65 Awe-inspiring Wave Tattoos With Meaning

Waves are a symbol of nature, changes and new beginnings. From small to bold, these spectacular wave tattoos will inspire your next ink.

Waves are so fascinating because of how powerful they are. Whether it’s the waves that rise from a roaring sea or those that gently pound the shorelines, they always keep us in awe of the beauty of nature.

It is no surprise that waves have always been a subject in literature and art. As a form of body art, wave tattoos hold deep symbolic meaning for many people and represent their connection to nature as well as their values.

So what does a wave tattoo mean, and what makes it so fascinating?

The symbolism of wave tattoos varies depending on the individual. But in general, they may represent the following ideas:

  • Unpredictable changes and resilience

Just like the ocean, life can be calm or turbulent. You’ll never know if you are faced with peace and stability or sailing into a raging sea. And that’s what a wave tattoo stands for – the unpredictability of life and the resilience one must build to overcome the turbulence.

  • New beginnings and renewal

No matter what’s on the beach, the next wave will always come and brush it off. That gives wave tattoos the symbolism of new beginnings. They are reminders to embrace changes and new chapters of life.

A wave never hesitates to hit the rocks on the shore, no matter how tough they are. And even though waves are basically water, they are strong enough to crush stones and reshape coastlines. So for those who need an extra boost of confidence, wave tattoos can be what they are looking for.

  • The connection and love for the ocean

Just like most water tattoos, waves represent the sea. Thus wave tattoos can be a reminder of the vastness of the ocean and the power it holds, making them a perfect expression of one’s love and awe for the sea and nature.

Whether you are a surfer, a beach lover, or connected to the ocean on a personal level, a wave tattoo can be a powerful and meaningful symbol. However, with so many designs and placement options to choose from, it can be tricky to find the style that speaks to you.

So here are some of the best wave tattoos on the net. From small to big, simple to intricate, this collection will speak to your individuality and identity.

Disclaimer: This collection of wave tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

As vast and powerful as a wave may be, wave tattoos can be as simple as a single curved line on the body. So if you are a minimalist or looking for a subtle expression of your love for the ocean, the following simple and small wave tattoos are perfect for you.

Boat and wave tattoo by @ladnie.ink


The boat often represents journeys and adventures. Waves, on the other hand, symbolize the ups and downs in life. Combining the two elements, this simple outline tattoo is a reminder to stay grounded and go with the flow.

Simple wave finger tattoo by @yujin_tattoo


Finding the perfect design for finger tattoos can be challenging because space is limited. That’s why the tattooist chooses to go simple and portrays the waves with curved lines. On top of that, the use of different colors also makes the design more interesting.

Simple black and grey wave tattoo by @cancho.mini


This small tattoo is the perfect proof that black and grey can also make a vivid design. And if you have never got any ink on the body and are connected to the ocean on a deep level, this can also be your first tattoo because of how simple and sleek it is.

Minimalist wave collarbone tattoo by @idont_inkso


This collarbone tattoo is not necessarily small. But the way the artist depicts the ocean’s surface with just a few lines makes it a simple yet beautiful piece of body art. Plus, it also highlights the shape of the collarbone, adding elegance and attraction to the look.

Simple wave outline tattoo by @gorae_tattoo


Sun tattoos symbolize new beginnings and hope, just like the waves. And with the time on the left corner, this tattoo can represent a special moment that marks the start of a new journey.

Small Kanagawa wave tattoo by @handitrip


This tiny tattoo is inspired by the famous Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa. As small as it is, it still captures nature’s awe-inspiring power.

Minimalist wave tattoo by @ayvak.aart


There’s nothing simpler than line tattoos, just like this one. By using lines to depict waves, this abstract interpretation of wave tattoos subtly adds flow to the skin.

Wave planet tattoo by @vanilla__tattoo


Water is a fundamental element that breeds life. This creative tattoo turns waves into a planet, creating a robust liveliness to a static design.

Tiny minimalist wave tattoo by @bro_tattooing


Whales may be the largest mammals on the planet, but whale tattoos can be small and adorable. This cute dainty tattoo depicts a whale jumping out of the water. As small as it is, it still embodies a sense of power and reflects the wearer’s confidence to rise to the challenges in life.

Whale and wave anklet tattoo by @tattooist_solar


Just like bracelet and armband tattoos, anklet tattoos are those that wrap around the ankle. But they don’t always mimic the look of actual accessories. This simple ocean tattoo pays tribute to the power of nature with its sleek, girly style.

Tiny wave finger tattoo by @keenetattoo


Ring tattoos are more than regular ink on the finger. They often represent the commitment and promise of a relationship or one’s beliefs, just like this small wave finger tattoo.

If the waves represent challenges and adversity, this tattoo will be a symbol of the wearer’s determination to overcome them with resilience.

Infinity wave tattoo by @tattooist_jaeo


In most cases, infinity tattoos represent the eternality of life or a relationship. This chest tattoo, however, has a twist that alters the symbolism. The cross interrupts the flow of the waves, suggesting nothing lasts forever. And we should all live each moment to the fullest and be grateful for what we have.

Wave with script tattoo by @heim__tattoo


If you have a life motto or a quote that rings true to you, adding it to a wave tattoo will make it extra meaningful. This shoulder tattoo also shows how font choice matters. The cursive calligraphy-style script is naturally a perfect match for the flowy waves.

Plane and wave tattoo by @nieun_tat2


This small tattoo combines three elements, each carrying a different symbolism – the plane represents the love for traveling, the waves represent changes, and the wine glass shows the wearer’s light-hearted attitude. Together, this tiny ink offers a peek to someone who enjoys life to the maximum and always says yes to adventures.

Red wave wrist tattoo by @tattoobyok


Single-line tattoos are increasingly popular for how simple they are. This red wave design could be a nod to this trend. And because red is a bold and vibrant color, this wrist tattoo can represent the passionate side of the wearer’s personality and a desire to embrace new experiences.

Girly ankle tattoo by @moonmoon__tattoo


Dolphins represent joy, wisdom, and freedom, while waves can mean changes in life. Together, this small ankle tattoo expresses the wearer’s carefree, playful spirit, flexibility, and open-mindedness.

Tiny moon and wave ankle tattoo by @tattooer_jina


Moon tattoos are often associated with change and transformation, as it looks different from Earth in each moon phase. This symbolism is aligned with that of the waves. Together, the tattoo could be a reminder to embrace growth, let go of the past, and move forward with courage and determination.

Sun and wave chest tattoo by @how8_tattoo


Unlike the sun and wave tattoo we mentioned above, this one captures attention with its vivid colors. The red and orange sun is no doubt the focal point. And the waves below make the tattoo dynamic.

Simple butterfly and wave fine line tattoo by @seora_tattoo


Butterfly tattoos have a similar symbolism as the waves. They often represent transformation and growth as they go through a metamorphosis before spreading their wings.

Combined with the waves, this fine line tattoo reminds us that life is constantly evolving. And we should embrace it and venture out of our comfort zones to fly and reach our potential.

Small blue wave elbow tattoo by @handitrip


This tiny yet detailed elbow tattoo depicts a wave inspired by the Japanese Ukiyo-e art. Despite its small size, all the details and colors come together to convey a strong sense of energy and power.

Wave and mountain matching ring finger tattoos by @jdot5512


Matching couple tattoos don’t have to be identical. With mountains on the husband’s finger and waves on the wife, these tattoos showcase the couple’s adventurous spirits that tie them together.

Dolphin and wave foot tattoo by @tattooist_greem


Dolphins are often associated with joy, freedom, and wisdom. While on the other hand, waves represent the constant changes in life and rebirth. Together, this cute and meaningful tattoo is a reminder to embrace transformations with an open mind.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @soy_tattoo


Unlike many other wave tattoos, this is a fun and colorful interpretation. With the sparkling stars on one and the sun on another, these matching tattoos for friends honor both the connection and individuality of the duo.

Cute waves and sun tattoo by @bongkee


This shoulder tattoo is the perfect proof that styles matter. While waves have a deep and empowering meaning, the cartoonized depiction makes it a representation of the wearer’s playful and light-hearted personality.

Sun and moon seascape tattoo by @sharp_pokes


The sun and moon are a lot like yin and yang. They are often seen as complementary symbols, representing light and darkness, life and death, and masculine and feminine.

In this tattoo, the two elements are connected by waves, which can be a symbol of changes and transformation. Together, this tattoo could symbolize the importance of finding balance in an ever-changing world.

Whether it’s the size, the vibrant colors, or the intricate details, there are various elements that will add to the charm of a wave tattoo. If you want a visually striking and impactful design, don’t miss out on the following ideas.

Japanese Ukiyo-e wave tattoo by @tattooist_eq


This tattoo from Tattooist EQ is inspired by the classic Japanese Ukiyo-e painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa,” created by the Japanese artist Hokusai in the early 19th century. It has become a cultural symbol because of its distinctive style and meaning.

By depicting a roaring sea and Mount Fuji in the background, the painting honors the power of nature and the beauty of Japanese culture. This Kanagawa wave tattoo can also represent challenges and obstacles, reminding us to stay strong in the ups and downs of life.

Matching wave shoulder tattoos by @simya_tattoo


Matching tattoos often depict elements that relate to both individuals. In this case, the waves can represent the shared connection to the ocean or their common belief in embracing changes.

Realism wave tattoo by @orot_tattoo


This thigh tattoo catches the eyes at first sight with the wave pouring out of the frame. The details and the unique design create an intense sense of power. And the wave out of the rectangle can also symbolize the wearer’s determination to live life on her own terms and break free from external constraints.

Koi fish and wave tattoo by @e.hyang_.tattoo


In Eastern cultures, koi fish are associated with strength, resilience and abundance. They are able to swim against the flow of water and live in difficult situations.

This tattoo combines both koi fish and waves, illustrated as a simple line around the arm. It reminds the wearer of her inner strength and that she can persevere through obstacles and thrive.

Moon lit night and seascape by @tattooist_dh


The ocean is not always turbulent. There’s a quiet side to it as well. This beautiful photogenic tattoo is a reminder to appreciate the tranquility in life and prioritize one’s inner peace.

Golden wave thigh band tattoo by @tattooist_toma


Most thigh tattoos tend to be big and bold. This one, however, achieves the balance between simple and expressive.

It consists of small elements like waves, manta, and stars. Putting them separately on other parts of the body will make great dainty small tattoos. But when lined up around the thigh, they become a unique accessory that reflects the beauty of ocean life.

Ocean tattoo for the free-spirited by @debrartist


Water changes its shape and form according to the environment and temperature. That’s why water tattoos often speak to those who value flexibility and creativity.

This tattoo is no exception. It captures the wave bouncing against a surface, rising from the sea level. In its purest form, this wave tattoo is a reminder of the ever-changing nature of life.

Wave painting tattoo by @guseul_tattoo


Another artistic tattoo that depicts waves pouring out of the frame. But unlike the previous one, which is mostly in dark colors, this one captures attention with its high saturation and the contrast between cold and warm tones.

Realism wave foot tattoo by @default_blue_tt


When it comes to placement, a wave tattoo on the foot can be a great option for those who want a discreet design that can easily be covered up, as well as those who want to show it off when wearing sandals or going barefoot.

Photogenic wave tattoo by @youngchickentattoo


Sketch style wave forearm tattoo by @rainisline


Instead of portraying all the details to perfection, the sketch-style tattoo stands out for its bold strokes and rough, unfinished look, which gives the wave tattoo a sense of power and movement.

Oriental wave and dragon tattoo by @tattooist_yun


In Japanese folklore, dragons are often seen as the gods of rivers and the sea. Thus there’s no surprise that many oriental tattoos picture waves and dragons together, creating a powerful and dynamic design.

Stars and wave ornamental tattoo by @evild4n


Instead of a separate object, this ornamental tattoo depicts the wave as an element connecting all the other motifs, bringing them together and making the entire design more cohesive. And the use of dotted lines further adds depth to this forearm tattoo.

Sunset beach tattoo by @opal.tattoo


A tattoo is not only a decoration or a statement. It can also take us back to a meaningful moment in our lives. And this captivating tattoo is one of them. With the sun setting on the horizon and the glow scattering on the beach, this photogenic realistic tattoo captures the perfect moment and turns it into eternal memory.

Geometric wave tattoo by @tattooist_bae


Waves are unpredictable and always changing forms. The circle, however, gives a sense of restriction and stability. These two elements might not seem to go together. But it’s the contrast that creates a striking visual impact.

Tranquil sunset ocean tattoo by @woorin_tattoo


Not everyone is blessed with the luxury of watching sunrise and sunset each day. But with a stunning tattoo like this, you can relive the beautiful moments whenever you want.

Watercolor wave and whale tattoo by @citlo.ink


Watercolor tattoos are so loved because of the fluidity and natural transition between colors. This whale and wave tattoo is no exception. The blue gives just the right amount of color, making it pop while maintaining its simplicity.

Beach and wave strip tattoo by @mooji_tt


Most wave tattoos stretch horizontally. This one, however, crops out a slim strip of an ocean tattoo, making it fit on elongated placements such as the arm, the leg, and the spine.

Tribal wave foot tattoo by @matoontattoo


A tribal wave tattoo incorporates the energy of the ocean with traditional tribal art. Its sharp, bold, and angular lines not only accentuate the power of nature. They also echo the core values of tribal tattoos – strength, courage, and protection.

Waves of heart tattoo by @guseul_tattoo


Heart tattoos are often a symbol of love and passion. When the waves are transformed into a heart shape, they can represent a love for the ocean and all its beauty.

Japanese Ukiyo-e painting by @tattooist_eq


Though the Ukiyo-e paintings mainly focus on beautiful women in traditional clothing, there is also a vast collection of art around nature. And this landscape tattoo is one of them, interpreting the beauty of nature with its sophisticated details and astounding color combos.

Waves growth tattoo by @tattooist_mul


This stamp tattoo combines the wearer’s love for travel and her beliefs. The waves are no doubt the center of attention. But when you look closely, you’ll find a small word printed under the waves that says “breath.” Such a thoughtful detail highlights the meaning of this one-word tattoo – to find one’s inner peace even when the outer world is overwhelming.

Waves are fluid and constantly changing. These characteristics speak to those who embrace uncertainties and their innovative selves. So if you want something different and outside the box, the following creative wave tattoos are tailor-made for you. Whether it’s incorporating unusual shapes, colors, and patterns, these unconventional tattoo ideas will bring your vision to life.

Adorable wave and cat tattoo by @tattooist_toma


What a unique way to incorporate a cat tattoo with waves. For those who want to express their love for pets and their beliefs in a single tattoo, this one may inspire.

Abstract waves and dragon by @suryo.tattoo


It’s surprising how a rough look can embody a strong sense of power, just like this one. Both the waves and the dragon are portrayed with bold strokes. Without the details, the attention is guided toward the form and flow of the stroke.

And the balance between power and fluidity, control and spontaneity, makes this tattoo even more mesmerizing.

Cute surfing girl tattoo by @soar_tattoo


This cute depiction of a surfer might seem simple. But the quote below emphasizes the message the wearer wants to send. And if you are always ready for adventure, this tattoo may speak to you as well.

Japanese wave heart tattoo by @orcnyalcn


Compared to heart shapes, anatomical hearts have more details and room for artists to be creative. Take this one, for example. The tattooist seamlessly incorporates the Japanese wave painting with the heart, expressing the wearer’s love for the ocean and his culture.

Wave butterfly tattoo by @doublegray_seoul


With half of the butterfly illustrated as waves, this dainty butterfly tattoo is a reminder to embrace changes and see the beauty in transformation.

Girly wave and portrait tattoo by @rohatattoo


Portraits and waves are an uncommon combination in tattoos. However, the tattooist makes it natural by increasing the opacity of the waves. Overall, the design shows the soft side of the wearer. But she also has this immense power inside her, just like the waves.

Abstract wave tattoo by @ati.ful


A bold and arbitrary tattoo like this is not for everyone. However, if you are someone who doesn’t play by the book and is not afraid of breaking the rules, this tattoo can be the perfect representation of your personality.

Wave and forest tattoo by @thistle.tattoo


Many of us live in the city. And being able to immerse ourselves in nature can be a luxury. This tattoo, however, brings nature to us. Appreciating the beauty of such a tattoo will calm you down when stress creeps in.

Bold abstract wave sleeve tattoo by @tteuntt


This conceptual tattoo focuses on the flow of the wave rather than the details. Despite its large size, it still keeps a minimalist look.

Wave and moon tattoo by @tattooist_fluffy


This cute micro-realism tattoo by Tattooist Fluffy takes the viewers to another world. She combines the waves, clouds, and the moon as a whole, adding to the wanderlust of the design.

Wave cover-up tattoo by @tattooist_zela


Most waves are drawn in dark colors like black or blue. This makes them a perfect option for a cover-up tattoo. The solid colors can perfectly hide the original tattoo. And because waves are fluid, the shape can be customized as needed.

Golden wave tattoo by @yezottt


Gold is often associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. And a golden wave tattoo can represent the idea of riding the waves of life to prosperity. The unusual color choice also makes it stand out from regular wave tattoo ideas.

Triangle of wave tattoo by @dxbink


Triangles symbolize balance and stability, while waves represent the ever-changing nature of life. Combined, they can be an empowering reminder to seek balance amidst the ebb and flow of life.

Golden ratio wave tattoo by @sonerkurak


The golden ratio is a mathematical concept often seen in art and architecture. It refers to a ratio that is aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. When the wave is in the shape of the golden ratio, it becomes a statement that changes can be beautiful, too.

Stylized wave shoulder tattoo by @tattooist.pado


Unlike most waves in tattoos depicted as fluid and soft, this tattoo interprets differently. The solid, sharp black lines ooze power. And with the placement, the design resembles armor that fits perfectly on the shoulder.

Waves yin yang tattoo by @nghe.tattooists


Wave tattoos often represent the power of nature and new beginnings. But this yin and yang tattoo has a different meaning. The black part of the symbol depicts currents of black and white merging, implying that not everything in life is purely good or evil.

Small quote forearm tattoo by @bonnibel.ink


This small quote tattoo is an example of how composition makes a difference. Putting the quote in the shape of a wave makes this design more elegant and subtle. And the quote “not really ordinary” in French shows the wearer’s pride in her unique personality.

Abstract wave pattern tattoo by @krisontwerpt


Waves are a common motif in water tattoos. But unlike most wave tattoos, the one above turns waves into a 2D black and grey pattern, which will surely capture attention.

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