40 House Number Ideas to Up Your Curb Appeal

House Number Pots
 DIY Showoff

House numbers are an absolute essential for the front of any home. Their purpose is, of course, to guide guests to the right home, but they also offer an opportunity to get creative, match your home’s architecture, and add curb appeal. From numbered flower pots to seashell numbers to simple metal numbers, it’s time to get crafty and customize your address sign. We’ve rounded up 40 different images of house number ideas from interior designers, DIYers, and design enthusiasts alike.

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    Frame Your Door

    cozy patio with silver house numbers
     Arbor and Co.

    This cozy front patio from Arbor & Co. features easy-to-read house numbers. Placed alongside the front door and under a porch light, this design ensures that guests can spot your home even at night.

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    Create a Seamless Transition

    neutral house numbers on stone
     White Sands Design Build

    A neutral stone and stucco exterior is the base for straightforward house numbers on this modern Los Angeles home. Once a mid-century-era bungalow, the new owners decided it was time for a remodel. They were set on creating a larger footprint with sophisticated style and the silver house numbers are right on theme.

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    Use a Vintage Tile

    tile house number
     Image Source / Getty Images

    Consider refurbishing a vintage tile to create a delightful house number. Picking a piece with an interesting backstory will definitely make your home stand out. This tile is dainty and floral, giving the home a cottage feel. Select your own tile and your home will likely be the only one on your block with this distinctive DIY.

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    Choose Herringbone

    DIY herringbone house numbers
      DIY Huntress

    According to woodworker and blogger DIY Huntress, a trendy house number is essential for curb appeal. When moving into her new home, she opted to DIY one in a herringbone pattern. This was a fairly straightforward project using a miter saw, wooden board, and weatherproofed, 5-inch pieces. This DIY could easily be tackled in a weekend.

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    Pick a Plaque

    plaque house numbers
     Michael Robinson / Getty Images

    A plaque address sign is a classic choice. This particular sign fits in with the home’s traditional, historic-looking exterior. An iron gate, awning, large windows, and wooden door complete the pristine look.

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    Go for Color

    venice beach home with pink door
     White Sands Design Build

    While the house numbers themselves aren’t colorful, the pink front door and patterned porch make this Venice Beach home feel incredibly warm and welcoming. Modern house numbers match with the home’s California-meets-Mediterranean design. The only thing that was needed to accessorize the porch was a tall succulent.

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    Add Some Greenery

    DIY sign with plants
     Sarah Hearts

    A house number planter is a great, budget-friendly way to add charm to your home. This Venice, California, home features a galvanized circular wall planter, white spray painted numbers, and succulents. This project is easy to personalize in terms of shape, color, and style, and is an easy and practical way to add a statement piece to your entryway.

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    Choose Numbers That Blend

    beachy house exterior
     Mindy Gayer Design

    Creating a welcoming entry doesn’t have to be over-the-top or expensive. Often, simplicity is effective. California designer Mindy Gayer chose numbers that blended with this home’s natural wood siding. A sandy-hued mailbox, white door, and black hardware tie it all together.

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    Opt For House Number Sign That Weathers

    cozy cabin with wood numbers
     AHG Interiors / Nick Glimenakis

    To complement this home’s blue clapboard siding, AHG Interiors opted for a wooden number sign. The sign is handmade, weathered, and outlined in white. White accents, a vintage seat, and star pendant further set the tone. Overall, the porch is cozy, unique, and welcoming.

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    Put Together a Mosaic

    diyed tile address sign
     Jasmine White / Getty Images

    Bright, colorful, and one-of-a-kind, this tiled mosaic sign is quite the enjoyable DIY. Pick and choose your favorite colors, imagery, and more. Then, put everything together for a truly unique piece that your friends and neighbors are sure to love.

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    Give Them a Prime Position

    white house with grey numbers
     Mindy Gayer Design

    Classic and contemporary were the design goals for this home. So when it came to the exterior, white paint and gray accents were the right call. By placing the house numbers above the front door, they’re easy to read and fit with the home’s neutral palette and grand entry.

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    Pick Your Pots

    house number pots
     DIY Showoff

    Spray painted terracotta pots from Walmart were the base for this crafty DIY. It’s an unexpected, rustic way to display your address and is completely customizable. Choose your favorite pots or planters, succulents, flowers, and more and get gardening.

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    Choose a Metallic

    numbers above door
     Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

    This front patio features house numbers that play off the home’s wooden front door. Lemon Leaf Home Interiors chose metallic numbers to keep her doorway feeling warm and welcoming. She switches up the decor depending on the season adding to the homeyness.

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    Go Nautical

    nautical house numbers
      Finding Sea Turtles

    Bloggers and DIYers Finding Sea Turtles set out to create a mid-century modern sign with a coastal twist. Using a wooden sign from HomeGoods as the base and incorporating rope and metal states, the perfect nautical spin was achieved.

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    Embrace an Arch

    arched front door with house numbers
     Design by Emily Henderson / Photo by Sara Liggoria-Tramp

    Who said house numbers have to be set in a straight line? Designer Emily Henderson let the home’s arched entryway dictate where the house numbers were placed. A red wood-and-iron door, climbing ivy, and lanterns add a sense of fairytale whimsy.

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    Add Interest to Your Driveway

    house number planter box
     Second Chance to Dream

    Cedar boards were the base for jazzing up a once-boring driveway. Now, the large white sign showcases the home’s address amid colorful florals, warmly welcoming visitors. Furthermore, the wood sign itself can be decorated differently for holidays and seasons.

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    Embrace Your Location

    woodsy diy numbers sign
     Just the Woods

    A stencil, paint of your choice, and piece of wood are all that’s needed to create this address sign. Add your numbers, wait for it to dry, and hang it on a tree. That way, your address sign is one-of-a-kind and easy to spot.

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    Get Crafting

    DIY plant street sign
     The Spruce / Caylin Harris

    You only need one hour to put together this DIY address sign. Minimal supplies are needed and it will add character to any home. Purchase a wooden crate, craft paint, and succulents and give this project a shot. Add your house number in a color and material of your choice. Attach the finished project near your front door to make sure it’s easily seen.

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    Go Modern

    black house numbers
     Calimia Home / Jeanne Canto

    Calimia Home transformed this Coral Gables, Florida villa with arches, original oak floors, and more. When it came to the exterior, a crisp white paint, black door, and awning, which plays off the interior, were excellent choices. Simple metal house numbers complement the streamlined aesthetic.

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    Paint It

    painted house sign
     Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    These white painted numbers from Southern California-based designer Mindy Gayer contrast with the black facade. Large in scale, outlined, and surrounded by white flowers, there’s no way someone could miss this address.

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    Light It Up

    spotlight house sign
     Laura Brophy Interiors

    This sleek home from Laura Brophy Interiors features modern house numbers that perfectly complement its design. Placed on a curved stone column, the numbers are lit from below, making it easier for guests to find the home at any time of the day.

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    Make It Match

    wide house numbers
     Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    When it came to choosing numbers for this single-story, ranch-style California home, designer Mindy Gayer opted for crisp, black numbers. The wide layout of the numbers matches the home’s similarly wide build. A Dutch door, black porch lights, and surrounding greenery create a welcoming exterior.

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    Choose Vinyl

    gold mailbox with house numbers
     Dream Green DIY

    Dream Green DIY came up with a clever solution for her lost mail. As the only home on the street with a 1900 number (the rest are 1800s), her property was often skipped. With a DIY’d gold mailbox with large vinyl numbers, the mailman is sure to never overlook her home again.

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    Highilght With Eclectic Accessories

    Charming gold house numbers
     Fantastic Frank

    Charming, rustic, and quirky, this front door features forest green paint, a vintage bell, and gold numbers. The home is painted in muted primary colors and has a vintage look. While the home’s color palette is sure to make it stand out amongst its neighbors, a clear address sign helps.

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    Highlight With Florals

    floral house numbers
     Sisters, What!

    A piece of wood, paint, and sealer were all that was need for this DIY from Sisters, What! By first designing on her iPad, it was a straightforward paint job with flowers defined by a white acrylic paint pen. She then added metal numbers once it dried. From there, her new house numbers were ready to hang. Another DIY, a “Hello” sign, floral wreath, and yellow door add to this cheerful patio.

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    Pick up a Stencil

    stenciled house numbers
     Thistlewood Farms

    This stenciled house number contrasts with the home’s white exterior and adds a touch of farmhouse style. Pick up a stencil and try DIYing your own with any color you want. This home is enhanced with surrounding planters, a wreath, and porch lights.

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    Place House Number on a Gate

    house numbers on porch
     Studio Surface / Jenny Siegwart

    This Spanish-style home’s address is displayed next to the front gate in large numbers. Upon entering the gate, guests see gravel pavers and black-and-white tiled steps.

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    Go Green

    faux grass house numbers

    British blogger Kezzabeth is no stranger to DIYing and started teaching herself a bevvy of skills only a few years ago. Take a look at this DIYed faux grass address sign. With wooden boards, greenery, scissors, and a jigsaw, she pulled off this new sign with ease and in a single day.

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    Go Large-Scale

    embossed stucco house numbers
     Simon McGill / Getty Images

    Carved into the stucco, this address sign is sure to catch some eyes. Ideal for a modern-style home or commercial space, this is a great example of how a house number was considered in the design process and not as an afterthought.

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    Choose Simplicity

    black metal house numbers on white home
     Blanco Bungalow

    If your front porch seems a little bare, consider adding potted and hanging plants in macrame holders, and cacti. Add large metal numbers to welcome guests into your green oasis.

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    Create a Clear Sign

    acrylic house number sign with ivy
     Images say more about me than words / Getty Images

    This handmade address sign is clear, easy-to-read, and quick to put together. The ivy growing around it makes it even more eye catching. Consider decorating your front porch with plants or succulents to complement the ivy and complete the look.

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    Place House Numbers Wide

    large white house numbers
     Mary Patton Design

    Texas-based designer Mary Patton mixed midcentury and modern styles with this home’s facade. Red brick walls and horizontally laid numbers, plus heat-proof greenery add to the curb appeal.

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    Put Metal on Wood

    a house number on a wooden gate
     Kenny Williamson / Getty Images

    These metal house numbers are placed on a wooden fence, a simple way to ensure that guests come to the right place. Any DIYer or first-time crafter can put this house sign together. Just purchase or craft your numbers and nail them to your fence posts.

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    Keep It Clean

    midcentury home with red door and house number
     Tyler Karu Design and Interiors

    This Maine home from Tyler Karu Design and Interiors has midcentury-style cladding, blue painted wood, and a red front door. Since the bold primary colors are sure to distinguish it from its neighboring homes, all this porch needed was a simple house number and a few potted plants.

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    Match Your Materials

    house numbers on gate
     Brophy Interiors

    This welcoming home from Brophy Interiors shows off its address with pride. The charming courtyard features greenery, benches, and pavers. The well-kept courtyard is completed with metal house numbers that match the black gate.

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    Elevate Brass

    colored brass house numbers
     papparaffie / Getty Images

    Brass house numbers can be purchased at many home stores and can easily be customized with paint. This craft is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior. It’s easy and affordable, too.

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    Refresh in Minutes

    wooden house sign
     Craftivity Designs

    Lora Green of Craftivity Designs is a big fan of easy DIY projects. For example, this homemade house sign came together in minutes. Although it’s wood, there’s no cutting or sawing required. She used a store-bought acacia cutting board to match her bamboo patio furniture. The only other things necessary were metal numbers, a pencil, and nails.

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    Show Your Heart

    house number plaque
     Mark Duffy / Getty Images

    This circular address plaque is made even more special with hand-painted red hearts. This sign is personal, welcoming, and contributes to a sense of homeyness.

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    Hit the Beach

    seashell home address
     raylipscombe / Getty Images

    This handmade address sign features seashells in different sizes and colors on a piece of slate. Organic, beachy and easy to put together, try out this DIY if you live near the water or are just simply aiming for a beach house aesthetic.

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    Fit With Nature

    painted stone house number
     coloradore / Getty Images

    A large rock and some paint is all you will need to make this resourceful DIY address sign. Place it near your plants or within your landscaping and allow it to blend in with the surrounding nature. Or, place it at the start of your driveway to make sure guests head to the right house.

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