62 Angel Tattoos For Men and Women

Angels symbolize guidance and pureness. From simple, delicate designs to bold statements, these angel tattoos will be your lifetime guardians.

Angels, the heavenly beings that have captured hearts and minds for centuries, are undoubtedly an evergreen motif in tattoos. They not only represent the connection to the divine, purity, and innocence. They can also carry deep personal significance or tell a story.

Whether you’re looking for angelic ink or just curious about these heavenly designs, we’ve got you covered. In this post, you’ll find the meanings and examples of angel tattoos. From small, simple angel tattoos for women to bold and majestic designs for men, there will be one that speaks to you both personally and aesthetically.

Angel tattoos are so captivating, mainly because of their symbolism. In general, the meanings of angel tattoos include:

  1. Protection: Like a guardian watching over you, angels symbolize protection and comfort during tough times. An angel tattoo can constantly remind you that you are never alone and are loved and protected.
  2. Connection to divinity: Angels serve as messengers between humanity and the divine realm, making angel tattoos a reflection of one’s spiritual connection and belief in higher powers.
  3. Faith and hope: Angels are often connected to one’s religious beliefs, reminding them to have faith in something greater than themselves and to keep their hopes high.
  4. Guidance: Just as angel numbers appear as signs from the universe, an angel tattoo encourages us to trust our instincts and follow our hearts.
  5. Innocence and purity: As a symbol of pure goodness, angels stand as a shining example of all that is beautiful in the world. An angel tattoo, in this sense, can be a reminder to hold onto the purity of our hearts and always be kind.
  6. Triumph over darkness: Just like angels fight against evil, an angel tattoo becomes a powerful reminder of our inner strength and resilience. Thus this angelic ink can be a personal token of triumph over setbacks, greed, addiction, and more.

Disclaimer: This collection of angel tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Angels are divine beings that represent pure goodness in the world. While most angel tattoos are gender-neutral, some designs have that delicate lure perfect for ladies. From cute baby cherubs to intricate angel wing tattoos, the following ink ideas will be a heavenly addition to the skin.

Cute baby angel and sun tattoo by @u.i.tattoo


Sun tattoos often represent positivity. This cute baby angel hugging the sun definitely interprets the wearer’s uplifted spirit, exuding an adorable and cheerful vibe.

Simple small angel wrist tattoo by @teagantatt


An angel tattoo can be as intricate and detailed as you want. But it can also be simple and minimalist. This pair of angel wings on the wrist showcases the perfect blend of elegance and subtlety, making it a divine choice for angelic ink lovers.

Small flying angel tattoo by @maitefonseca


How cute is this tiny angel! This Cupid is flying with a bow and arrow, aiming at filling your life with love, joy, and all things magical!

Small Cupid tattoo by @_nico


Another adorable Cupid tattoo. Cupid often appears in symbolic love tattoos, as he’s all about spreading love vibes with his bow and arrow. So if you’re a true romantic, this charming ink will be the perfect addition to your collection.

Abstract angel tattoo for women by @na.szkicowana


Instead of illustrating the entire angel on the skin, this design keeps only part of the imagery for a simple and sleek look. It also leaves room for personal interpretation, allowing the wearer to infuse their own meaning and connection into the tattoo.

Cute baby angel collarbone tattoo by @annija.tattoo


What makes the design stand out is the placement. It creates an illusion that the baby angel is grabbing the wearer’s collarbone as if he’s guarding the wearer. This intimate touch adds warmth to the tattoo, making it captivating and personal.

Cute cherub tattoo by @deos__tt


This realism angel tattoo looks like it comes straight from a Renaissance painting. The fact that it’s in black and grey adds an extra touch of timelessness, showcasing the wearer’s style and aesthetics.

Angel and heart tattoo by @ito_tat


There’s a lot that makes this tattoo unique. Besides the details, shadows, and lighting portrayed to perfection, the heart adds a pop of red that catches the eye and reminds us that we are loved.

Angel tattoo with year of birth by @zeetattooo


Adorable angel sleeve tattoo by @kenta___tattoo


Unlike the previous one, this fine-line tattoo opts for a simpler approach. The clean lines create an elegant and minimalist look while still capturing the cuteness of the baby angel.

Angel one-word tattoo by @kyleytattoos


Angel tattoos are not always about depicting the angels or the wings. If you are a minimalist, a one-word tattoo like this one will be a perfect choice.

Angel wing behind the ear by @mint_hontattoo


Behind-the-ear tattoos are growingly popular because they can be hidden or shown depending on the occasion. This angel wing behind the ear is a good example, whispering grace and charm.

Feminine angel sleeve tattoo for women by @na.szkicowana


Lots of angel tattoos focus on the wings and the halo. This one, however, is a whole package. From the posture to the costume, all scream elegance. Such a design not only showcases the grace of the angel but also adds charm to the wearer’s overall look.

Angel and angel number tattoo by @misakichi_dragonheart


Angel numbers are believed to be messages from the divine. They are the numbers frequently appearing in one’s life and dreams, each carrying a different meaning.

The 888 in this angel number tattoo is associated with abundance and financial prosperity, sometimes referred to as the “money number.” It’s a sign to take one step further in work and business and get what you deserve.

Angel wings chest tattoo by @tattoos.by_.sztrk


Chest tattoos are not for every woman, especially on such a scale. However, besides its details and intricacy, the symmetry adds elegance and balance, making it perfect for women looking for a sophisticated statement piece.

Full sleeve angel tattoo by @even_gmt.ink


This sleeve tattoo is definitely a show-stopper. It has so many elements that are worth admiring. The pair of angels, the circular base, the mandala design on the hand, and loads of intricate details in between create a mesmerizing masterpiece. A true work of art that will leave everyone in awe.

Little flying angel tattoo by @tattooist_erick


Angel shoulder tattoo by @drag_ink


This tattoo is inspired by The Sistine Madonna. Every detail is a breathtaking homage to the classic masterpiece. From the divine angels to the use of different shades of black, the tattoo artist’s skill and dedication shine through.

Arrow to the heart by @jjun_tattoo


What a cute twist to a Cupid tattoo. Instead of shooting arrows, Cupid is holding a heart with an arrow to it, adding a sense of playfulness.

Cute girly angel quote tattoo by @honey_im_home_tattoo


This is not your traditional baby angel. The lashes, the snake, and the moon tattoo on her body all give her an edgy vibe. The quote “We’ll be alright” below the imagery gives a sense of reassurance and comfort, like a guardian angel with a twist.

Intricate angel tattoo on the back by @vikink


Angel wing tattoos are the perfect choice for those who want a simple and balanced design. With the wings in perfect symmetry, this back tattoo creates a stunning and impactful look while capturing the grace of angels.

Cute angel fine line tattoo by @clealtattoo


Wearing a fine-line angel tattoo like this will bring you a sense of calmness and peace. The sleeping angel is often associated with innocence, inner peace, and protection. For those constantly stressed or overwhelmed, this will be a talisman to help you feel grounded and safe.

Traditional angel back tattoo by @kenny_tattooer


Traditional tattoos catch the eye for the bold use of contrasting colors. This angel tattoo on the back is no exception! With vibrant hues and intricate details, it brings the angelic figure to life.

Realism angles underboob tattoo by @nium_ttt


Angel tattoos represent purity and the good in life. Such a realistic and detailed angle tattoo will inspire the wearer to be genuine, kind, and true to herself.

While the imageries of angels often have details and elements that are considered feminine, they can also possess a bold allure for men. The following angel tattoos for men prove that divinity and masculinity coexist.

Majestic angel tattoo for men by @sk.inker


This bold design on the sleeve is a reflection of the wearer’s artistry. The sketch-style illustration of the angel, combined with the lines in the backdrop, all exudes power and creativity.

Angel back tattoo by @ramaktas


With the wings spread across the back, the majestic blackwork gives a movie poster vibe that commands attention. The bold and intricate design creates a striking focal point, resembling a scene from an epic film.

Detailed angel forearm tattoo by @tattooer_amu


This tattoo is proof that a statement piece isn’t always overwhelming. The angel in this design has her eyes closed, carrying with her a sense of serenity and peace. Yet the sleek lines and intricate details create a powerful look.

Angel statue sleeve tattoo by @x.axe_.ink


Angels are not only a symbol of pureness and guidance. They also represent the bright side of life. The quote in this tattoo interprets this mindset perfectly. It’s a reminder to be grateful for what we have and let go of what’s no longer in our life.

Intricate angel tattoo by @sametyaman.ink


This impressive geometric design is not only angelic. It’s also a subtle family tattoo that shows the wearer’s value of his family. Each of the three eyes represents a family member. With them all connected to the angel, it symbolizes the family’s unbreakable bond and spiritual connectedness.

Angel and devil, two contrasting powers that not only exist in mythology but also within us all. The following angel and devil tattoos bring forth the timeless battle between good and evil, light and darkness. Embrace the complexities of human nature with these captivating designs.

Angel and devil Gemini tattoo by @lazytattoos


One of the traits of Geminis is their polar-opposite personalities. That makes angel and devil one of the signature elements in Gemini tattoos. This cute pair of girls on the arm perfectly captures the traits of this zodiac sign. One represents the angelic, gentle side, while the other embodies the mischievous and fiery nature.

Intricate angel and devil tattoo by @denyztattoo


What looks like two cute baby angels from afar are actually an angel-devil duo. The difference in the wings and what they are holding tells the tale of their duality. One carries a bow and arrow, while the other wields a pitchfork, representing mischief.

Cute cartoon angel and devil tattoo by @eiimoniee


Angel and devil can be the best matching BFF tattoos, showcasing two contrasting personalities, just like these cuties on the arm. These inked buddies are a testimony of a cherished friendship, partners in crime, and a match made in heaven.

Cute baby angel tattoo by @yan2_ta2


Instead of the traditional devilish figure, this tattoo uses a skeleton to represent the demon. By showing it placing a halo on the baby angel, the tattoo piques our curiosity about the potential for hidden evilness within the seemingly pure cherub.

Angel and demon fine line tattoo by @taytonx


Instead of depicting an angel and a devil separately, this fine-line tattoo incorporates them both in one design. The red outline represents the devilish side of the figure, making it a thought-provoking and visually striking tattoo choice.

Simple angel and devil matching tattoos by @lasguatteraink


These matching wrist tattoos transform the imagery of the angel and devil into an original, simplified symbol. Like yin and yang, these inked duos represent the harmony between light and dark, good and evil, as well as the inseparable bond between two souls.

Angel and devil shoulder blade tattoo by @sageinktattoo


Another creative take on the concept of angel and devil. And even with just the wings, horns, and tail, you can still visualize a half-angel-half-demon character, shedding light on the constant battle between good and evil.

Devil and angel hearts matching foot tattoos by @tgart_tattoo


How cute are these matching ankle tattoos? The tattooist brilliantly uses the halo and devil’s horns to differentiate between the two. A simple yet clever design that showcases the bond between three friends while celebrating their individualities.

The fallen angels refer to those who have rebelled against the divine powers or broken rules, ultimately leading to their expulsion from heaven.

And it makes sense why people are obsessed with these angelic yet maverick figures. In body art, fallen angel tattoos often tell a story about being an outcast, the complexities of human nature, and the desire for redemption.

Fallen angel sleeve tattoo by @pobitattoo


Fallen angel tattoo by @ferunda


This arm tattoo is inspired by the painting of Alexandre Cabanel, created in 1847. The painting, titled “Fallen Angel,” portrays the scene of a beautiful angel, also known as Lucifer, who has fallen from grace. The tattoo manages to replicate his intense gaze in the original artwork, bringing the captivating story to life on the skin.

Heart-shaped fallen angel tattoo by @jardin.de.sam


Anime version fallen angel tattoo by @hemi_tattoo


Whimsical colored fallen angel tattoo by @non_lee_ink


Tattooist Nonlee is known for her uncommon color choices in tattoos. This one is no exception. The metallic shine and the unique color palette bring an otherworldly vibe to the design.

Fallen angel tattoo by @naam.tattoo


Artist Roberto Ferri has created a series of art of fallen angels, and this tattoo replicates one of them. With the angel’s hands on the ground and his head looking down, this tattoo evokes a sense of sorrow and despair.

Memorial tattoos are powerful because they pay tribute to the deceased and bring closure to the living. They can be a word, a name, or anything that connects to the life of a lost soul.

Some believe that when people pass away, their souls rest in a better place, becoming the guardian angels of their loved ones. That’s why angels or angel wings often appear in memorial tattoos. The following designs not only bring comfort. They also keep the memory of loved ones alive in a meaningful way.

Initial memorial angel wing tattoo by @browworks


In memory of her friend, the wearer has his initial “K” inked onto her skin. What makes this tattoo even more meaningful is that the letter was handwritten by her friend, then etched onto her skin.

Now, every time she looks at the tattoo, she can feel an intimate connection to her beloved friend, as if he is forever present with her.

Mother and baby bear memorial angel tattoo by @bigdaddybarts


This bear tattoo brings tears. The halo on the baby suggests that he’s not with the mother anymore. However, with such a meaningful memorial tattoo, the mother can find solace in knowing that their love transcends the boundaries of life and death.

Realism memorial angel tattoo by @dallasconte


This tattoo gets personal with the date of birth and death inked around the pair of angels. It becomes a powerful and deeply personal homage, encapsulating a loved one’s life in a single tattoo.

Kitty angel tattoo by @kkniinkk


As much as we cherish the time spent with our pets, the reality is that they cannot stay with us forever. This cat tattoo is a way to remember a beloved cat who is no longer with the wearer. By depicting the cat as an angel, this tattoo symbolizes the belief that it has now passed on to a peaceful place, free from pain and suffering.

Angel wings neck tattoo by @samh_tattoo


So far, we’ve covered some of the best angel tattoos for both men and women. Some of them are visually impactful, and some of them are deeply personal. But if you want to showcase your style through body art, don’t miss out on the following creative ink ideas.

From abstract interpretations of angelic figures to modern and edgy illustrations, this collection brings together a diverse range of tattoo ideas that challenge the norm.

Angel criminal tattoo by @kosmostattoobcn


What a fun twist to the classic Cupid imagery. By adding a mask on the face of Cupid, the tattooist turns the innocent, angelic figure into a rebellious gangster who’s about to commit a love crime.

Simple angel wing semicolon tattoo by @ozgurisiktattoo


Semicolon tattoos hold personal significance for mental health illness survivors. The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but the author chooses to continue it. Similarly, in the context of mental health, the semicolon tattoo represents the decision to keep going, to fight through the darkness, and to embrace life despite the struggles one may face.

This small meaningful tattoo simplifies the angel wing and pairs it with a semicolon, serving as a personal reminder of one’s strength and determination to persevere.

Angel neck tattoo by @sahar_needleman.tattoo


Neck tattoos, especially throat tattoos this big, are not for everyone. However, if you desire a bold and impactful angel tattoo, this expressive design may just be the statement piece you are looking for.

Unique angel back tattoo by @jasonkeehntattoo


Angels are often portrayed as pure and perfect characters who spare no effort in doing good. This back tattoo, however, depicts an angel taking a cigarette break, adding a touch of humor and relatability.

Angel wing and cross tattoo by @tattooist_dante


Angel wings and cross tattoos are often associated with one’s religious beliefs. By combining the two elements, the tattoo displays the wearer’s faith and will bring strength and hope in times of challenges.

Angel kintsugi sleeve tattoo by @falcontattooist


Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. This art form reflects the mindset to embrace imperfections and to see the beauty beyond past traumas.

Unlike the common perfect depiction of angels, the statue in this kintsugi tattoo is dotted with golden cracks. It challenges the social norms that one has to be perfect to be pure, which makes it a design that inspires thoughts and conversation.

Angel statue tattoo by @joey.tatts


Angel wing tattoo by @tattooist_hei


Unlike most feather or bird tattoos that use lines to illustrate the details, this angel wing tattoo relies on colors to create depth and dimension. The red and blue hues create a balance of warmth and coolness, bringing the wing to life on the skin.

Antique angel tattoo by @dudutattooist


From afar, this angel tattoo resembles beautiful antique jewelry etched onto the skin. But what makes the design stand out is the wings stretching out of the frame. It creates a striking and dynamic effect as if the angel is about to take flight into the heavens.

Romantic angel tattoo by @na.szkicowana


This beautiful blackwork is inspired by Antonio Canova’s sculpture Cupid and Psyche, narrating the love story between a human and the immortal. By portraying the two figures locked in each other’s embrace, this tattoo celebrates true love that knows no boundary.

Conceptual angel tattoo by @tattooist_eliya


In tattoo designs, most angels are depicted as divine figures with two wings. This arm tattoo, however, shows the angelic character with only one wing connected to her face.

With this creative twist, the tattooist wants to convey that we are all angels with one wing. And only by embracing each other can we all fly and prosper.

The chilling angel by @ratattooj


Angels need a break, too. With a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in another, this cute baby angel challenges the traditional notion of angels as perfect and showcases the light-heartedness of the wearer.

Angel and the globe tattoo by @drag_ink


Meaningful angel thigh tattoo by @firatyucedag


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