3 Reasons why John Cena and Edge should have one last WWE feud & 2 they shouldn’t

After being away from WWE for nearly a year, John Cena is set to return to the company. World Wrestling Entertainment announced that Cena would appear on the June 27th edition of Monday Night RAW. The news has filled fans with excitement, and intrigue is at an all-time high.

What will the former WWE Champion do when he returns to RAW? Will it be a one-off? Could he clash with a former rival? Will he begin a new rivalry? For now, his future remains unclear. If The Face That Runs The Place intends to stick around beyond one night, he has a lot of options. The RAW and SmackDown locker rooms are loaded with talent.

One of the most interesting choices, however, is for Cena to renew his rivalry with Edge. The Rated R Superstar truly reached a new level in his career from his feud with Cena. Many fans grew up watching the two clash. Should they do it again?

Below are three reasons why John Cena and Edge should have one last WWE feud & two, they shouldn’t.

#3. Should: John Cena and Edge are top draws

The most obvious reason to put these two stars together in a match is that it makes financial sense. Edge is one of the top stars in WWE today. Ever since returning from his retirement, the WWE Hall of Famer has been a crucial part of any show he’s appeared on.

John Cena is one of the biggest draws of all time. He’s one of the few stars who regularly impact ticket sales and ratings whenever he’s around. He’s also one of the highest merchandise sellers of all time.

Putting the two legends together will likely bring several eyes to the product. Many WWE fans grew up watching the two clash, and they’d gladly relive the experience today. Most importantly, fans will likely buy tickets to see it.

#2. Shouldn’t: They’re unlikely to live up to past expectations

The rivals at Unforgiven 2006
The rivals at Unforgiven 2006

The drawback of having legends battle each other is time. No WWE Superstar is immune to Father Time, no matter how talented, athletic, or intelligent. Wrestling is tough. The wear and tear on your body are challenging even for young performers.

John Cena is 45 years old, while Edge turns 49 in a few months. Neither is the spry superstars they once were. Some would argue their feud was at its peak in 2006. That means their rivalry was 16 years ago, and that’s a lot of time.

Edge and Cena are veterans. If the two were to have a match, they’re both intelligent enough to make it entertaining. Still, it’d be difficult for them to ever live up to what they once did. It may not be worth tarnishing their rivalry.

#2. Should: Fans will feel nostalgic

Edge is a RAW Superstar
Edge is a RAW Superstar

On the flip side, the fact that the rivalry happened 16 years ago is exactly why it may be a good idea. Nostalgia is an absolute draw in wrestling. Fresh stars can be exciting. Some can take wrestling to new heights. Yet there’s always something special about a legacy star returning to the ring.

If WWE or any other promotion relies too heavily on nostalgia, it won’t work in the long run as the law of diminishing returns comes into play. Some may say Goldberg’s return is an example of that. John Cena and Edge don’t need to have a three-match series spanning numerous premium live events in 2022.

A one-off match or a short program between the two leading to a bout would be just right. The WWE Universe would get their fill of nostalgia, and the story can be based around their past. Once they have their bout, they should part ways.

#1. Shouldn’t: John Cena has fresh opponents he can wrestle

While nostalgia is fun, the match may not be worth it. John Cena has been a major success in Hollywood. Along with The Rock and Batista, he is dominating the big screen. He is regularly in major roles on both television and in movies. Cena is very busy.

With John Cena’s schedule being so packed, he can only come back so often. When he does, he should be taking on younger stars like Theory or Bron Breakker. He could battle stars he hasn’t wrestled with often or at all, such as Mustafa Ali, Ciampa, Gunther, or Cody Rhodes.

Plus, as both stars age, their window to wrestle dwindles further. At some stage, both will walk away. It may be best to see the two wrestle as many different stars as possible with the time they have left. WWE should let both produce fresh feuds, stories, and matches. The company is better for it, and the fans are more entertained by it.

#1. Should: The match can deliver

John Cena and Edge
John Cena and Edge

Ever since Edge returned to WWE, he has delivered on all fronts. He had what WWE billed as “The Greatest Wrestling Match” with Randy Orton. He also featured in a fantastic WrestleMania bout with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. The Master Manipulator then went on to have the best trilogy of 2021 with Seth Rollins.

John Cena is still an athletic marvel. While he isn’t as big as he once was, he’s in tremendous shape. His bout with Roman Reigns at SummerSlam last year was high quality.

If the two lock horns, the match may not be what it once was. Based on everything they’ve done in the past few years, however, it could surprise the WWE Universe. Even if it isn’t as good as their previous bouts, the two would unquestionably deliver something memorable. Leaving memories is what wrestling is all about.

The rivalry these two men have had will forever be part of wrestling history. Whether the feud is renewed or not, the two have built memories that will last a lifetime for the WWE Universe. Speaking of Cena, click here for five ways the former WWE Champion can return to action.

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