56+ Meaningful Sister Tattoos To Honor Your Bond in 2023

Small sister tattoos by @asterwalu


Fire symbolize passion and an uncontainable personality. If you and your sister are wild souls, tiny fire thigh tattoos like these will represent you.

Small sister tattoos by @colette.ink_


If you opt for something dainty and personal, consider zodiac tattoos. They can be as simple as your sign’s symbol. Or they can be less literal, like these Cancer constellation tattoos.

Small sister tattoos by @bunami.ink_


The poppy is the birth flower of August. They represent hope, courage, and their uplifting colors bring joy. Although these poppy bouquets are black and grey, they still reflect the sisters’ inner strength and positivity.

Small sister tattoos by @emilyjtattoos


The sun and moon are like yin and yang. They create a balance when paired together. These small sister tattoos carry the same connotation. They represent the sisters’ complex yet mutually-complementing personalities.

Small sister tattoos by @doetanitattoe


Cute, and fun with a personality, these tiny sister tats surprise us with how simple yet creative they are. The gaze shows that the sisters always look out for each other. And the eyelashes just make them even more adorable.

Small sister tattoos by @miagldstn


Stars are a symbol of hope, guidance, and inspiration. A pair of star shoulder tattoos like these will be a tribute to sisterhood and a highlight on the skin.

Small sister tattoos by @pelinnsimsek


The evil eyes are considered lucky charms and are worn as a talisman. They are believed to protect the wearers from negative energy. These two circles with a dot in the middle are a simplified version of the evil eye. But it still shows the sisters’ best wishes and intentions for each other.

Small sister tattoos by @chlo_poke


How cute are these baby ducks! If you have a cartoon character or an animal that recalls your childhood memories, consider them your next tattoo.

Small sister tattoos by @ediebea


Who can say no to a croissant that just comes out of the oven? These cute small croissants on the ankle are perfect tattoo ideas for foodies.

Small sister tattoos by @maricatattoo


What seems like a simple design actually carries a deep meaning. The entire tattoo is drawn in one line, mirroring the unbreakable connection between sisters. And because it is so sleek, it will make great sibling tattoos for brothers and sisters as well.

Small sister tattoos by @mrs.tattoo


Lightning tattoos, whether small or big, are perfect representations of one’s strength and fiery personality. Those who wear a lightning tattoo are bold, reckless, and decisive. They make up their mind and take action, and nothing will hold them back.

Small sister tattoos by @permanentbeautyxkylie


Yin and yang represent light and darkness, masculinity and femininity. If you value balance and harmony, these small sister tattoos are for you.

Small sister tattoos by @seckinktattoo


The anatomical heart often appears in symbolic love tattoos to represent affection. But they can also symbolize friendship and sisterhood. Side by side, the wrist tattoos resemble two sisters that hold a special place in each others’ hearts.

Small sister tattoos by @tattooer_dogy


Unlike anatomical hearts we just saw, heart shape tattoos are simpler. But they carry similar meanings. They also allow you to customize the size and color, so you have something both of you adore.

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Small sister tattoos by @tattoos4tw


Compass tattoos are often symbols of direction, intuition, and home. These black and white compasses on the wrist show how much the sisters value their families and each other.

Small sister tattoos by @tattoos4two


Plane tattoos are for those who love traveling or live far away from home. But as minimalistic matching tattoos, the planes can symbolize the connection between the wearers. They are reminders that sisters are always together at heart, even when they are apart.

Small sister tattoos by @axtatto


The Powerpuff Girls are among the most beloved cartoon characters. The three girls all have different superpowers and a genuine heart. As tattoos, they perfectly show each sister’s personality as well as their love and support for each other.

Small sister tattoos by @tattoojoey_cynthia


If you are looking for an always-visible tattoo as a reminder of your amazing sisters, these arrows on the thumb may inspire you. They are sleek, simple, and make sense both independently and together.

Small sister tattoos by @pureum_tattoo


Fraction tattoos work for you if you have more than one sister. They clearly indicate the birth order in a cute, numeric way. These matching tattoos add a flower by the fraction catering to their personal aesthetics. It will be more meaningful if those are the birth flowers of the sisters.

Small sister tattoos by @m.kptattoo


Because most clovers have three leaves, a four-leaf clover is a lucky charm. In these wrist tattoos, each leaf represents one of the sisters. Therefore, they not only reflect their bond but will also bring them blessings.

Small sister tattoos by @nillo.ink_


What makes these arrow tattoos so unique is the infinity symbol. The slight twist turns the wrist tattoos into a lifetime tribute to the love between the sisters.

Small sister tattoos by @impromptu.tattoos


Small sister tattoos by @permanentbeautyxkylie


Tattoos are not just a decoration but a statement as well. So if you want to celebrate the loving sisters you have, why not wear your heart on the sleeve with a bold tattoo? Sounds like you? Below is a list of daring and vibrant sister tattoos that will resonate with you.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @ciel_tattoos


Sisters are different individuals that share an unbreakable bond. In these matching forearm ink, the black and colored koi fish are a great metaphor for two unique personalities caring for each other.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @butterbeetattoo


Butterfly tattoos look good both individually and in pairs. They belong to those who embrace changes and are not afraid to transform.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @tattooist_siia


These beautiful gemstone sleeve tattoos complement the sisters’ femininity perfectly. Plus, the gem’s color can be customized to one’s liking, adding personality to the tattoo.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @goldencobratattooclub


These hearts connected by a string may be a simple idea. But the use of red and black makes them pop on the skin.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @tilda_tattoo


Sunflowers represent optimism. Thus they often appear in positivity tattoos. These pair of sunflowers on the arm are initially mother-daughter tattoos. But they will also fit a loving sister duo.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @heim__tattoo


Sisters are forever. And what represents this lifetime bond better than an infinity symbol?

Beautiful sister tattoos by @inkxiety


Beautiful sister tattoos by @_november_rus


These sparrows show that matching tattoos don’t have to be in the same place on the body. Instead, choose the area according to your preference, so you can show or hide as you need.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @goodthanks.studio


Have you ever grabbed your sister by the hand and just danced like no one was watching? If so, these cute tattoos will recall the sweet moment and remind you how lucky it is to have someone to grow up with.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @leoniemoistattoo


These matching compass tattoos look similar but not exactly the same. The one on the left has simpler construction and flowers as decoration. The one on the right, however, has a complicated mandala-like background.

With the same quote, birth dates, and names, these sister tattoos reflect individual aesthetics without losing visual cohesion.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @jsemevelin


Like bracelet tattoos, armband tattoos wrap around the limb like accessories. They are often made of flowers, branches and leaves, just like these two. But there’s a simplicity and elegance to them that make them a pleasure to look at.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @melanietuliao


Beautiful sister tattoos by @mariimo.ink


As one of the top hits of Disney, Frozen’s Elsa and Anna steal people’s hearts for a reason.

Like many sisters in real life, their relationship has its ups and downs. Misunderstandings and fights are unavoidable. But what we can see in this arm tattoo is their love for each other despite all their differences. And that’s what makes sisters precious.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @tamir_tatts


Beautiful sister tattoos by @leoniemoistattoo


Symbolically, a unalome refers to the journey of enlightenment. The straight line and the following twists and turns represent the life path.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @blancart.vic


Some cultures believe that if you see a dragonfly, make a wish, and it will come true. Therefore, dragonfly tattoos are seen as a good omen. They also represent changes and prosperity.

Design-wise, the half-geometric look creates a contrast between real and unreal, showing the unique taste of the sisters.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @mooho.oriental


Sisters share the same family name. Thus it can make great family tattoos. As a token of love and bond, family name tattoos will connect all the members together.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @youngchickentattoo


Are you and your sister dog lovers? If so, consider putting your fluffy pals on the skin as a tribute to the wonderful company.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @narrimatattoo


From afar, these may look like regular flower tattoos. But when you get closer, you will see the script reading “sister.” The gratitude and love embedded in this pair of ink make good tattoos even better.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @darkarts.tattoos


Beautiful sister tattoos by @maggiejosstudio


For the LGBTQ community, the rainbow is the emblem. It represents equality, acceptance, and inclusiveness. But rainbow tattoos are not exclusive to the community. They are for you if you want a tattoo to support the support for a loved one or a good cause.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @mewon_poke


Beautiful sister tattoos by @miguelcampos_tattooartist


Beautiful sister tattoos by @nachacarotattoo


Beautiful sister tattoos by @neat_tattoo


Aquatic animals make great tattoo objects because of their natural movements. Fish tattoos, mermaid tattoos, and turtle tattoos all have the natural flow that brings the ink to life.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @ruby.rad_


These customized abstract arrows are not just cohesive in style. They also represent each wearer’s core value. One word can say a lot when you pick the right one.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @neilgtatt0069


Beautiful sister tattoos by @sondertattooco


Beautiful sister tattoos by @sarah_baukau_tattoo


Lotus is a symbol of calmness of mind and purity. Thus these symbolic lotus tattoos will remind the sisters to always prioritize their inner peace and protect the innocence of their souls.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @tattoobahar


Quote tattoos are evergreen because they are precise statements. Take these pair of wrist tattoos as an example. They point out the importance of moving on in life. Although it’s not always easy, such meaningful tattoos will give the wearers strength to take the first step.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @shanda_tattoo


Beautiful sister tattoos by @soy_tattoo


Waves often show up in tattoos about rebirth and new beginnings. But the symbolism is not the only thing that makes these matching ink so hearty. The opposite direction of the waves, the stars, and the sun all create a connection between these loving pieces.

Beautiful sister tattoos by @stickswell


So far, we’ve covered some of the most pretty and heart-warming sister tattoo ideas. But if you have a unique taste for body art or personality, the following creative matching tattoos are for you. They are everything but cliché and will be a cute proof of love.

Pomegranate and peach matching tattoos

Creative sister tattoos by @e.ple_tattoo


What a pair of juicy and peachy tattoos. The fruits are illustrated in detail, and the colors are captured to perfection. And it’s difficult to move your eyes away as they look so cute and delicious.

Creative sister tattoos by @china.ink


Creative sister tattoos by @ciotka_zu_tattoo


Gibbons are not necessarily a common tattoo element. But together, these gibbon tattoos melt hearts as they tell a story. They show how much the sisters trust and rely on each other.

Creative sister tattoos by @hold_the_line_tattoo


Initial tattoos are not the most creative ideas. But adding a butterfly wing to each initial creates movements and a new look.

Creative sister tattoos by @tattoos4two


Creative sister tattoos by @forgopeti.tattoo


Creative sister tattoos by @mov.film_.art


These artistic tattoos are inspired by Joaquin Soroya’s “Beach Kids”. They are inked separately on the two sisters, representing the time when they grew up and had fun together.

Creative sister tattoos by @lexibkip


Creative sister tattoos by @baris.tattoo


Creative sister tattoos by @zoltytattoo


Dinosaur tattoos are not as common as other animal tattoos. But why not if you relate to these prehistoric beasts? Whether it’s a triceratops or a brontosaurus, always choose the one you are drawn to.

Creative sister tattoos by @katscratchkatie


Who can say no to these game boy tattoos? If you don’t mind a bit of humor and retro, these fun tattoos can be your next ink.

Creative sister tattoos by @wambam_tattoo


Creative sister tattoos by @kattiemc92


Most avocado tattoos are in pairs. But if you are a loving sister trio, why not make them three and one of a kind?

Leave your thoughts in the comment down below!

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