35 Gorgeous Kintsugi Tattoos With Meaning

Kintsugi turns flaws into unique pieces of art. From small to bold, embrace the beauty of imperfection with these kintsugi tattoos.

Have you come across stunning ceramic tattoos on social media, adorned with exquisite golden cracks? If so, you might have pondered the significance behind these flawlessly imperfect artworks. As it happens, these tattoos are inspired by the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, 金継ぎ in Japanese.

A kintsugi tattoo typically features broken or flawed sculptures, pottery, or ceramics mended with gold, transforming them into a stunning new masterpiece. In this post, we’ll delve into the roots of kintsugi and its symbolism, along with a collection of fascinating examples of kintsugi tattoos for your inspiration.

As a traditional repairing technique in Japan, the history of kintsugi dates all the way back to the 15th century. In Japanese, the word kintsugi is translated as “repair with gold.”

And it typically refers to the process of fixing broken pieces of pottery or ceramic with a particular material mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. This gives the cracks a shiny appearance, making the pieces look even more beautiful than before.

Recently, kintsugi has taken on a new meaning beyond its traditional use in pottery restoration. This technique has become a way to celebrate imperfections and scars. People are now creating kintsugi art, sculptures, and tattoos as a tribute to the beauty of transformation.

In an era where perfection is the norm, kintsugi tattoos are a reminder of embracing the authentic self. It shows that imperfections are beautiful, and they are what makes one unique.

In addition, kintsugi tattoos can also symbolize a new beginning or a new chapter of life. We have all been hurt, heartbroken, or failed at some point in our lives. But we always have the power the heal, grow and shine again. That is the message behind a kintsugi tattoo, giving these designs a profound meaning.

Although kintsugi originated in pottery, it has now taken on various shapes and forms in the world of tattoos. If you are looking for a design to celebrate who you are, the following kintsugi tattoos may inspire your next ink.

Disclaimer: This collection of kintsugi tattoos is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support.

Because kintsugi is initially a repairing art in pottery, kintsugi tattoos often feature motifs like pottery, ceramic, and sculptures. The golden cracks in these tattoos are a beautiful touch that adds shine and glamour. Below, you’ll find a list of kintsugi tattoo ideas that captures both the charm and essence of the art form.

Anatomical heart kintsugi tattoo by @jardin.de_.sam


Compared to a simple heart shape, an anatomical heart has more components and details that make it tricky to turn into a tattoo. Not to mention adding the golden cracks on top of an already intricate motif.

This heart tattoo in the center of the chest perfectly captures all the details. Applying a porcelain texture to the heart further connects the design to the kintsugi philosophy. It’s a beautiful metaphor that even a broken heart can heal and beat again.

Cute small kintsugi cup tattoo by @vismstudio


While most people would choose to buy new ones if they break a cup, this cute kintsugi tattoo on the arm reminds us that flaws can be mended. And with effort, what seems to be broken can shine again.

Kintsugi porcelain flowers tattoo by @winigreeni


Flower tattoos are always a gorgeous symbol of life and a new beginning. This sleeve tattoo depicts flowers blooming despite the cracks, showing that one can grow and thrive from scars.

Broken but glowing tattoo by @valentina_zano


Ceramic plates are a popular motif in kintsugi tattoos, but the crisp cracks and their golden shine make this one stand out. The attention to detail draws the eye and reinforces the idea of honoring imperfections.

Intricate realism vase and flowers tattoo by @olgacaca


Typically, flowers in a vase can be a symbol of elegance, beauty, and serenity. This kintsugi-themed design, however, shifts the focus onto the flaws of the vase and celebrates the beauty of one’s uniqueness.

Kintsugi figurine tattoo by @sweetmambatattoo


Unlike the previous tattoos that feature ceramic utensils and containers, this one depicts a figurine in a mandarin gown. The curves celebrate the beauty of a woman’s body. And the flaws highlight the wearer’s love for herself. Together, these elements create an oriental tattoo that is both feminine and elegant.

Broken porcelain by @adelaide.tattooing


Kintsugi stripe bicep tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


While most kintsugi tattoos are colored, this one shows that black can also capture attention. Because of its contrast to the gold, the black gradient stripe makes the cracks stand out even more.

Detailed oriental kintsugi vase tattoo by @poesis_tattoo


Radiating kintsugi heart tattoo by @deryayilmaztattooer


In addition to the detailed portrayal of the heart, the lines radiating from the center of this tattoo add to its overall glamour. Like those in a sun tattoo, the glowing lines ooze energy and life, making it even more empowering.

Cute cat kintsugi tattoo by @adelaide.tattooing


What a cute way to incorporate a cat tattoo with the art of kintsugi! It not only shows the wearer’s love for her pet but will also remind her to love herself with compassion and acceptance.

Intricate kintsugi heart tattoo by @stefania.camelia


Unlike the ceramic heart tattoos mentioned above, this design is primarily white. Only a few pieces of porcelain are filled with various patterns, adding a sense of intricacy to a simple look.

Porcelain ginkgo leaf kintsugi tattoo by @e.nal_.tattoo


Ginkgo trees are one of the longest-living trees. They can survive harsh conditions and still grow. For this reason, the unique fan-shaped ginkgo leaves are often associated with longevity and endurance.

With the kintsugi and Ukiyo-e pattern, this small tattoo honors the strength to heal from pain and the wearer’s pride in her culture.

Stunning kintsugi tattoo by @jooa_tattoo


Tiny kintsugi plate tattoo by @studio__berry


Sun and bonsai kintsugi tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


Kintsugi vase tattoo by @adelaide.tattooing


Small simple kintsugi tattoo by @avant_garde_ink


Kintsugi tile tattoo by @adelaide.tattooing


Kintsugi may have originated as a repairing technique in pottery. But in recent years, it has evolved into an art form that takes on new shapes and forms, including kintsugi tattoos.

Below is a list of creative kintsugi tattoo ideas that interpret the philosophy differently. If you’re looking for a unique way to pay tribute to your authentic self, these ideas are sure to inspire you.

Kintsugi brushstroke tattoo by @marina_giorgia


Brushstrokes often appear in artistic tattoos, showcasing the style and aesthetics of the wearer. This one is no exception. The perfect depiction of different patterns, textures, and gold makes it a piece of art.

Angel kintsugi sleeve tattoo by @falcontattooist


Typically, angels are portrayed as perfect and flawless. However, in this tattoo, the angel statue is dotted with golden cracks, resembling the art of kintsugi. It challenges the social norms that one has to be perfect to be pure and good, which makes it a design that inspires thoughts and conversation.

Blackwork moon kintsugi tattoo by @ladyb.ink


Moon tattoos are often associated with changes and femininity. With the cracks on the moon, this tattoo tells the truth that transformation can be chaotic and painful. But the results can be beautiful.

Cracks on the leg tattoo by @tanyabirdie


This may seem like a bold expression of art and style. However, the lines that stretch from the hip all the way to the toes are designed to cover a faded tattoo on the leg. They imitate the art of kintsugi, which further proves that wounds can be healed. And imperfections can be turned into something gorgeous.

Kintsugi snake tattoo by @e.nal_.tattoo


Snake tattoos are appealing because of the animal’s mysterious nature and the curling shapes of their bodies. This arm tattoo is even more mesmerizing with the porcelain pattern and the golden cracks.

It would belong to someone who sees her authenticity as strength and embraces her imperfections unapologetically.

Kintsugi fox shoulder tattoo by @debrartist


Cute small lego tattoo by @sonia_tessari


In tattoos, legos often represent one’s playful side and inner child. This tattoo combines a lego block with kintsugi and reveals the wearer’s light-hearted attitude and acceptance of her imperfections.

Abstract kintsugi tattoo by @avant_garde_ink


Instead of depicting a realism version, the tattooist uses circles and lines to illustrate an abstract kintsugi vase. It shows that chaos can sometimes breed new life and opportunities.

Small kintsugi heart tattoo by @sonia_tessari


Blackwork kintsugi bird tattoo by @jamjam.tattoo


Most bird tattoos represent the pursuit of freedom and the ability to conquer limitations. The bluejay in this tattoo, in particular, symbolizes intelligence and communication. With the cracks on it, this tattoo shows that one can thrive by maximizing his strengths despite his shortcomings.

Golden cracks of brain tattoo by @ladyb.ink_


Self-love back tattoo by @eluceart


Self-acceptance is the foundation of self-love. When you see your scars as a unique mark of identity, you learn from them and grow. And this is what this self-love tattoo is all about, to embrace your past and celebrate the endless possibilities of the future.

Witchy kintsugi portrait tattoo by @manq90


If you want to tailor-make a tattoo to your style, consider the designs you already resonate with. Take this witchy tattoo, for example. As creepy as it is, it speaks to the wearer and reveals her darker style.

Flawed but beautiful kintsugi tattoo by @merolbart


Simple kintsugi plate tattoo by @sanmao_yiminpokes


Kintsugi lego tattoo by @dolores_b_tattoo


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