61 Balanced Yin Yang Tattoos With Meaning

Yin and yang represent the balance of life. Discover the allure of this ancient symbol with these meaningful yin yang tattoos.

If you’ve been gathering ideas for your next tattoo, you may have come across the yin yang symbol. It’s a circle divided into two halves with a curved line separating them. Usually, one half is black, representing “yin,” and the other is white, symbolizing “yang.”

There are lots of different variations of yin yang tattoos. They can vary in style and size, or be paired with motifs like koi fish, butterflies, or lotus flowers. But the focal point is always the symbol itself because of the meaning it carries. And more and more people are drawn to yin yang tattoos as a representation of their life attitudes.

So what is a yin yang symbol, and what does it mean in tattoos?

One of the reasons why people love getting yin and yang tattoos is the symbolism behind them. The yin and yang symbol is not only visually appealing but also represents the balance and harmony between opposing forces.

“Yin” or “阴” means darkness or femininity in Chinese, while “yang” or “阳” refers to brightness and masculinity. In Taoism, it’s believed that everything and everyone on the planet has two opposing energies in them, the yin and the yang. Only when the two are in balance can one be healthy and prosper.

The same concept also applies to relationships. We often use the phrase “yin to the yang” to describe two people that are complementary to each other. The two individuals may have different, and sometimes opposite personalities. But their differences orchestrate harmony in their bond.

If you are drawn to the concept of this ancient symbol and thinking about putting it in your next ink, you are in the right place. From small to big, classic to creative, the following yin yang tattoos will represent your identity and values.

Disclaimer: This collection of yin yang tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

The yin and yang symbol is basically a circle divided into two halves, making it a great option for those who want a simple and meaningful tattoo. But simple doesn’t mean boring. The contrast between black and white is naturally striking.

If you’re looking for a minimalist yet powerful tattoo idea, keep scrolling to explore some of the best simple yin yang tattoos.

Black and white yin yang wrist tattoo by @nientattoo


The yin and yang symbol is, by nature, simple and minimalist. This tiny wrist tattoo keeps the original look and makes it a cool statement.

Tiny yin yang forearm tattoo by @muroxtattoo


Originally, the yin and yang symbol has two colors – black and white. In tattoos, the white can be replaced with just the skin tone, making it even simpler.

Small yin yang fish tattoo by @naleak_tattoo


Two fish swimming towards each other is a motif often seen in Pisces tattoos. But they can also represent the concept of yin and yang. When you put the two fish on the same person, they symbolize two sides of one’s personality, showing the complexity of the individual.

Cute yin yang rabbit tattoo by @zgeeytattoos


Many of us have an animal that relates to on a personal level. It can be a pet you once owned, or your zodiac or Chinese zodiac sign. 2023 is the year of Rabbit. And having a pair of these cute rabbits on the waist might just be perfect for those born under the sign.

Melting yin yang ankle tattoo by @soff_carrillo


There’s a clear line separating the white and black halves in a yin yang symbol. But with this calf tattoo, the line is blurred. Instead, the two colors are infused with each other, suggesting that the two opposing energies coexist in each of us.

Simple yin yang square tattoo by @doetanitattoer


Not every yin and yang tattoo has to be in a circle. By turning it into a square, the tattooist makes the design sleek and more gender-neutral.

Minimalist yin yang butterfly tattoo by @mclametattoos


Black and white are a striking, contrasting color combo. This forearm tattoo simplifies the imagery of a butterfly but keeps the black and white, showing the beauty of balance in a subtle way.

Creative yin yang cherry tattoo by @amberraboin


Yin and yang may be a sophisticated philosophical concept. However, the wearer transforms the symbol into the shape of cherries, making it less serious and more adorable.

Minimalist yin yang tattoo by @zenspace_tattoostudio


If you analyze the construction of this tattoo, it consists of a black stroke and a small black dot, nothing else. However, the bold and confident stroke conveys a sense of strength, showing that there’s power in balance and simplicity.

Quote tattoo with yin yang symbol by @culottee.ttt


Do you have a life motto you live by? If so, adding it to a yin yang symbol turns it into a lifetime inspiration. This quote tattoo in French, for example, says “all of nothing.” It reflects the wearer’s life attitude and, at the same time, shows her value of balance.

Yin to my yang @tynka_ink


This simple yet hearty tattoo is the perfect depiction of the phrase “yin to my yang.” It celebrates a complementary relationship and honors a loved one who is supportive and caring.

Tiny yin yang symbols back tattoo by @chad_bolo


Unlike most yin yang tattoos, this one on the back depicts the formation of the symbol. And because the components are placed vertically, the design is perfect as a spine tattoo, carrying the artist’s creative thoughts.

Tiny yin yang wrist tattoo by @9.tattoo


This tiny wrist tattoo may seem purely ornamental at first sight. But dig deeper, and you’ll find the abstract yin and yang symbol hidden in it, making it a simple yet meaningful tattoo.

Minimalist yin yang fish tattoo by @aewan_tattoo


Here’s another koi fish tattoo with a black-and-white twist. Koi fish represents harmony and prosperity in Eastern cultures. Combined with the concept of yin and yang, this design implies that only by keeping a balance between all aspects of life can one thrive in the long run.

Black and white airplane tattoo by @jperales.tattoo


Plane tattoos are often associated with traveling and exploration. In this one, however, the planes are in opposite directions and have contrasting colors. They may represent venturing out and coming back home, showing equal importance to both personal growth and family.

Small yin and yang tree of life tattoo by @lilith.avery_.tattoo


Tree of life tattoos often represent the endless cycle of life. When combined with the yin and yang motif, it shows the wearer’s faith in a well-balanced lifestyle and finding a higher self.

While yin yang tattoos can be as simple as a circle in two halves, they can also be intricate, bold, and expressive. If you are looking for a visually striking addition to your skin, the following personalized yin yang tattoos may be what you are looking for.

Pisces yin yang tattoo by @hamnessy


People love tattooing water animals like fish, turtles, and mermaids not only because of the symbolism. These elements bring a natural movement to a static design, making it feel alive on the skin.

Ink and water realism yin yang tattoo by @ink.feb24


Water tattoos are so captivating because of the natural flow and endless possibilities in shapes. This one is a good example. It demonstrates the combination of water and ink, two different materials that have the same fluidity, creating a flow in motion.

Simple yin yang dragon tattoo by @dhanushtattoo_ahmedabad


Unlike realistic designs, this abstract dragon tattoo embodies a sense of sacredness and mysteriousness, like a token of an unknown tribe. And because dragons are a symbol of strength and royalty, this tattoo indicates that you can find your power in balance.

Cute yin yang panda tattoo by @julie_art_tto


This adorable panda tattoo is no doubt perfect for girls. And because pandas are a symbol of China, this design also announces the wearer’s pride in her home country.

Yin yang butterfly tattoo by @teddyxtattoo


Here’s another beautiful and sophisticated yin yang butterfly tattoo. The lily pattern and the inner butterfly all reflect the wearer’s artistry and aesthetics.

Intricate yin yang mandala tattoo by @carolinastattoo


Adding circular and repetitive patterns to a simple motif is a great way to level up a design. This mandala tattoo in the shape of a yin yang symbol is a great example. Meaning-wise, mandalas represent wholeness and structure, which complement the symbolism of yin and yang.

Yin yang koi fish and ouroborus tattoo by @mischieftattoonyc


Ouroboros, often known as a snake biting its tail, represents the endless cycle of life. This ouroboros tattoo has a pair of black and white koi fish in the center, which can symbolize yin and yang, life and death. The marriage of the two concepts shows the wearer’s deep thoughts on life.

Waves yin yang tattoo by @nghe.tattooists


Wave tattoos often represent the power of nature and the new beginning that is unavoidable. But this one has a different meaning. The black part of the symbol depicts currents of black and white merging together, implying that not everything in life is purely good or evil.

Yin yang lotus tattoo by @gloria_modoink_tattoo


Lotus flowers are seen as a sacred symbol of purity and calmness in Buddhism and Hinduism. By adding a small lotus to the yin yang motif, the tattooist creates a design that reflects the significance of inner peace and balance.

Yin yang raven chest tattoo by @nolgida.tattoo


This beautiful and intricate chest tattoo depicts two ravens in black and white, mirroring the yin and yang symbol. It further pushes the idea of two opposing energies in harmony by adding the sun and moon to the design.

The addition also helps to create a focal point, keeping the viewers’ attention on the core concept and not get dazzled by the details.

Yin yang sacred heart by @velco.tattoo


The heart, as a love symbol, often represents romance and affection. By turning the heart into a yin and yang design, this tattoo is a reminder that as important as passion is, it takes harmony for a relationship to thrive.

Intricate yin yang forearm tattoo by @unyk.tattoo


This creative and intricate tattoo borrows the concept of yin and yang and translates it in a different way. If the universe represents curiosity about the unknown, the circuit board on the other half will be a symbol of strict logic and rules. The uncommon combination shows the wearer’s equal value of imagination and precision.

Yin yang sun tattoo by @lazybones_tattoo


Sun tattoos are so loved because they reflect the passionate side of the wearers. As flamboyant as this ankle tattoo is, the placement tones down its volume, daring but still staying low-key.

Yin yang lotus and koi fish tattoo by @ciel_tattoos


This tattoo is the perfect example that yin yang tattoos don’t always have to be black and white. The red gives a pop of color and makes it stand out from regular designs.

Unique yin yang arm tattoo by @37.2_tattoo


This design is a fun one that deserves to be observed closely. The yin and yang symbol is separated into two parts, both looking like they are moving on their own will. It shows that when two people are a perfect match, life will eventually guide them together.

Yin yang koi fish tattoo by @heim__tattoo


Many people think of watercolor tattoos as those bold designs with various rainbow-like colors. But they can be as simple as this one. Without a line between colors, the design looks more natural and flowy.

Yin and yang snake back tattoo by @tattooer_intat


In our interview with Tattooist Intat, he mentioned that yin and yang were his fundamental design concept. This back tattoo is one of the best representations of his style. The snakes intertwined conveys the message that each of us has a dark and bright side. And it makes us human.

Paper fan and yin yang lotus tattoo by @rahon_tt


Yin and yang refer to darkness and light, femininity and masculinity. This oriental tattoo depicts a paper fan with lotus flowers blooming on top. The yin-yang symbol is placed right in the middle, giving a sense of balance and harmony to the design.

While the traditional black-and-white design is beautiful in its simplicity, there are also countless ways to make a yin yang tattoo truly one-of-a-kind.

From incorporating intricate patterns to transforming the symbol entirely, the possibilities for creative yin yang tattoos are endless. Keep scrolling to be inspired.

Yin yang rose tattoo by @mrs.tattoo


Rose tattoos are often seen as a token of love and affection. But when transformed into a yin and yang symbol, they become a creative and feminine way to make a statement.

Concept art yin yang bicep tattoo by @cc_tattooart


If white represents one’s exterior image, black will be his inner self. In this tattoo, both of them are slowly sinking into the water. It can be a mental health tattoo for those that are constantly drowning in their thoughts. It can also be a reminder not to overthink because it only sabotages your well-being.

Heart shape yin yang tattoo by @pett.on_.ink


Unlike other yin and yang tattoos, this one consists of a black tail and a hand, forming a gesture of love. It shows the wearer’s love for her pet, and that it keeps her company and makes her complete.

Cute yin yang cat tattoo by @loveyoon.too


This cute cat tattoo is even more adorable with mesmerizing twinkling eyes. It provides inspiration for those who want to incorporate the concept of balance with their favorite animals.

Yin yang heart tattoo by @syctattoo


Heart tattoos represent love and feelings. The waves inside of the heart may symbolize the turbulent emotions when someone is in love, making it perfect for those who feel strongly and love deeply.

Small yin yang buttons by @sara.sunrise.ink


If you want to make a traditionally sacred symbol like the yin and yang more interesting, consider applying the motif to an everyday object, just like these tiny buttons on the arm.

Yin yang puppy and kitten tattoo by @youngchickentattoo


It’s a blessing to own a cat and a dog that don’t fight with each other. This tattoo interprets this idea in a cute and fun way.

Realism yin yang wolf tattoo by @maro_ink


Wolf tattoos are often menacing. This one, however, shows the soft and fierce sides of the animal, reflecting the complex personality of the wearer.

Yin yang koi fish tattoo by @berkayerkul


Most yin yang koi fish tattoos have one fish filled with solid black and the other hollow. This small tattoo, however, provides another approach by outlining one of the fish in red, keeping the design sleek but expressive.

Tiny yin yang eye tattoo on the ankle by @doetanitattoer


This tiny ankle tattoo may not be in the classic shape of a yin yang symbol. But it demonstrates the balance between black and white and reflects the wearer’s value of balance.

Yin yang seascape and sky tattoo by @eliteinkcollective


If the sea represents chaos and turbulence, the sky will be a symbol of calmness and tranquility. Together, they show that the world needs both stability and changes to function and evolve.

Yin yang illustration tattoo by @modul.schwarz


This stylized tattoo depicts two hands, one holding a wine glass and the other playing the guitar. It shows that a laid-back attitude and passion can coexist.

Black and white snake tattoo by @tattoo.concept.arad


Different cultures perceive snakes differently. They are seen as evil in the West, representing greed and lure. But they can also be a symbol of fertility and the life cycle in the East. This snake tattoo shows both sides of the story by putting black and white snakes together, sparking curiosity and conversation.

Yin yang wine glass by @rodrigops_tattoos


Who doesn’t occasionally need a glass of wine to chill? This tattoo shows how you can inject your personality into a yin yang symbol.

Blooming flowers yin yang tattoo by @tattooistlynn


As the birth flower of April, peonies are seen as a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and happiness. This elegant back tattoo takes the petals of peonies and turns them into a yin and yang symbol, highlighting the importance of balance as well as the femininity of the wearer.

Yin yang eye tattoo by @patrykhilton


This tattoo depicts the yin and yang symbol as the pupil. Not only does it draws attention, but it also creatively incorporates the concept into an expressive design.

Black and white dragon tattoo by @Tattooist_Intat


Dragons are powerful mythical creatures. Their power is highlighted by the portrayal of details in this tattoo. The scales, the posture, the wings, and the bones are all depicted perfectly, making it a piece of art.

Yin and yang feathers on the forearm by @ink.feb24


Just like bird tattoos, feathers often symbolize the pursuit of freedom, adding meaning to a yin and yang tattoo. They also keep the entire design light and airy, as if the feathers are gently touching the skin but will be blown away the next second.

Yin and Yang Narwhal tattoo by @tattooer_intat


If the regular narwhal represents life, the skeleton one will be a symbol of death. This yin and yang tattoo shows that life and death are two sides of the same journey. Without death, life won’t be so enchanting.

If you’re looking for a meaningful token that celebrates the special bond you share with someone, matching yin yang tattoos may be a perfect choice.

The yin yang symbol represents the harmony and balance between two forces or personalities, making it an ideal design as a matching tattoo for couples, best friends, siblings, and more.

Floral yin yang tattoos for sisters by @mauve_tattooer


Sisters or twins often have different personalities. But they are bonded by blood and tied by love. These matching sister tattoos convey the exact same message. They represent two different but complementary personalities, which makes them inseparable.

Matching yin yang couple tattoos by @drapal_to_pies_tattoo


Unlike most other designs, these yin yang couple tattoos keep only the basic form of the symbol. And by changing the inner circles into heart shapes, the tattooist creates a perfect love token for the dual.

Matching yin yang butterflies by @rahon_tt


Both flowers and butterflies are a symbol of beauty. By switching the color combination, this pair of butterfly tattoos are not only elegant but creative.

Matching yin yang arm tattoos by @arthuranomansin


What makes this pair of yin yang couple tattoos so unique is the branches. They wrap around the symbol like an orbit, showing that despite their differences, the two will always stay close to each other.

Polynesian yin yang tattoos by @joshuagacutan


Also known as tribal tattoos, Polynesian tattoos show one’s pride in their cultural heritage. When they are tattooed in a matching fashion, they also showcase a shared value on community and family.

Simple yin yang couple tattoos by @joshuajem


Wrist tattoos are often visual statements because of their high visibility. But something as simple as these yin and yang tattoos make a point without being loud and overwhelming.

Small sister tattoos by @permanentbeautyxkylie


Yin and yang represent light and darkness, masculinity and femininity. If you value balance and harmony, these minimalist matching tattoos are for you.

Yin and yang matching wrist tattoos by @e.nal_.tattoo


Creativity can bring a whole new look to a classic tattoo, just like these porcelain designs on the wrist. The pattern shows the wearers’ sophisticated aesthetics and reflects their personal styles.

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