35 Cute Animals With Big Ears That You Can’t Believe They Are Real

In wildlife, it’s fatal for creatures to be able to hear a wide array of sounds. Each species has its unique organ to catch air vibrations for finding food, shelter, and breed. Gorgeously, several animals are given long, big ears that have muscles to move up and down, front and behind. Due to this patch, they can locate their prey, enemies, or predators. Big ears also help these being lower their body temperature quickly.

Since humans domesticated animals, many creatures don’t need to be highly cautious of their surroundings. Instead, their big ears make them look more amusing and friendlier, so people tend to help them reproduce more. What could be better than an adorable pet with a pair of lovely big ears?

Let’s look at this collection of the most surprising, impressive large-size animal ears we have found on the internet! It won’t fail to wow you.

#1. The Long-Eared Jerboa Has Ears 2/3 The Length Of Its Body; One Of The Largest Ear-To-Body Ratios In The Animal Kingdom

Source: sites.psu.edu

#2. “One Ear Always Up”

Source: papirose

#3. The Littlest Fella

Source: Zayyded

#4. This Dog With Big Ears

Source: juan_dresden

#5. “It’s The Ears For Me”

Source: kd_winkies

#6. “His Ears Are Longer Than His Legs”

Source: Goal1

#7. “How About This Big-Eared Goof? A Baby Okapi!”

Source: Gragabal

#8. This Hedgehog With Really Long Ears

Source: DaisyDeerling

#9. Bolt The Basset Hound

Source: Stuntaf

#10. Meet Remy, The Dumbo-Eared Black German Shepard

Source: Srainz4

#11. This Amazing Long Eared Bun

Source: GaymerBunner

#12. “A Little Reminder Of The Day When These Two Met”

Source: bf_podencos

#13. Fully Engaged

Source: biest229

#14. “Snuggles With Our Beautiful Baby Henry”

Source: honeyandhenryy

#15. “Eve The English Lop”

Source: Healthyhair12

#16. “He Does Not Have Ears. These Are Antennas. He Was Sent To Earth To Spy On Humans”

Source: P0megran1te

#17. “My, What Big Ears You Have!”

Source: reddit.com

#18. The English Lop

Source: Impossible-Regret-74

#19. “Garry”

Source: Bargas1111

#20. “You’ve Heard Of Shoulder Cat, Now Get Ready For Shoulder Fennec Fox!”

Source: CranesMistressOfFear

#21. “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This!”

Source: PaintTop5755

#22. “Oriental Kitty With Big Ears”

Source: NinjaKamihana

#23. Bunny Ears

Source: Dear-Focus-8995

#24. “This Is Gouda. Gouda’s Ears Are Too Big For Her Illegally Smol Head”

Source: ftmgremlin

#25. Baby Cutie

Source: Opening_Dream735

#26. “He Can Get Wi-Fi Signals With Those Ears”

Source: Ghoststory3

#27. “Saw A Deer That Seemed Much Smaller Than Their Peers”

Source: acidicgeisha

#28. “Meet My New Friend The Cheeky Bat-Eared Fox!”

Source: stella_airoldi

#29. “The Way This Goat Ears Curl Up”

Source: atwwilbs

#30. “Our 12 Week Old Swiss Shepherd, Loki”

Source: NikaJade

#31. “Listening Hard Or Hardly Listening?”

Source: kaida_the_serval

#32.” A Symbol Of Australia, The Kangaroo Is An Incredible Animal”

Source: PicksburghStillers

#33. “Hello World, 15 Minutes Old”

Source: man_with_big_boobs

#34. “Meet Wally, The Bunny With The Biggest Wing-Like Ears”

Source: Dainius

#35. “My Sister Rescued This Baby Girl And Gave Her New Ears”

Source: Buffaloney84

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