35 Small Tattoo Ideas and Designs for 2023

If you like simple, fine-line tattoos, you’ll legit love this cute lil flower tattoo. It’s perfect for your arm, shoulder, or really anywhere you want to put your small tattoo.

This small tattoo is really pretty and understated—only someone paying attention would be able to spot it. Sound like something you want? Cool. Reminder: You’ll want to avoid slathering on any creams for the first few days after getting your tattoo and then go in with a specific tattoo lotion once it starts to peel.

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Getting a small tattoo doesn’t mean you have to stick to a single design. These bird tattoos are the perfect example of tiny tattoos that create a larger illustration without taking up too much space.

Cursive and script tattoos are always cute, but IMO, block-letter tattoos are where it’s really at. I just love how the lines are so clean and crisp in this small tattoo. So screenshot this pic, choose your word, and DM your fave tattoo artist ASAP.

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There’s no sweeter tribute to your pet than getting their silhouette tattooed. Whether it’s a dog or cat tattoo, this small tattoo idea is such a cute way to keep them with you forever.

If you want to get a dog tribute tattoo but you aren’t feeling the silhouette, these small paw-print tattoos are so cute and unique to your pup.

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There is truly no limit to what you can create with star tattoos. This sweet star cluster is a great option—but you can also make it more personal by incorporating your zodiac sign

If you need a daily reminder that you are actual fire, this small tattoo is it. Bonus: It’s a simple linear design, so it won’t take multiple visits to the tattoo parlor to get it done.

I don’t know about you, but I’m actually floored by how detailed this small lion tattoo is—like, it fits on a freakin’ finger. Plus, something about having a lion’s head on your hand at all times is just really cool.

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If you have a word in mind that really speaks to you, getting it inked in script (like this pretty design) is a great way to make your small tattoo really personal. Pro tip: Before your appointment, pick up a bottle of fragrance-free lotion to use while it heals.

Here’s a cute small tattoo idea: Choose a letter instead of a whole word, and it’ll be small enough to get it inked literally anywhere—even your hand. Plus, the combination of the star and letter in this tattoo gives it a really creative flare.

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Despite being the smallest part of the body, there are still so many ways to get a finger tattoo. The design of this rose is so pretty and intricate that it doesn’t even need any color.

While a small tattoo doesn’t always have to mean something (you can get one just ’cause it’s cute), it’s always such a sweet way to remind you of someone you care about, like your mom.

Minimalist tattoos are having a moment rn and it’s easy to see why (seriously, there are very few things that don’t look adorable in this style). I’m personally a fan of the red-ink detailing in this tiny bunny design.

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This paper airplane tattoo is small enough to fit across your wrist and simple enough that you could get it with the stick-and-poke method or the traditional way. But before you start DIY’ing your small tattoo with stick and poke, I suggest getting it done by a pro to get it right (and, you know, to avoid infections).

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