Green Infusion: 27 Brilliant Ways to Spruce Up Your Space with Plants

houseplants on a mantel
 The Spruce / Krystal Slagle

Whether you’re a longtime plant parent or just beginning to build a collection of green friends, you know by now that plants deserve a prime place in your home. How can you decorate with them and add a little extra personality to your space? We’ve got you covered with the 27 styling tips below.

Just note that no matter your experience with plants, you should still be confident when it comes to including them in your house or apartment.

“Plants can add so much character to a room. They liven up a space and there are so many different varieties of plants. The possibilities are endless,” notes Instagrammer Andreina Fuenteabla, who owns 65 plants. “An important factor to remember when owning plants is that it’s trial and error. If you are just starting your plant journey just know that you’ll kill some plants along the way, and that’s okay! Just keep going and learning. You’re doing great.”


  • Andreina Fuenteabla is an Instagrammer specializing in plants.
  • Agatha Isabel maintains a plant-focused Instagram account,
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    Have Fun With Vines

    vines wrapped around mirror

    Shape your vines so that they wrap around a mirror. This will help keep dangling leaves off the floor and add some pep to your front hall. Who says decorating with greenery is only for the holiday season?

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    Transform a Bar Cart

    plants on bar cart

    Not in the mood for cocktails? Take an empty bar cart and use it as a plant stand. Wheels make it easy to move green friends throughout the house as needed. If plants are showing signs of too much sun, simply roll the cart away from the window.

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    Try Terracotta

    plant vines as border

    “When it comes to styling with plants, I always tell people to have fun with it, be creative, and try new things,” Fuentealba says. “Make sure you understand what your plant needs to thrive, and listen to the signs your plant is giving you. Play with planters: hang some, mount some. I’m personally a huge terracotta lover, so I’m always on the hunt for terracotta pots that have different textures and designs.”

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    Deck the Loo

    plants in the bathroom

    Plants aren’t just for our main living spaces. Make your nightly bubble bath feel even more zen by bringing some plants into the loo. You’ll recreate the feel of your favorite tropical spa-like getaway without having to go very far.

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    Style a Hutch

    plants on hutch

    Transform a hutch into a sophisticated plant storage system by filling the shelves with various sizes of pots. Don’t be afraid to stack some on top if your collection begins to overflow a little.

    “I like to disperse my plants around my home, so I can see them in every corner, but you can also group them together on a shelf or cabinet,” Fuenteabla comments. “If you are feeling stuck with where to start, there is so much inspiration all around, especially with Instagram. Just start with a few plants and go from there. It’ll take time to grow your collection; enjoy the journey.”

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    Make Over Your TV Stand

    plants on tv stand

    Instagrammer Agatha Isabel of is all for doing double duty in her apartment. “I have a trailing and climbing wall full of Philodendron, Scindapsus, and Monstera on my TV stand,” she explains. “I have a concrete wall where the plants love to attach to the porous surface, and I even use command light hooks to help those trailing plants climb their way up. There’s also a grow light right above the space to help train the plants to climb and reach upwards.”

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    Try a Tall Tree

    fiddle leaf fig in bathroom

    Once again, don’t be shy about bringing plants into the bathroom if you have the space and ample lighting. A thriving fiddle leaf fig adds major visual interest by the sink.

    And if your loo doesn’t have windows, Isabel offers another suggestion. “I’ve turned my windowless bathroom into a propagation and isolation area for my new plants,” she explains. “I recommend isolating new plants when you first receive them in order to make sure you’re not bringing any plants pests in your area. Simply turn your bathroom into a prop room with the help of a grow light.”

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    Add Cheer to Your Home Office

    plants in office space

    Add some plant life to your home workspace to make long days in front of the computer screen feel a little less blah. While keeping your desktop relatively clear is important, plants can still live on the ground or hang from the ceiling.

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    Forget the Headboard

    plants above bed

    Who needs a formal headboard when you can have a wall of plants above your bed instead? Fall asleep dreaming of the outdoors with an intricate display like this one.

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    Pretty Up Your Patio

    plants on patio

    Take your patio to the next level with an assortment of larger plants that eliminate the need for further decoration. In this space, fiddle leaf figs and Monstera plants reign supreme.

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    Try This Finishing Touch

    plant on bookshelf
     Domm Dot Com

    Not sure how to fill that open shelf? Go ahead and add a plant. Just make sure to rotate the pot somewhat often to ensure that your green friend receives ample sunlight on all sides.

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    Look Up High

    vines hanging down above window

    No green room is complete without a plant (or several). Hang a shelf above your windows to take advantage of vertical space and allow long vines to hang down without disrupting anyone.

    Thinking high up can also be a smart solution for those with pets, Isabel explains. “I have some fur babies that like to run around and tend to knock over plants every once in a while,” she comments. “As a result, I’ve began placing my larger plants on the top shelves to maximize floor space. Coincidentally, they also provide the feel of a jungle canopy.”

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    Invest in a Special Shelf

    round plant shelf

    This plant shelf is full of plenty of space to allow a collection to keep growing—literally. If you’re not shy about having your plants be the main event in your living space, a setup like this one is a winner.

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    Upgrade Your Selfies

    small vine around mirror

    Even if your plant’s vines don’t wrap all the way around one of your wall mirrors, a little bit of green can make for “extra special selfies,” Isabel shares. “It’s always super exciting when plants start to trail so they can help decorate walls,” she adds. “Just about every mirror in my apartment has some form of trailing plant (my favorite are Scindapsus). They add a little extra flare to tie the space together.”

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    Create an Illusion

    plants floating on walls

    In Fuenteabla’s own space, small terracotta pots shine on a wall, resting inside black holders that, from some angles, create the appearance of the plants floating.

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    Let Stems Shine

    shelves with vase holders
     House of Chais

    Floating shelves with built-in holes for vases make it easy to display propagation stems, which is an excellent option for those who prefer more of a minimal look. It’s an affordable option for turning plants into decorative objects.

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    Hang Loose

    plant hanging in corner
     Afro Bohemian Living

    Have an empty corner? Fill it with a hanging planter and let the beautiful green hue add instant vibrance to your living space.

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    Forget the Decor

    plants on built ins
     Leaf and Lolo

    Built-in bookcases, but make them a plant lover’s dream. There’s no need to display books and accessories when an assortment of green friends will automatically steal the show.

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    Use Every Corner

    petite plant shelf

    Even the tiniest shelf can be used to hold a sweet plant pot. No inch of space is off limits when it comes to showcasing your fave blooms.

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    Make an Entrance

    plant cart in entryway
     Modern House Vibes

    Show off your love of plants from the moment visitors walk in the door. Another bar cart turned plant home looks lovely in this entryway.

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    Think of Plants as Versatile

    plants with holiday decor
     Modern House Vibes

    Remember, you can display plants all year long, regardless of the season. Here, houseplants shine alongside Halloween decor. There’s no need to have to choose between holiday accents and plant babies.

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    Add Air Plants

    air plants in shower
     Forbes + Masters

    Line bathroom walls with an assortment of air plants. They make for the perfect finishing touch in rooms of all styles.

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    Liven Up the Laundry Room

    plants in laundry room
     Home by Polly

    You spend enough time in the laundry room as it is, so why not make it a little more pleasant of a spot within your home? Plants will help, we promise.

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    Mix and Match

    plants and pampas grass
     JC Designs

    Pair traditional plants alongside neutral accents like pampas grass for a fun mix of colors and textures. Varying heights will also add interest to any corner.

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    Read in Peace

    boho plant nook
     Leaf and Lolo

    Jazz up a reading nook with plants galore. Here, wicker furniture adds major boho vibes.

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    Go Vertical

    vertical plant hooks in bathroom
     House of Chais

    Even petite bathrooms have room for plants. A thin area of open wall space is the perfect spot to hang hooks in a vertical line and place plant pots inside.

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    Group Plants on a Pegboard

    plant shelf on peg board
     JC Designs

    Turn a pegboard into a partial plant shelf. All you need is a bit of plywood. The bottom of this shelf still remains functional for hanging items such as coats and bags.

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