddhism, the lotus is often seen as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and the ability to rise above obstacles and challenges. That’s why lotus is often seen in yoga tattoos and other spiritual designs, just like these ones on the foot.

Ornamental foot tattoo by @anais_chabane


Mandala tattoos often stand out because of the intricate, repeating circles and angular shapes. But they are more than the look. The circles and patterns represent wholeness and life’s cycle, adding meaning to a gorgeous design like this one.

Tribal foot tattoo for women by @inkedbykuu


Tribal tattoos are highly recognizable for their intricate, repeating patterns and dense black ink. They celebrate one’s heritage and pride in their culture. But more often, tribal tattoos tend to be masculine. The tattooist adds femininity to this design by making the shape cursive.

Intricate snowflake foot tattoo by @robynmarshalltattoo


So far, we’ve covered some of the best foot tattoos for women. But if you aim to stand out from the crowd, you can’t miss the following ideas. By adding creativity and personality to the design, the tattooists come up with something original and different.

Cutting line foot tattoo by @szilvasigyemanttattoo


As tiny as this foot tattoo is, it charms with the fun in the design. The cutting line falls precisely between two toes, creating a visual illusion.

Buildings on the toes by @inkedmag


Happy face and sad face toe tattoos by @avatarom


All emotions are valid, whether positive or negative. These matching toe tattoos are a reminder to embrace our feelings and to check in with ourselves regularly.

Now or never foot tattoo by @tattooer_jina


Most quote tattoos are entirely on one placement. By separating the phrase “now or never” on two feet, the tattooist creates a sense of novelty and makes the design more interesting.

Realism moon phase on the side of foot by @hadam.collection


Moon phases are often seen in back tattoos or neck tattoos. This one provides a new placement idea and makes the design pop on the skin.

Moon phase foot tattoos by @flowersforyourhead


Unlike the previous realism moon phase tattoo, these matching foot tattoos have fewer details. But the contrasting colors make them hard to look away from.

Brushstroke anklet tattoo by @9room_tattoo


White snake and flowers foot tattoo by @tattooist_silo


Some tattoos will surprise you when you look closer. This is one of them. The white snake curling between the flowers is not visible when you see it from a distance. It adds a sense of mysteriousness and a twist that draws people in.

Manta foot tattoo by @tattooer_manda


Cute matching foot bottom tattoos by @xinamon_tattoo


Devil and angel hearts matching foot tattoos by @tgart_tattoo


Smoke foot tattoo by @pele_ink


Not all tattoos have to hold a special meaning. This one wins hearts for the look. It depicts the flowing motion of smoke and makes a static ink move on the skin.

Eye and smoke foot tattoos for women by @stateofmindink


Squiggle foot tattoo by @eviesttt


Splash matching foot tattoos by @flowersforyourhead


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